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26 Sep 2011
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Make sure you know all you can!
Instant Refresh Hero in Tavern

Click the Refresh Tavern Instantly button, enter the function interface:

Please set the quality of the hero and hero type first to be able to set the amount of reviving stones you want to use
During the refresh time, if you close the Tavern or close the window of the instant refresh function, the instant refresh will stop.

During the refresh time, please do not make any operation to the gems or gears in your bag.

If you have no more Wit Solicit Tokens in your bag, the refresh will stop and you will get the below message:

If you successfully recruit a hero, merchant or missionary, refresh will also stop.

Player could find the hero that he recruits in the Tavern.

Instantly Reinforce Gears
Click the gear first and then choose Reinforce Instantly:

Please set the use level of 3 kinds of gems first, no gems will be used as default.
Please set the Reinforce Level of Gear you want to achieve. When you have achieve the reinforce level, auto reinforce will be stopped.

During the reinforce period, if players close the window of Reinforce Equipment Instantly, Hero Attribute or Treasure, the function of instantly reinforce will be stopped. Also, players can stop the process manually.
During the gear reinforce time; please do not make any operation to the treasure or items, even sell them.

When the gear has reached the level you set, auto reinforce will be stopped:

Instant Resurrect

Open the hero attribute window, and click the Instant Resurrect button:

Please key in the attributes you want, you can choose All Satisfied or Satisfy any one.
All satisfied: When all the 4 attributes meet your require, Instant Resurrect will stop
Satisfied any: When 1 attribute meets your requirement, Instant Resurrect will stop
When the refresh attribute meets your requirement, Instant Resurrect stops and show the below message window:

During the instant resurrect period, if you close the window of instant resurrect or Hero Attribute window, the function will stop.
Please do not make any change to the items in your treasure box, do not discard or sell any items.
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