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[Guide] Guild

Can your guild conquer the world?
Guild is a place for those who have the same willing and ambition. The new guild system needs all guild members make more contributions to the guild and upgrade the guild level. Our ultimate aim is conquer the whole world!

Build the Guild
Players need to keep inside the city and click the guild button to create or entry a guild.

Guild Rules
The guild creator must have 250000 gold to apply for a new guild.
When the guild is created, the guild will be under the preparing status, when the guild have more than 10 members, the guild buildings and skills can be start to build and upgrade.
When the guild buildings have finished built, the guild resources(gold, metal, wood, stone) will be deducted at 0:00 am each day. If the guild is lack of resources, the guild buildings can not be used any more unless the guild has enough resources. So it is very important to All guild members to finish the guild tasks.
When guild members are doing guild tasks, the guild will receive resource from guild task, players will get Guild Gold from the guild tasks. The guild gold is used for learning guild skills and purchasing items in the guild shop!

Guild Resources
The guild members need to finish the guild tasks each day, earn the guild resources for the guild and keep the guild level.

How to get guild resources?
Guild resources: food, wood, stone, metal, gold
Finishing the guild tasks and own the Contest Zones will provide resources to the guild. ( The guild resources inventory will be update at 0:00 each day, the output amount of the resources by the Contest Zones is determined by the number of Contest Zone that the guild own. This means the more CZs guild has, the more guild resources receives.)

Guild Buildings
1. Build the Guild Buildings
When the guild is Formally Established, the technologies in the buildings will open. Guild leader needs to entry the unique map (for guild leader only) spend guild resources to build the buildings.

2. Upgrading the Guild Buildings
When the guild buildings reaches the requirement of upgrading (building level, guild resource, guild member donation) , the guild buildings can be upgrading and auto finished upgrading.

Guild buildings and building functions:

Building Name --- Build Function --- Upgrading effect

Guild Hall --- Advance the guild level --- Advance the guild level
Guild cabinet --- Increase the member qty upper limit --- Increase the member qty upper limit
Production Base --- Research the technology on production --- Increase the skills’ level upper limit of production
Military Base --- Research the technology on Military --- Increase the skills’ level upper limit of Military
Guild Warehouse --- Increase the upper limit of guild resources --- Increase the upper limit of guild resources
Guild shop --- Place to buy Items --- Increase the kinds of items.
Guild Wall --- Increase the guild’s defense --- Increase the guild’s defense

The function of Guild wall will be opened in the follow-up patches.

Guild Technology

1. When the guild buildings finished build, guild leader can upgrade the guild technology in the map for guild leader only.
2. Guild Skills cam be classified to 2 kinds: Production Technology and Military Technology. When the guild members have learned the skill, if players quit the guild, the Military Technology will forget and only remember the Production Technology level.

Remarks: The effect of Military Technology will be increased with higher Technology Level.

Guild Welfare
When the guild has built a guild shop, the shop will generate different kinds of items, the kinds and amounts are determined by the guild level, guild shop level, Contest Zones and Contest Zones War’s data. The new Items will be updated at 0:00 AM each day. Guild member could use guild gold to exchange with items in the shop.

When players join the guild, he/she could do the guild task in the task panel. The tasks finish in First 10 will get double rewards.
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