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26 Sep 2011
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PostedDec 23, 2011 3:04 am

New Expansion Introduction

All the information you need!
A New Balance: A Competitive Environment for All Players!

Don't forget to check out these new systems!
New guild system introduction
Smithing System Introduction
Cooking System Introduction
Key systems

In the old servers, players feel that MoW is unfair to all because the pay players have the best gears and highest levels, free players can not counter balance with pay players. Now Snail is taking the lead to give all players a new balance for a competitive environment!

a. Exp upper limit
The new server will give each player the same amount of experience. The maximum of each day’s experience is determined by the level of heroes, for the VIP players, they can spend points to get experience more quickly rather than spending most of the time on the Arcadian Ladder. Both free players and VIP players would get the same experience with the same level of heroes.

Players can earn exp in Arcadian Ladder, lairs, arena, wild beast.
1. On the new sever Arcadian; all players could enter the Arcadian once a day.
2. We have canceled the auto lairs privilege for nobles and all players can enter and get exp 5 times per day, you can get some drop items by using the left 5 times to enter the lairs without getting any exp.
3. We have changed the Arena rule, players can only enter the Arena 10 times day

b. Gears reinforce
There will be no more places to purchase cobalt ores; the only way to get the cobalt ores is to finish every day’s tasks. The VIP players could get a privilege on it; they could get more cobalt ores than free players. The daily upper limit of cobalt ores for reinforcing gears is strictly restricted.
The free players can get 2 cobalt ores each day, VIP players can get the privilege to get more cobalt ores in the task, the amount of extra cobalt ores is determined the VIP level.

c. Free Gears
Most players love to have Lvl.50&60&70 gears, now we will open this function in the guild shop and every player can exchange with guild gold to buy Lvl.60&70 equipment and weapon! Remember, you must be a member of a guild, and your guild has to occupied CZ!

d. Free Purple Hero
Most players are excited when they can recruit a purple hero, some players are sad because they tried a lot but cannot obtain any purple hero.
We have added a main task that players should finished level 40 of the Arcadian’s. Players could get an item for your monarch hero and it can be changed to be a purple hero!

New Guild System—Build The Strongest Guild!

a. Contributions to the Guild
New guild’s level-up system: Needs all guild members to donate the resources to the guild. And you will get guild gold from donating. The more you donate, the more guild gold you get.
The guild gold is the most important item for players to buy gears, resources, hp, mp in the guild shop!

b. New guild buildings
We have new guild buildings just like your city/outpost; to level-up guild buildings you will need all players to donate resources to the guild. Once the building finished building, it has different functions which will add extra buffs to your city/hero/military. You can learn guild skills in the guild buildings.

c. Guild shops!
Once your guild finished building the shop of the guild, the guild member can enter the shop and buy the items in the shop! You can buy gears, weapons, troops from the shop with your guild gold. You will love it!

d. Guild tasks!
The new server will have a new guild task system; all players can finish the tasks easily and get guild contributions and guild gold from the tasks. You can choose to finish the tasks with maxreward20 times/day.

New VIP System

Higher VIP level, More VIP Privileges.VIP System

We have modified the Noble system; the function of the new Noble system will only open: Auto Worship, Auto Sell, Auto Trade, and Auto Recruit
VIP1~2 players can hire 1 merchant to start auto trade.
VIP3~4 players can hire 2 merchant to start auto trade.
VIP3~5 players can hire 3 merchant to start auto trade.

VIP 1 has the privilege of Auto Worship and Auto Trade (1 merchant only)
VIP 2 has the privilege of Auto Worship and Auto Trade (1 merchant only), Auto Sell Equipment
VIP 3 has the privilege of Auto Worship and Auto Trade (2 merchants only),Auto Sell Equipment
VIP 4 has the privilege of Auto Worship and Auto Trade (2 merchants only),Auto Sell Equipment, Auto Repair.
VIP has the privilege of Auto Worship and Auto Trade (3 merchants only),Auto Sell Equipment, Auto Repair, Auto Recruit.

(Players cumulatively consume more than 100 points to become VIP1,the more you spend in the game, the higher VIP level you will reach..)

What’s More to except in the new server?

1. We have added a new VIP troops training function, VIP players can pay to finish it immediately, VIP5 players can use this function 10 times per day, and will consume points to use this function.
2. We have modified the CD time of super battlefield medicine. Each battle you can only use 1 supper battlefield medicine for one time.
3. We have modified the function of upgrading the builds/technical immediately, but still have the CD time for the building upgrading.
4. We have added a new kind of Voucher which can be only get from the guild shop. (The guild must occupy the Contest Zone which can generate this voucher.) The new voucher can be used toaccelerate the upgrading speed of buildings/researches, raining of troops, Aegis of heroes, instant recall, Troops Reinforcement, Supply Caravan, troops marching. Voucher cannot be used with Points in the same time.
5. Add Time limited/Quantity limited items in the Mall.
6. Adjust some translate of the Items’ name.
7. Add some items for next patch, you might get some items you cannot use now, but you can keep it for the next patch, the new patch won’t stay long for you! You will find it’s worth to keep them!!
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