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[Guild] Obsidian - Recruiting you today!

...or whenever we get around to it.
This thread has officially been closed. For our new recruit thread, please visit here:

Obsidian, At a Glance

Obsidian (n.) - A hard, dark, glasslike volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization

The Obsidian Guild (n.) – The fiery rock of badassness which stands as the foundation for everything awesome, idiotic, enjoyable, depressing, aggravating, and heartwarming in MMO gaming.

Obsidian, When you Stare

So here's the story. Obsidian (formerly known as PaperMoon) is a social, serious guild of predominantly North American players coming in from a variety of other MMOs. We like to stick together even after the MMO gets boring, and as a result, we ended up with this neat little family of players that have stuck together through thick and thin. Mostly thick. Sometimes thin. Often disturbing.

Here's our guild description in a snapshot, and I'll give it to you straight.

• We are friendly, loyal, active, and have no problem helping each other out, but we have little to no patience for people that like to start drama or can't take a joke.
• We like helping out new people, but we hate it when people try to take advantage of our generosity. Constantly begging for help or throwing a tantrum when you don’t get help is a good way to get on our bad side.
• We try our hardest not to make things personal, but expect a bit of ribbing if you join up with us (some of it crude)
• We also have zero tolerance for poor sportsmanship (i.e. mob dropping, kill stealing, flaming other players), cheating (hacking of any kind, bots), and personal attacks on anybody (regardless of the reason).
• We actively support any guild war like system, but we avoid fights that have the potential to have drama.
• We’re big on boss raids. We like taking down the big baddies with our friends and allies.
• We place a great deal of value on understanding others. We will only judge you on how you conduct yourself in game, regardless of who you are in real life. And (fair warning) you will be judged.
• We will accept anyone into the guild that wants to join, as long as we have space.
• We like to stay as far removed from “guild politics” as possible. That includes but is not limited to: flame wars, formal alliances, holiday picnics, heated rivalries, brunches, and secret societies.
• Above all, we don’t take ourselves, or each other, too seriously.

So in the simplest terms, we're here to play the game and make some friendships that extend beyond the game.

Guild Rules and Regulations

So here are our major rules.

1. Thou shalt not attempt to purposely enrage any other player, especially fellow guild members.
2. Thou shalt not beg. Like I said before, we like helping people out, but please do not take advantage of our generosity. You’re certainly welcome to ask for help, but please do not run to me kicking and screaming if someone does not want to help you.
3. Thou shalt be a good sportsman and a good, active player. We're here to play, and we play to win. Do not start problems with other players if they kick your ***. Just go level, get some new shinies, then come back and show them who’s boss.
4. Thou shalt not start drama. I cannot stress this enough. I will kick you out so fast your outsides will become your insides, and your entrails will become your extrails.... and... PAIN. LOTS OF PAIN. (Seriously, it's a pet peeve of almost everyone in the guild. Don't do it.)
5. Thou shalt be awesome. No excuses.
6. Thou shalt use common sense. In actually, this should be the only rule, but there are always those who need the rules spelt out for them (I am not, of course, referring to you, dear potential guild member). If it seems like something you shouldn't do, don't do it.

Requirements to Join

There are no requirements to join Obsidian. Seriously. Anyone can become a member. I want to make it very clear that we don't care very much about things like a person’s level or power, as long as you are active, can be mature when the situation calls for it, and don’t tick the guild off. Active being the keyword in that sentence. We don't really kick people either, unless they go inactive (and that's just to make space for other players, and not due to anything personal) or they cause problems, and even then, we tend to give a lot of second chances.

That being said, it’s important that I give you fair warning. Anyone can join Obsidian, but being a member of Obsidian isn't for everyone. Our long-term members do have a couple characteristics in common:

• Over the age of 16 (with most of the younger members having a respectable level of maturity)
• A love of MMO gaming and an intense dislike for MMO drama
• Unbridled, unfettered, and uncensored awesomness

How To Join

For now, at least until the game starts up, if you wish to join up, just send me or another one of the officers a message.

Meet the Cast

Here’s a list of the currently active members of Obsidian, along with a short description of each. Just so you get an idea of the kind of people we have in the guild.

Guild Officers

Zenfishy [Captain Cod] - Guild Leader
[IGN] ZenFishy, ZenKupos
Your overworked, berated, and constantly tired guild leader. His stupid ideas to promote the guild and manipulate the system almost never seem to work, but he tries his best. There are rumors that he is not actually a member of the sardine family, and is indeed a cod, but he vehemently denies such vile slander.
Catchphrase: “Moogle PAWNCH!”

Zanist [Gibbering Logic] - Second-In-Command
He turns white into black, black into white, yellow into fish and cupcakes into llamas. Since he gets the job done, there has to be a method to the madness, but we've yet to figure out how exactly it works. Be careful when starting a conversation with him. He has this tendency to corrupt your innocence while simultaneously droning on like an 8th grade math teacher.
[IGN] Zanist
Famous Last Words: “Well, you see, the way that class works is you have to invest 7 skill points in burning rain, while balancing your build by investing 5 points in dark sunder to give yourself some versatility. You see, while some may argue that force field is the best skill for….” (at this point, everyone has muted Ventrilo)

Catzy [Flower On the Wall] - Guild Secretary / Artist
[IGN] Catzy, Collette, Toddle, Bunbun
Catzy is the silent mistress of artistry, magical blasts, and all things tiny, poofy, and cute. Her weapons of choice include sticks with which to maim and rocks with which to pelt. She has what is quite possibly the cutest voice in this or any universe. She is also the guild leader's girlfriend and the resident guild wallflower. As such: No touchy.
Catchphrase: “Kupo?”

Beefeater [Uncle Hillshire] - Guild Sergeant-At-Arms
[IGN]Beefeater, Ollie
Our resident old man and one of the guild’s longest standing active members. He's the guy who always manages to say the funniest thing at the best possible moment. I swear he secretly plans these moments out, but I’ve never been able to prove it.
Famous Last Words: “I’m gonna go **** my ice tray. Be right back.”

BlueMoon8 [Cupid's Sniper] - Guild Assassin
[IGN] BlooMoon, BueMoon8
The guild’s bubbles. Yes, I said bubbles. Blue will be the one with ninety different characters that she'll never use again, all of whom will be higher level then you. A sweet girl as clueless as the day is long, she's the guild's little sister. If, you know, your little sister had a weird obsession with knives and grenades.
Catchphrase: “Here, have a grenade.”

Myst [Amazon of the North] - Recruit Liason
[IGN] Myst, Exile, Riven
Stubborn? Yes. Proud? Yes. But she's sweeter than anyone and generous as the day is long. Still, I'd be careful. She bites sometimes. Things that bug her include egotism, guild names made up of two words, the word brigade, and all things foo-foo.
Catchphrase: “Actually, Fishy, you’re wrong.”

Chasity [Princess Cupcake] - Internal Affairs
[IGN] Chasity
You know those people that exude positivity and happiness out of every pore in their body? Who are so utterly optimistic that it almost makes you cringe? Well, Chasity breathes rainbows and rides around on a magic sunbeam. I am not kidding. I have seen her do it.
Catchphrase: “GOSH!”

Sakura (aka Satsuya, Satty) - [Wanderer from the East]
[IGN] Satsuka, Satsuya, Sakura, Satty
Sakura is a man of mystery, the wanderer from the east whose motives and skills in battle are a unknown. He drifts on the wind, his comings and goings only marked by a kind smile and the scent of cherry blossoms. And death. Did I mention death?
Catchphrase: “Actually, I’m a guy. Seriously.”


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08 Sep 2011
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Active Members

Unlei [Burning Prince]
[IGN] Unlei, Sanji
Unlei hails from a strange land where people eat the strangest things, speak a language not quite unlike our own, and favor tea to the point of unhealthy obsession. Reserved and regal, it's an open secret that he's the secret heir to that faraway kingdom. Probably. (I can't be held liable if that's not true)
Motto: “Truth! Honor! Unity! These are the things that make our guild strong!” (Note: He really says stuff like that)

Linx [Bloodstained Mousette Priestess of Summerset Valley]
[IGN] Linx, Xioe, Linxy
Welcome to the stage my wild, crazy, inappropriate little sister! (not by blood) her hobbies include dropkicking, plushie collecting, raging, crying, and feeding her demonic bunny. And maiming. Don’t forget the maiming.
Catchphrase: Kyu?

Neoshinobi [The Wind's Passion]
Swift as the hurricane! Annoying as the gale! As full of himself as the hot air balloon! Neo's very... well, windy. Hopeless in love and always the first with a joke or a quip, Neo always seems to be the life, or at least the joke, of the party.
Famous Last Words: “I am so not cool. Wait, I mean, I’m cool. Sorta. I think. Crap.”

Lucielle (aka Lee) [Lord of the Ocean]
[IGN] Lucielle, CdDoom
All tremble in fear before Lord Lucielle, master of crabbiness and ruler of all who are doomed to be eternally grouchy! His sword swings are deadly, but his sarcastic remarks are deadlier still! …In retrospect, he might just be grumpy because we make him tank all the time.
Catchphrase: “Go find someone who cares.”

Myriad [Awesomeness Incarnate]
[IGN]Myriad, DarkMirage
Through some intense calculations and complicated equations, we’ve managaed to prove that Myra is indeed the coolest, mellowest, most awesome person in the universe. That equation also proves that the moon is indeed made of cheese and contains the cure for the common cold, but that’s not important.
Catchphrase: Myra is too cool for catchphrases.

Sinjo [Loyalist of the PaperMoon]
Your guild dark hero with antisocial tendencies who takes insults to the guild personally. He'll be at the level cap in about 3 days. Ask him for stuff when he gets drunk. He'll usually give it to you.
Catchphrase: Shibby.

xSkiyrise - [Assassin from Celesita]
[IGN]SkyRise, Cracker, Crepe
Be afraid. Be very afraid. Sky will bring death on swift wings for those that forget to bring the tapioca pudding to the guild picnic.
Famous Last Words: Hmph. Know your place.

Poisonslash [Venom Pepper]
Look at your man. Then look at Poison. Then look back at your man. Your man? He’s probably funnier, cooler, and better looking. But does he have a super awesome poison sword of doom and kung-fu action grip? I didn’t think so.
[IGN] Poisonslash, Leotrigger, Natsu, Rengeki, Shanks
Famous Last Words: I. AM. DRAGONBORN!!!!!

ShadyTrax [Crafter of Fortune]
[IGN] ShadyTrax
ShadyTrax is the silent, half-ogre, half cow who specializes in crafting items of great power and words of great sarcasm. More prone to let his skill and his work do the talking, Trax tends walk the walk rather than talk the talk, and mock the mock when people whine the whine.
Catchphrase: Moo Moo.

Piretess [Lurk Mother]
[IGN] Philia, Nanaly, Norma
In a time where no one knows anything about the game, Piretess seems to be the one of few with the answers. Of course, she’s only there when you least expect her, which makes getting those answers somewhat... difficult.
Catchphrase: … ((Silence is Golden))

ChilledDarkness [Lord Iceberg]
[IGN] LordIceburg
IIIIIIIIIInnnnnnn this corner, weighing in at the relative weight of a large block of ice, the king of frost, the captain of cool, THE ICEMAN! Oh. Look. He melted while I was talking. That’s a shame.
Catchphrase: Indeed.

Crystalizedgemz [Sparkling Earth]
[IGN] Kyrenia Castellina
All of you serfs must bow before the unholy might that is CRYSTAL! She …! She… well… actually, she’s a very polite and kind young lady. Forget I said anything.
Catchphrase: I have like, no imagination. Seriously.

New Members
Valeskyalf [Spear of Eloquence]
Master of the argument, speaker of truth, and lord of the written word, Vale manages to make the most eloquent, thought out statements while managing to offend absolutely no one.
Catchphrase: (To be determined)

gurzy [Colonel Spam]
So like, gurzy is kind of a special person. He has difficulty communicating with other intelligent life, so he tends to repeat the same thing over and over. And over. He also happens to be one of my oldest friends, and a **** good MMO player, so you’ll have to forgive him.
Catchphrase: spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam

LoveOfCake [Skylight Mage]

snowmaann [Wintertime Warrior]

Zabograd [Soldier of Fate]

LostSensei [Drifting Blade]

Th3.Forgotten [Floating Daffodil]

Calliope.Thistle [Lady of the Fenn]

kaicastle [Calligrapher's soul]

fizzaye [Storm of Dragons]

holyhealer92 [Light of the Sea]

XxApocalypticxX [Pandora's Box]

starrycat [Feral Twilight]

Pennancarver [Springtime Symphony]
[IGN]Penpen, Falsetto

SylverRain [Apricot Showers]
[IGN]Sylver, Sylver Rain, Kisetsu, Miiphos

Greek [Sword of the Ancients]
[IGN]Greek, Giga, Celtic


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Reserved if Need be
-waves to everybody-

Hi everyone :3 I'm mostly a wallflower but you will see me post here and there. I look forward to meeting all of you and making some new friends, both in game and out.

You will probably see us running around like we are insane in game, but that's our style, controlled chaos...sorta...ish...maybe...I hope?

Anyway... Let the recruiting begin! X3


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PostedDec 18, 2011 10:09 pm
Very Happy -waves too everyone-


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13 Dec 2011
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PostedDec 19, 2011 4:07 am
Very colorful, I like. :3

This caught my attention mainly because my bf has always used "ObsidianDawn" as a handle for as long as I've known him.

I love the catchphrases. Smile Good luck with the guild!

IGN: Kat Server: Siren


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PostedDec 19, 2011 11:10 am
Instead of merely bumping to increase thread awareness, I have decided to improve the world by sharing quotes instead. Since these quotes will undoubtedly improve lives of everyone who reads them (somehow), it cannot be qualified as spamming.

Isn't self-delusion wonderful?

"When life gives you lemons, squirt the juice into the eyes of your enemy, take everything they have, and run."



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PostedDec 19, 2011 11:55 am
Update: Added Sakura to the the guild member list.


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PostedDec 19, 2011 1:36 pm
Everyone welcome ShadyTrax, our first new member for Lime Odyssey. He has volunteered to be a crafting specialist for our guild, so everyone make him feel welcomed XD


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16 Jun 2011
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PostedDec 19, 2011 1:58 pm
Need something crafted? Well I'm your man. I may not be very helpful when it comes to dungeons or raids, but I can craft you the equiptment to make you better. I may be shy and timid now, but once we're in game you'll get to know me better. Wink


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30 Nov 2011
PostedDec 19, 2011 2:47 pm

Great Job!

Whosoever is coming up with descriptions, -hats off- simply amazing way to put it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Obsidian hitting huge numbers soon enough. Good luck, hope to see you guys in game.

PS: I would kill for a description like that, but umm too lazy honestly.

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