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Psychotic Tendencies #6

Psychotic Tendencies

“Traitors are such @$$#%!&$”

With the war in Limestone against the horde of monsters over, the guardians were victorious. The victory celebration was cut short with the discovery that the Angor Quarry; where the monsters may have been coming from was caved in, blocking all from coming in or getting out. Inside Claire struggled to keep Steel Blade alive as Lucifer took on Herak alone. Despite all efforts to keep her beloved warrior alive, Steel Blade eventually died due to the severity of his injures and the lack over power Claire possessed. Once Herak met his defeat at the hand of Lucifer; literally, Lucifer removed Herak’s heart eventually absorbing it involuntarily. Steel Blade was buried in the spot he died with heartfelt words from an unlikely person. While Claire proceeds on ahead, Alec and Lucifer follow behind with Lucifer shedding a single tear with no explanation as to why.

While walking down the pathway of the quarry they are greeted by the remains of mushroids slaughtered along the way by someone other then them. As Claire walks through the path, following the trail of dead mushroids she grips her staff tightly. Lucifer simply looks around at the carnage as she follows behind. Alec can’t help but almost feel sorry for the deceased monsters;

“Who could’ve done this to them? Was it not just the two of you in this cave cleric?”

Claire stops in her tracks and responds with a heavy sigh before speaking;

“No, we came in here alone the first time, but had to retreat. We took on what monsters we could, but because of me we had to retreat back to town and look for more help. As you may have noticed, my powers aren’t as great as they should be. No matter, Steel Blade believed in me even when I didn’t believe in me. So when we arrived in town to look for help, this warrior Zander comes up offering to help us. He looked trusting, honorable, brave, and dependable. He was so ready, unlike us. Even though I could feel it in my heart that Steel Blade…Malcolm was envious of him, I never saw him as less than Zander.”

Claire then stops as she fights off the urge to cry and continues walking. Lucifer walks a bit faster to catch up to Claire. She tries to say something to Claire to comfort her, but is unable to say anything at all. Alec looks at Lucifer from her shoulder as it appears that even she is feeling the pain of loss Claire is feeling. The moment is interrupted by the sounds of fighting in the distance up ahead, where a red glowing light is coming from. Claire looks ahead;

“Sounds like Zander is still here as well.”

Claire grips her staff again and runs for the location the fighting is coming from. Zander blocks attacks from the remaining mushroids with his shield. As Zander is blocks another attack from a pair of mushroids at once, he pushed against the wall by the force, knocking the wind out of him. As a mushroid leaps into the air to pounce on him, Zander take his sword and stabs the mushroid before it makes contact with him. Back to his feet, Zander makes short work of the rest of the monsters. After the fight, Zander drops to one knee and tries to catch his breath. Believing he is alone he opens his bag to gaze upon the armored boot he took earlier. As he looks at it with amazement he is interrupted by a voice;

“That what he died for? So you could get a boot?”

Zander quickly stuffs the boot back in his bag and turns to see who is talking to him. His concern is replaced with a cocky smile as he sees Claire standing in the distance.

“Oh, I see you managed to get past Herak. Well, bravo to you and Steel…oh yeah, you said he died. Figures, he was a failed warrior after all. Death was the only thing coming his way.”

Angry over the remark, Claire storms over to Zander and before he can get to his feet she slaps him across his face.

“You @$$#%!&! He was ten fold the warrior you will ever be!”

Zander wipes the little bit of blood off the corner of his mouth as he looks up at her as she continues talking down to him;

“He trusted you, we trusted you! And you leave us to die so you can obtain that!? He would’ve let you take it anyway! He wasn’t concerned with any treasures in the quarry! He just wanted to save lives!”

Claire pulls her arm back, preparing to slap Zander again. As she swings to do so Zander grabs her wrist and yanks her down to the ground, holding his sword to her throat;

“I’ve had enough of your babbling! You’re as much a failure as he was and I will be **** before I’ll let a failure speak to me like that. Your husband was a foolish child, a boy no doubt. ‘Saving lives’, ha! There’s no glory in that, there’s glory in power!”

Zander leans further down, his face inches away from Claire’s as she turns her head in disgust. Zander smirks as he continues his verbal assault;

“Perhaps if you were bound to a real warrior, a real man, then maybe you’d know that plain and simple fact. I hear ignorance is bliss, so when your husband was smashed to death. Did he enjoy it?”

Zander’s words are followed by his laughter as his cruel words hurt Claire to her core, but soon that hurt turns to anger as she turns to face Zander and spits in his face. Instantly he rises up from her and swings his sword back;

“YOU WITCH!! You dare spit in my face!?

“The only ignorant one here is you, Zander. Steel Blade died a warrior’s death and you, you’ll die a coward’s death.”

“Says the one about to die.”

Zander begins to swing his sword at Claire, but is soon kicked off of Claire before he can make the strike. Zander rolls on his side and gets on one knee with his sword and shield ready. He looks on to see who attacked him and an expression of shocked followed by anguish comes over his face as he sees a familiar person;


“Me? Oh, I remember you. You’re the one who likes to mark their targets from far away. So you’re Zander?”

Zander stands to his feet as Lucifer helps Claire up. Alec stands between them and Zander and Zander looks down at the zumi and laughs;

“And what are you going to rat? Stain my boot?”

Lucifer looks at Claire for the moment and then looks at Zander. Once to looks back at Claire she asks;

“I know he took from you something irreplaceable, he took the same from another before you two. He’s too strong for you, if you like, if you wouldn’t mind, could I please beat him severely?”

Claire looks at her pendant, but before she can answer Zander dashes at Claire, knocking Alec aside. With his sword aimed directly at Claire and goes in for the kill, but Lucifer pushes Claire out of the way and is impaled by Zander instead. Suddenly noticing who he ended up impaling with his attack, Zander responds with a smile. Claire watches in horror as she sees before another dying protecting her. With Lucifer still stuck on his sword, Zander gets a closer look at Lucifer as she appears dead;

“Not so tough now are you? Stupid warriors, I swear.”

Zander then looks at Claire as he smiles back at her;

“I’ll give your man credit for one thing, he was a man or boy at least. Women have no place on the battlefield. They only have two places they belong; in the kitchen and on their backs.”

Zander follows with more laughter before he looks back at Lucifer’s dead body.

“Such a hot looking piece too, just to be honest. The things I could-”

Lucifer suddenly lifts her head and stares directly into Zander’s eyes as hers turn into a blackened void. Zander is suddenly overcome with fear as Lucifer places a hand on each side of Zander’s face, pull him closer to her she speaks in a language he can’t understand;

“There is something you could do for me.”

Lucifer pushes Zander back, pulling the blade out of her as he still holds on to it. Still on his feet, he gets back in stance and prepares to charge Lucifer again;

“Killing you will prove that I am indeed a powerful warrior!!”

Emotionless to the quickly approaching attack from Zander, she simply looks on at him. Zander makes the strike, believing he actually struck Lucifer he laughs for a moment until he looks up above his head. Lucifer flips over him, in the mere seconds she looks into his eyes in mid flip. Solid black abysmal void eyes are all Zander can see as Lucifer suddenly lands on her feet with her back to him. As soon as Zander turns to look at her, Lucifer turns quick, followed by the sound of steel tearing flesh as blood splatters before Zander’s eyes. Claire and Alec gasp as Zander soon realizes it is him who has been struck. Stabbed by Lucifer’s sword in the abdomen;

“You could die for me. No, I have a better favor to ask. You could die-

As Lucifer swings with all her might, throwing Zander into the distance at high speeds she finishes her request;

“-For everyone you killed for your greed and treachery!!”

The high speed throw into the red crystal shards is dramatically cut short as an enormously large mushroid leaps from the ceiling, landing before the flying Zander. As this mushroid impacts the ground, the surface around it spikes up erupting the ground so violently that a huge portion shoots up. Hitting Zander, knocking him straight into the ceiling. Lucifer, still in her trance, looks up at Zander who is now stuck in the ceiling and appears dead. Lucifer looks back at the mushroid before her;

“It’s…it’s Mori Mori! I thought it was a myth!”

Alec says in fear as he then hides behind Claire. Lucifer stands and stares at Mori Mori as the mushroid casts a large fire spell on her, engulfing her in flames. Claire and Alec move back and only watch as in the flames they can still see Lucifer’s figure, standing motionless in the fire. Mori Mori looks into the fire and sees the same thing as Lucifer begins to walk towards it. In the flames Mori Mori sees a different figure engulfed in flames. A figure shaped somewhat like Lucifer, but with large horns and enflames glowing eyes. Mori Mori jumps back for a moment and then leaps high into the air to crush Lucifer. With the flames still going strong all that is seen of Lucifer is a engulfed figure with horns. In mid air, wave after wave of blood red slashes run through Mori Mori. Lucifer then walks forward a bit as Mori Mori lands behind her. The flames fade as Alec and Claire only see Mori Mori standing motionless, then as one piece from his top falls the rest of it begins to fall as well. As it falls to pieces Lucifer can be seen, back to her usual self and happy at the sight at hand. Alec and Claire are confused about the entire situation that took place. Lucifer however is happy about something entirely different;

“YES!! Do you have any idea what this means!?”

Alec then jumps for joy at the victory, Claire watches with a smile on her face as she holds her pendant. Alec suddenly stops with an odd look on his face as he sees what Lucifer was so happy about.

“Mushrooms taste great! I am so, so hungry.”

As Lucifer starts collecting mushrooms, putting them in her bag. As she continues collecting mushroom remains of Mori Mori, a mysterious pink round creature appears. Before Lucifer decides to pull her sword out, Claire stops her;

“No, he’s harmless. He’s known as a Soul Guardian, he’s our way out of here.”

The Soul Guardian looks up at Claire and then the others and asks;

“Where’s Steel Blade and Zander?”

Claire looks down for a moment and then replies;

“They’re gone now. It’s only us now.”

“I’m sorry for you loss.”

The Soul Guardian replies as he opens a portal out of the quarry. As everyone walks through, the Soul Guardian and the portal vanish and the quarry becomes dark, with only the red crystals giving light. Then another portal opens up, with the gray skinned female mage and her ursun companions stepping out. The mage stops in her tracks as small bits of rubble and blood drip from the ceiling. Suddenly Zander falls to the ground, before the mage’s feet, on his front. One of the ursuns kick Zander over as he barely holds his bag in his arms. As the ursun grabs the bag, Zander struggles to keep his grip as the mage sees that Zander I still alive;

“Interesting, I figured you were dead. Such resilience, I admire that.”

As the mage’s hand glows in a fiery aura, she reaches out to Zander who watches in fear. The mage stops for a second and rethinks her actions;

“Luckily for you, I find that type of personality fascinating in my pets. If you would be so kind as you serve me, I could find it in my ever giving heart-”

As the mage leans over Zander;

“-To make you into the powerful warrior you so long to be.”

Zander looks at the mage with hesitation, yet eagerness;

“You, could do that?”

“You’d be amazed at what all I could do for you, love.”

The mage looks down at the bag Zander is holding;

“All you have to do is give me what I have been looking for and I will give you what you have been longing for.”

Zander looks down at the bag he’s holding and then back at the mage;

“That all I have to do? Give it up?”

The mage cherishes Zander’s blood stained face;

“That and give yourself to me. Submit to me and I shall reward you with greatness. Make me your mistress and I shall show you first hand, the glory and satisfaction of power.”

The mage looks into his eyes, peering into Zander’s very soul;

“Give yourself to me and become my submissive and I shall in return if you power. Let me be your mistress, let me be your Lady Graves.”

Zander releases the bag from his grip as the ursun takes it. Another ursun lifts up Zander from the ground as a portal opens up. Suddenly the group and portal vanish into thin air.

To Be Continued…

"Being psychotic allows me to have an entirely different view of the world around me, makes everything a bit more interesting. So although either way you are a sorry sack of sht. In my mind, you're a more interesting sorry sack of sht" -Lucifer
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