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09 Jun 2009
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[Ended] Christmas Events!

Rewards have been sent out!
a. Cumulative purchase event
During Christmas event, you’ll obtain gifts as you purchase more
Period: 2011.12.15 - 2012.1.11
Detail: Grab better gifts as your total purchase amount reaches a certain amount:
1000gold - Tome of Masksman I-IV
3000gold – one set of level 60 Orange props
5000gold – one Red gem
Note: each account shall get rewards once in each range

b. Score ranking

Rewards have been sent out! Please contact us if there are any issues.

The top 10 in score ranking for Server 1:

The top 10 in score ranking for Server 2:

The top 10 in score ranking for Server 3:

The top 10 in score ranking for Server 4:

Period:2011.12.15 00:00:00 PST --2012.1.11 23:59:59 PST
Detail:Players will get corresponding scores from specified events within event period of time and these scores will be accumulated in score rankings. We’ll list the rank based on the total scores.

Specified events:
1. Scores from wheel (1 time large spin will gain 10 scores; gain 1 score on small wheel; no score from free spin)
2. Astrology book scores (gain 10 scores by using 1 astrology book)
3. Dungeon scores (Pass by dungeon – Normal: 1 score; Nightmare: 2 scores; Hard: 3 scores)
4. Getting 1 Red hero card by any method shall gain 5 scores
5. One win in Conqueror shall get 1 score
6. One time login shall get 1 score in each day
Note: 1. Score rankings shall be updated in each 30 minutes, thus what you see is probably not what you gain
2. If you’d like to check your current scores, please inquire it from Score Mall

1. by Ranking
Ranking 1 - 3: acquire one special Red Hero Card (Potentiality: 95/ 90/ 85)
Note: Please provide hero’s name just after the event to us
Raking 4 - 6: acquire one Santa Claus Red Hero Card (Potentiality: 85)
Ranking 7 – 10: acquire one set of level 80 Xmas props

2. Inside Score Mall
Players could use gained scores to exchange what they like from corresponding score mall
Score mall can be found in Exchange Shop of every main city and neutral city

Necrolis – Exchange Shop - Phaedria

Sanctaria – Exchange Shop – Ebor Corollas

Arthlan – Exchange Shop – Miranna Haeos

Regia Deorum – Exchange Shop – Aurira Bourne

c. Survive Santa Claus
Background: Santa Claus was enchanted and turned Evil. Kids on Masure land shall not be able to get Christmas gifts. For the sake of the kids, players must defeat this evil Santa Claus in order to bring back Christmas gifts for kids
Period: 2011.12.15—2012.1.11
Detail: join in group in 30 /60 /80 levels to challenge eviled Santa Claus, you will pick Xmas socks, which shall be burst out Xmas props and other gifts corresponding to levels

Chasm of Despair – Razorwind Bridge

Seid Highland – Stormy Stream

Frozen Ossuary – Everfrost River

d. Double EXP in Dungeon
Background: still feel agonizing for slow upgrade pace? Not enough quests? Go into dungeon for double EXP
Period: 12. 22 – 12. 28, each day 11:00 - 13:00PST and 19:00-21:00PST

Detail: go into dungeon in specified period of time; gain double EXP by defeating monsters and BOSS

e. Christmas coupon by login
Background: Login ONLY to make it; login game to get free coupon in event period
Period: 12.22 – 12.28
Detail: consecutive login per day shall gain accumulative coupons
1st day: 50 coupons; 2nd day: 50 coupons; 3rd day: 100 coupons; 4th day: 150 coupons; 5th day: 200 coupons
6th day: 250 coupons; 7th day: 500 coupons
Note: if no consecutive login steps per day, then the login day is always the 1st day.

Christmas Limited Items
Background: One dollar item limited
Period: 12.23 – 12.25
Dec. 23rd: summon pack – 1 piece limited
Dec. 24th: dungeon key pack – 2 pieces limited
Dec. 25th : bounty quest pack – 3 pieces limited



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16 Aug 2011
Sendai Japan
PostedDec 15, 2011 1:59 am
Great and awesome event GM.
"H ell" mode 80 dungeon very-very hard.
Maybe i can have good drops from it


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30 Jul 2011
PostedDec 15, 2011 4:34 am


New loots in dungeons!
Awesome new loot system!

I just looted an orange hero card II in lvl 60 Hard! Wink


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23 Oct 2011
sergeant bluff United States
PostedDec 15, 2011 11:12 am

Honor + Reputation shop

Why are all the prices raised for honor and rep shops for the card troops, they're also bound, THATS HOW WE MAKE OUR GOLD!


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12 Oct 2011
PostedDec 16, 2011 11:09 am

total amount?

I hope that by total amount u refering to the total amount of gold we have ever purchached and not just within the event time..
Am i right?


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05 May 2008
Rethimno Greece
PostedDec 16, 2011 12:23 pm
Yesterday i did 3 runs in h e ll 70 using bandits at front.
Before the patch i did h e ll 80 easy with my normal troops.
Today i tried h e ll 70 with normal troops and was wiped at second boss.

From the moment that the difficulty in dungeons (h e ll mode) are a lot higher the honor and rep costs of the troops cards must be lowered not increased...

You are making this a lot harder for the majority of the players.

As it is now only the players that spend a lot of gold will benefit, the average player is disapointed.
i know already 4-5 players who quitted playing because of these changes.

Please decrease the honor and rep costs back and better lower them 20-30% UNDER the before patch costs.
By the way, i am Hawke , in server 4, atm lvl 85.


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10 Nov 2011
United States
PostedDec 16, 2011 12:50 pm
I can't wait until this stupid event is over. I don't mind difficult games, but this has become completely frustrating. I can't even level up anymore because I can no longer do the dungeons that are supposedly for my level. If it doesn't go back, I'm done all together. There are plenty of games out there.


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15 Nov 2008
PostedDec 16, 2011 2:59 pm
and now we get only white gem with santa clause, and from lvl 80...

you are joking ??? you really want loose all player?


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15 Dec 2011
PostedDec 16, 2011 5:29 pm
i sure all player's are mad... and you will lose alot of player who was getting you money... just thinks about it... how much people was spend to get red/orange heroe's and now you did it can get from free refresh... that crazy...


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24 Oct 2011
United States
PostedDec 17, 2011 11:51 am
I like the idea of putting reds and orange hero's in tavern to give the poor folks a chance to compete with those that spend the money. but come on .. im a lvl 78 and i can't even beat 60 Hard. i use all my t3 cards i saved up for 2 days just to lose them all. pretty dumb. on top of all that prices are outrageous give me 1500 for AQ and make tramps 1k.
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