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23 Dec 2006
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PostedDec 08, 2011 3:07 pm

12-8 to 12-9: GEM MINE Exchange Tier

[Paid Out]
12-9 Update: Ended, results being processed, check back later!


Exchange the following amounts of Gold in game for FREE Items! Only valid 12/8 Thursday 12:00 PST to 12/9 Friday 21:00 PST. 33 hours long!

Payout based on highest tier earned 1-3. Can be repeated once Tier 3 is completed, unlimited times!

**Tier 1 - EXCHANGE 500 Gold:
- Get (300) Free Gems!

**Tier 2 - Exchange 2,000 Gold:
- Get (1500) FREE Gems

**Tier 3 - Exchange 5,000 Gold:
- Get (6500) FREE Gems

Earn Tier 3 then start over again for more!


Click to see what time and day it is in PST!

*Reminder, 1st TIME EXCHANGE will also get you a bonus free item pack: Benediction Pack!

*Reminder, you need Aeria Points in order to exchange for Gold! Get AP here


*Exchange from 12:00 PST 12/08 Thurs to 21:00 PST 12/09 Fri Only! 33 hours long!

*Your FREE Bonus Item(s) will be sent through the mail system after the promotion ends! May take 1-7 business days for delivery!

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