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07 Nov 2011
Making A Sammich Canada
PostedNov 24, 2011 3:59 pm
I feel the service is good but sometimes can use a bit of fixing for one example I sent in an RT on an old acc that never got a reply and same thing happened to my friends.



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03 Jan 2010
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PostedNov 24, 2011 4:05 pm
Aznteck wrote:
AdrenaLiN01 wrote:
djashes wrote:

Although we did just get a new GM and such, I'll keep doing 1 until we have some real changes in game.
OP AP as ever.  

reason why i left WT xD

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19 Dec 2010
Wannabe Brahzill Brazil
PostedNov 24, 2011 4:14 pm
GMs have very limited knowledge of the game DWO.
Game bugs still not fixed.
No advertising done to promote the game.
Very poor service from aeria.


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14 Jul 2011
Swag City United States
PostedNov 24, 2011 4:17 pm   Last edited by deatheater59 on Nov 27, 2011 9:04 am. Edited 1 time in total
Hello I would like to say that Aeria Games is doing a fantastic job. Aeria is always alert. When wolfteam was invaded by hackers i saw tons of Gm's working their butts off to remove them. Also aeria is bringing out fantastic promo's. So overall i voted for a yes because of tentive gm's,awesome promos.
When i posted my reply on last months thread i gave the rating a 3. So now it is worthy of a 5. I actually saw improvement. Very Happy

Now where is my free ap?


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13 Aug 2009
Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
PostedNov 24, 2011 6:01 pm
I think Aeria's service was a bit better than last time's, so I give it 3 for improvement.

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07 Jan 2009
Toccy-ville United States
PostedNov 24, 2011 7:28 pm   Last edited by Jemmeh on Nov 25, 2011 1:48 pm. Edited 2 times in total
- 1-


+I'm glad the new GMs are being more proactive about "Hey I'm gonna do this and this!" I'm -hoping- but waiting til I see the actual improvement....


+ Being competitive in Shaiya is more expensive than any other game I have ever seen in my entire life o__o

+Offical PvP Rules STILL not updated (how many times will I need to repeat myself? Very Happy)

+ GM Events are still unprofessional at times-- late, badly explained, unprofessional attitude...

+ Moar, etc, blah blah yuck


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24 Nov 2011
United States
PostedNov 24, 2011 7:57 pm
I voted 4
Aeria is already good but it could be better C:

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16 Feb 2009
Western Canada
PostedNov 24, 2011 8:50 pm
Instead of giving a feedback specifically for November, I'm going to go back a ways and do sort of a cumulative feedback.

Over the past couple of years, this is the trend we have seen:

  • Tiers gradually increasing in cost, as well as value for AP buyers
  • Mini tiers increase in frequency from about 2 per month to about 2 per week
  • Package rebates have reduced in quality and value
  • Revolving door of staff
  • Severe reduction in farming items in favour of buying items in Item Mall
  • Heavy AP promotion of 'newbie zones', destroying the new player experience
  • Rules shifting to cater to those who cry the loudest

All of the above are things that Aeria has done or affected to drastically reduce the quality of Shaiya. It has nothing to do with Choi Rock (the dev card seems to be the favourite finger to point) or the community.

Frankly, your company's policies suck. Perhaps honesty should be one of them. That would be a good place to start in fixing things.

Shaiya's population is stagnant. There's no purpose in even advertising the game any more. New players wouldn't play this game for more than a couple hours before losing interest anyway. Power leveling has removed the PvE aspect of the game. Gold spammers have taken over all the newbie areas. Low level PvP zones are a death trap. There is zero reason for a new player to stay here. Way things are going, there's going to be zero reason for old players to stay here as well.

Talking to devs is all well and good, but start with your own company first. It doesn't matter what Choi Rock does or doesn't do if the publisher is actively destroying the game itself.

And fix the website.

Vote: 1


  • Lots of big talk about fixing things. I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Eden Eternal GM team impressed me greatly this month.
  • I didn't get banned for spending AP again.


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23 Mar 2009
PostedNov 24, 2011 8:57 pm   Last edited by Mad_Moosehead on Nov 24, 2011 9:40 pm. Edited 1 time in total
2 - Shaiya.

There have been a few improvements, but I felt last month was such a depressing joke so i'm gonna hold off praising until i'm sure things are actually looking up.

I'm very pleased that the monthly Teir is once again 20000 AP. Your PM has hit it spot on with his comment, even though people weren't repeating it still had some very negative perceptions. BINGO! When people perceive you as greedy money grubbers, they get angry and angry players arn't what an MMO needs.

Now i'm posting this before Tier goes up, so I hope that there isn't another Bonus Mystery Tier. My views on that stunt can't be expressed with in forum rules.

I still have a problem with the rapid release of 70 AP gear, a gradual release would have been prefered.

What ground the main tier made up this month was lost with mini tiers and new uber tiers.

1. 2nd-3rd Mini Tier: Stat7, Life7, Shaiya Letter

2. 5th-6th Mini Tier: Helm Lapis Level 1, 2, & GM Max OJ

3. 7th Sonic Tier

4. 8th Mini Tier: Level 70 Cape w/ a Max OJ!

5. 9th-10th Consumables Tier

6. 11th-12th Dread Gear Tier

7. 13th-14th Dual 5 Tier

8. 15th-16th Uber Tier: Enchants

9. 17th-18th Uber Tier: Gear

10. 19th-20th Stat 7 Tier

11. 23rd-24th Level 70 Weapon Tier

12. 25th Flash Tier + ?

13. 27th Low Level Tier

14. 29th Uber Mini Tier?

14 is a lot. And they are no longer just the 7500 ones, they're now up t0 15000 Uber mini tier, that used to be our monthly tier. Again, it may just be perception but a lot of players feel if they can't affoard a few of these a month they can't play. AP should give an edge not a victory. Guess I should just be happy we don't have Shaiya.DE's 200000 Tier...

I was shocked at first when I saw this... then I relaised with all the mini Tiers that is what you ask a month. At least DE puts it up front.

Shaiya is being geared towards big spends often at the expense of low to medium AP buyers. People who spend $20-$200 a month are players who are still not able to be competetive may start looking at P2P options as they will ultimately cost them less for a more even playing feild.

I can see that the PM's are trying. I can see the GM's are trying. I understand they are limited in what they can and can not do. I still also feel that it's very much a pass the buck to Choi Rock when a lot of issues come from AGE policies. As a player i'm feeling there isn't much left for me in this game and I am honestly looking at other gaming options.

And Avyn posted while I was typing, he makes a lot of good points. Hope someone listens to them.

Edit: Forgot Random bonuses. Although I understand the idea behind it. People with limited time to play prefer to spend them when there are bonuses. Putting them randomly so people have to log on to find out was kinda missing the point. People log on for the bonuses because they know it's the best time. If they don't know then they arn't gonna bother logging on every day to find out.

Also confussion as to when they were actually on. People wait til linking bonuses to link. If they don't know there is one... then they won't try to link. If they don't try to link then they can't find out it's a linking bonus.

Please next month advanced notice on the bonus so people can make the most use of them.


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17 Oct 2009
United States
PostedNov 24, 2011 9:31 pm   Last edited by DragonRaider14 on Nov 25, 2011 1:00 pm. Edited 1 time in total
The more that I play the new content in Last Chaos, the more bugs I encounter.

I was also disappointed with the actions of some game sages.

In addition, the prize for first to 175 was poorly handled. I thought the GMs should have listened to the complaints by the players and changed the prize instead of cancelling the whole thing just because the players didn't agree with their choice.

Also there was an issue with Aeria spamming in game. It was fixed, but should have never happened in first place.

Overall, I have been disappointed with Aeria this month. I give a 1, but nothing will change.

Maybe when 80% of the community give a rating of 1 then you guys will begin to change. Since 40% of the community obviously isn't enough.

Usually when about 40% of your customers would rate the service provided by your company as "poor",
serious changes are made to fix it. I could write 100 pages on what should be changed and how, but I won't waste my breath. After being here for over five years of my life, I know better.
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