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Aeria: Product Manager
23 Dec 2006
The Bay Area United States
PostedNov 23, 2011 2:25 pm

Aeria Bonus Cash Sale - Up to 50% Bonus Cash!

Sale ends Monday 11-28-11, at 9PM PST.
Up to 50% bonus cash sale going on on Aeria Points!

Aeria is having a “Up to 50%” bonus cash sale! Hurry now and purchase your Aeria Points through the following USD/CAD/AUD/NZD/GBP (PayPal, Credit Card (PayPal), MB, Google and PayByCash). You can get your points now by going HERE.

Note: All transactions must clear by the end of the sale to be eligible. Sale ends Monday 11-28-11, at 9PM PST.

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