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PostedNov 16, 2011 6:05 pm

Hi there UM mage in need of advice...

Hi well im making a UM mage.. Still doubting about going full int or 4 int 5 luc.. Dont know what will be quicker? Also im wondering how to link 30 dread set to take it all the way to anor and then maybe use ophiston as middle then go decoris or to skip ophi gear and take medicus instead. Might be confusing but im am myself cuz i dont know what to link for survivability but not to cut my damage allot. Would like some advice thanks in advance =)

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PostedNov 16, 2011 10:12 pm
"Quicker" would be full Int, always. Even if you have a very large stat pool to pull from, "quickest" will be a pure Int build on KO Nos. However, if you don't want to grind perma-nossed, your best option will be to do a pure Int build for lower levels and then switch to an Int/Luc build at higher levels. A Stat Reset at Lv50+ is definitely worth your time. When you have enough stats for about a 300 Int 500 Luc split, you can safely switch over.

Link your dread set with mostly Mystic. You can actually get away with a full Dual Lapis set up in Dread - just fill every slot with all 4 Dual Mystic. Alternately, use Mystic Lv5 in place of one of the duals.

This will last you all the way up until Legendary/Goddess Anor (not really any need to switch unless you're getting 5 or 6 slot gear). In this set, you'll want a little more of a sophisticated set up, especially if you're switching over to a Luc build. Focus mainly on Mystic and Fortune Lapis, Lv5/6s, and also throw in some Wise Lapis. No need to spend a lot on those. You'll only need about 150-200 total Wis at this stage of the game, a lot of which you'll get naturally through orange stats, weapon, accessories, and cape. Depending on what the rest of your gear looks like, a Dual Mystic Lv1 (9 Int 8 Wis) in each piece may be enough.

Your next upgrade should be Medicus or Dreamy Medicus. The link set up should be quite similar to your Anor set, but the switch is definitely worth it due to the huge increase in base stats in that gear. At this point, you'll definitely want to be on a set up of Lv6s and only using Lv5s where Lv6s won't fit. Mystic Lv6, Fortune Lv6, Dual Mystic Lv5 are your three primary links in each piece. After that, consider Mystic Lv5, Fortune Lv5, and Safe Lv6 (at this point, a 3 stat build is more viable, but you don't have to go overboard with Rec).

Lv70 gear is still rare and expensive, so there's not much harm in also linking a Decoris set. At this stage in the game, in which you're going to be in a lot of PvP confrontation, use Lv7s.

For all sets of gear, Sonics are a good investment. Ele weapons are a good idea as well, but not really necessary unless you solo or PvP.

Survivability - get it through orange stats. For grinding, the Ele Skin skills are fine for survivability as well, but they're no good in PvP.

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