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Chapter Seven: Tactics

"Let's get over to Time Inn," suggested Ark, finishing his tea.
"Are you sure?" Asked Luck, standing up. "You're always so tired."
"I have too."
"Ok." Luck pouted and followed him out the door, cradling his claws in her arms. They walked in silence. Ark was intent in getting to the inn.
"How is your training coming?" Ark asked, glancing back at Luck.
"Its fine," Luck replied, looking down.
"What's wrong?" Ark asked stopping.
"I-I'm not very good." she whispered. Ark laughed.
"That's what you're worried about?" He smiled at her. "I'm no good either, but I can't complain."
"B-but, you don't want to. I asked for this," she explained.
"No. I accepted Spike's offer. I will do what I can to help those around me. I made this decision, and we can both train our hardest, and do our best." He smiled. Luck looked at him. She smiled too.
"Okay," she said, grabbing his hand. They started walking again. Luck's hand is warm, Ark thought. They arrived at the inn and Kid spotted them. He motioned them to come behind the counter. They walked once again into the closet and turned around to see the door close again.
"Welcome back," said the voice that Ark had come to hate. Spike smiled from the bright empty room. He motioned them to sit in the already appeared table and chairs.
"Well. How are you?" he asked. Ark ignored him. Luck gazed sideways, avoiding eye contact.
"That's so interesting!" said Spike in a fake enthusiastic voice, mocking their lack of reply. He sighed, looking at Ark and Luck. He snapped and the man in the black mask and white cloak appeared next to Spike.
"Take him to train," he said motioning him away. The man grabbed Ark, who struggled to break free but was dematerialized with the man. Spike smiled at Luck who had looked back to where Ark had been.
"Well then," smiled Spike, resting his feet on the table.
"What?" asked Luck angrily.
"Bye," he replied snapping his finger. The floor and chair beneath Luck vanished and she screamed, falling into the abyss.

"Try again." Ark's teacher this time was merciless in perfection. Ark had kicked a board almost one hundred times, and had never succeeded to impress the man. He did not have a angry tone to his voice, but no tone at all. He simply watched Ark fail time and time again, repeating his same words when Ark asked how he did. He had broken the board again and again, but it fixed itself magically, every piece returning to the original spot. He panted.
"How was that?" He asked once again.
"Try again." The words were no surprise.
"Can I take a break?" Ark asked. He got no response. The board fixed itself and he smashed it in half, perfectly down the center.
"How 'bout now?" he asked smiling from his handy work.
"Try again." Ark's jaw dropped. He clenched his fist.
"I don't care what you think! That was the best break yet!" He screamed at the man. The man laughed. It was warm and much different from the monotone voice that Ark was used to.
"Congratulations!" The man said. "Never care what others think! Only your opinion matters to your jobs!" He said picking up the board.
"Learn at your own pace. Don't ask others what they think."
"I-what?" Ark was confused. He didn't get the mans logic.
"Now to learn your first moves," continued the man in total disregard of Ark's confusion. "This move is the 'Bonebreaker Kick'," He said cracking his neck. The man squared up to the board and gave it a strong, swift kick. "Now you try," he said motioning to Ark.
"Okay," Ark replied walking up to the board.
"Gather your energy into your foot," the man explained, " And release it in a forward kick, kicking with the bottom of your foot." Ark focused. He kicked with his toe. Ark grabbed his foot and massaged it. The man laughed. Ark tried again. This time he gave the board a strong kick. The board went flying.
"Before you ask," The man cut in, "That was right." Ark smiled at the man. The man took off his mask revealing a young, handsome face with deep green eyes and blue hair.
"I, the Ocean Flower, am done here." The man melted into water and evaporated.
Ark looked around. Again there was a door. He walked over to it and looked in. It was a brick wall. He gave it a knock and found it to be solid. He looked around again. There was nothing.

"Put those down," said a blonde man with light green eyes. He pointed at the claws that Luck was holding. She placed them on the ground next to her.
"Now what is your name?" he asked smiling. This was not Luck's old teacher. She wondered why.
"I am Luck." she replied.
"What have you learned so far?" the man asked politely.
"Minor healing and Blessing." She looked away.
"That's great!" The man exclaimed opening the book he was holding. "How about we learn Feverish?" She looked at him like he was insane.
"What about checking my current skills?" she asked.
"What? Oh, you're right. Use Minor healing on me." He closed the book and looked at her. Luck concentrated. A small glowing ball exited her hand and hit the man.
"That feels great!" sighed the man, smiling. He looked back at her. "Now blessing."
Once again, Luck concentrated. A small bell appeared over the mans head and sprinkled sparks over him.
"Phenomenal!" He yelled. "Now onto Feverish." He opened the book again. "Think of the heat of battle and the adrenaline rush when you're excited! And project it on me."
Luck thought. Nothing happened.
"I'm sorry," she whispered.
"Don't worry," he said smiling. He frowned. "I can't believe I didn't introduce myself!" He slapped his head laughing. "I'm Jacid." He held out his hand. Luck glanced at it. She shook it.
"Now back to-" Jacid started. He pulled out a pocket watch and looked at it. He ran over to a door in the room and opened it. Behind it was a brick wall. He motioned Luck over.
"Put your hand on this." She put her hand on the brickwork. She turned to speak to him. Jacid was gone. She turned back. A bright light met her gaze.

Luck woke up in her bed, wearing her same day-clothes. She glanced into Ark's room. He was fast asleep. She smiled. She was amazed by his commitment to the people he didn't even know. He turned over in his sleep. She returned to her bed and changed into light blue pajamas after taking a bath. Someone knocked on her door.
"Come in!" she yelled. It was Ark.
"How are you," he asked. She smiled. He was worried for her.
"I got a new teacher," She started, "he was weird." Ark laughed.
"My teachers disappear every time we finish," he explained. "Never had the same one twice." He sat next to her on her bed.
"Hey, we can do this together," said Luck smiling. He smiled and got up.
"You're the best," he said returning to his room. Luck lay, stretched out on her bed. She looked up at her white ceiling and closed her eyes. Just before falling asleep she glanced at her dresser. On top was Ark's claws. She smiled and drifted off into sleep. In the other room, Ark sat on his bed watching snow fall from the sky onto his balcony. It was like a white blanket that covered the wooden balcony in a dazzling layer. He fell asleep watching frost form on his window. The snow continued to fall over the whole town.
In front of a store across the street from their house, a large figure clad in a black hooded cloak watched the lights go out. The figure strode away, leaving large footprints in the snow.

~To Be Continued



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spike396 wrote:
Chapter XX: Thoughts

Sorry to possibly disappoint you.
But being about Lime Odyssey, I downloaded some Photos of the game.
Here are some for those who actually care:

Trade Classes:




Battle Classes:







Thats what we may see in the upcoming game.
Stay Updated!


omg! u suck now i cant wait to play this game..... im turning more trollish by the min, Lmao


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Chapter Eight: Hope

"Brr. Its cold!" said Luck.
"Then why don't you put on a sweater?" asked Ark.
"But isn't my shirt so pretty?" Luck exclaimed, pulling on her pink shirt with light blue flowers on it. Ark laughed.
"At least put on a cloak." he replied. He opened the door and walked back inside. Luck followed. She walked into her room. Ark started down the stairs.
"Wait!" she yelled.
"What?" asked Ark walking into her room. She handed him his claws.
"I had these." She spun in her yellow skirt. She grabbed a yellow cloak to match her skirt. They walked down the stairs together.
"Morning," Ventro said getting ready to go to his guild, "Mr. Foral already left."
"We're going now." Ark said opening the door.
"In a rush?" Ventro asked.
"We wanna get a head start." Ark replied.
"Bye!" Luck waved running out the door. Ventro smiled. At least they had each other. He tied his last shoelace.

"Doesn't the snow look beautiful?" asked Luck running up to Ark.
"I guess." He kept walking.
"Why not stop and take in the city-scape?" Luck gazed around smiling at the glistening white. Ark stopped. It wasn't for the views. He felt like he was being watched. He turned around and looked past Luck.
"What?" asked Luck looking behind her. There was nothing. Ark turned back around. A giant cloaked figure was in front of him. Ark jumped back surprised. The figure just stood there.
"Who are you?" asked Ark.
"Are you Luck Foral?" the figure asked Luck.
"Y-yes," Luck said hiding behind Ark. The figure's gigantic hand removed the hood. It revealed a brown furred Turga face. He smiled.
"Remember me?" He asked.
"No... should I?" asked Luck scared.
"Hmm... come with me." The man walked away putting the hood back on. Ark followed.
"What are you doing?" asked Luck holding Arks arm back.
"Getting answers."

The man stopped in front of an inn. He motioned them to follow him in. The inn's sign read: Sun Inn, The Best place in ReSturaunt.
The man walked up to the third floor and knocked on a door. The door opened. A Blonde woman with green eyes in a light green dress appeared behind it.
"Pine!" she said hugging the enormous man. She looked at Ark. "Who are you?"
"I am Ark and this is Luck." he replied motioning to Luck. The woman froze. She slowly walked towards Luck and grasped her shoulders.
"Is it true? Are you Luck Foral?" the woman asked.
"Y-yes," Luck said averting her gaze. The woman hugged her.
"Its nice to finally meet my daughter once again."
"What?!" asked Luck and Ark in unison.
"Come inside." Motioned the woman.

"I am Hope," the woman explained. "I am your mother."
"But Mr. Foral told us you never came back. What happened when you went to your house?" Ark asked.
"The raiding Turga collapsed the house upon me." She replied.
Turning to Pine Ark asked, " He also said that they killed you."
"They spare their own apparently, so they have some humanity." he grumbled.
"Mrs. Foral?" asked Ark.
"What did you go back for?"
"Well... about eleven years ago, a boy came to me and said to give my daughter this." Hope motioned to a jewelry box on the table.
"A jewelry box?" Ark asked.
"No, the necklace in the box." She opened the box and pulled out a silver necklace with a aquamarine gem in the shape of an hourglass. Ark flinched.
"What did this boy look like?" asked Luck interested.
"Oh.. let me see... he had black hair and... brown eyes." Hope replied. Ark and Luck shuddered.
"What was his name?" asked Ark.
"Oh... I can't remember..." she answered.
"Thanks anyways" said Ark.
"Try it on!" said Hope excitedly.
"Ok." Luck put it on. It shined like her eyes. Hope smiled.
"Do you wanna meet with dad?" asked Luck.
"I'd love too!"

"Hello," said Ark walking in.
"Welcome back," replied Ventro turning to look at the door. he saw Hope and the cloaked Pine and gave Ark a confused look.
"They are friends." Ark went to get Mr. Foral while Ventro introduced himself. Mr. Foral walked up behind Ark. He glanced at Hope and froze. Hope ran up and they hugged. "I missed you." Mr. Foral cried. Everyone conversed while Pine took Ark to the basement.
"Do you care about Luck?" he asked.
"Of course!" Ark answered.
"With all your might?" Pine continued.
"Yes, will all my power and mind," Ark affirmed.
"Good. Luck is important. I can feel it."
"What do you mean?" Ark inquired.
"Lets just say, she has a lot to do in the next few years."
Pine started to walk upstairs, leaving Ark to think.
Before disappearing from the stairs, Pine said, "His name was Spike."

~To Be Continued


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Chapter Nine: Attack

"Get up already!" yelled Luck into Ark's room. Ark groaned and waved her away. Luck sighed. She did't want to have to do this. She strode into Ark's room. She opened the door to teh balcony. Ark started to shiver. He jumped out of bed and slammed the door.
"Fine!" he yelled, pushing Luck out the door. He got dressed in a red shirt and a black sweater and tied his black cloak. He hid his claw-wielding hands beneath it. He walked out the door. Luck was waiting for him. She wore a white and green cleric robe. She put on a green hat as he walked out.
"Ready?" asked Ark putting on his hood.
"Yep," Luck replied walking down the stairs. The walked down, the empty house greeting them. They walked out. They walked into the snow and strode away.
"You okay?" Luck asked looking at Ark. She pulled off his hood.
"What?" He asked, looking at her.
"I can't take you seriously with that on." Luck smiled. Ark sighed.
"I'm fine. I'm just tired." Ark rubbed his right eye. "You forgot this." Ark held out Luck's necklace.
"Oh... I didn't want to wear it today."
"Here." Ark placed it on her.
"To Time Inn?" Luck asked changing the subject.

"Seeing them, Kid Motioned them back. Stepping behind the counter, they strode towards the closet. Once the door closed, they immediately hear heated disscussion. The talking stoped once the door opened, revealing a room full of cloaked and masked figures, except for Jacid in his cleric robe.
"Sit down," Spike ordered.
"What is it?" asked Ark sitting next to Luck.
"The Turga are attacking the city in ten minutes." He replied.
"What?!" exclaimed Ark.
"We're disscussing a battle plan," explained a fully blue cloaked and masked man sitting at the main table.
"Yes," continued Spike, "Azure cloud and Team A will cut their route off. Ocean Flower and Team B will attack their flank. And White Shadow will lead Team C to a main attack from the sides."
"YES SIR!" the whole crowd answered.
"Good." Spike snapped and the room was empty.

Ark opened his eyes and found himself staring at a snow covered forest. Luck was gone. He was standing next to Spike. All the theives dissapeared and dashed off, undetected.
"What are you doing here?" Asked Ark looking at Spike.
"We are going to fight once it's started. Ark heard roars. It had begun. He dashed forward and Spike followed. They where everywhere. Turga slashed at the cloaked soldiers missing or being blocked. Ark slashed one with his claws. It roared in pain and slashed back. Ark felt a hot liquid seep from his stomach.

Luck looked out the tower window and saw the whole battlefield. People swarmed everywhere. She spotted Ark dashing forward. He slashed a Turga. She smiled. Then It slashed back and her smile dissapeared. Ark was bleeding.
"Come on, we have work to do," said Jacid seriously. Luck focused on Ark. On the battlefield, Ark lay on the ground. The Turga stood over him and raised its sword over him. It fell, guts spraying. Spike laughed.
"You can't even beat one?" Ark felt angry and great at the same time. He looked down. His wound was healing. Luck concentrated and felt it working. She saw Ark stand. She smiled, concentrating again on another injured theif. He stood up and reentered the fray. Jacid was conscentrating too, glowing with magical energy.

The Turga had no chance. The highly skilled thieves tore them apart and healed when they got injured. With one left, Ark charged him, and concentrating on his foot, blew him away with a Bonebreaker Kick. Spike handed ARk a flask. Ark drank and was instantly healed.
"That's todays training," he laughed dissappearing in a cloud of pure darkness. All the theives dissapprared invarious forms and Ark blacked out.

He awoke in his bed again. Luck was next to him again, wearing her necklace and in her cleric outfit. He carried her back to her room and he stepped out onto his balcony. A shadow rose from the white snow. It was The White Shadow. He smiled. He handed Ark a disk and dissintagrated into snow once again. Ark looked at it. It read: Tea class tomorrow. Ark's right hand burned. He ripped off his glove to see a Hourglass shape in his palm. He went to the bathroom and ran it under cold water. The water was absorbed into the symbol turning it blue. He concentrated. The water poured out again, the symbol turning normal again. Luck walked in.
"Whats wrong?" she asked rubbing her eyes.
"This," Ark replied showing her his palm.
"What are they gonna do next? Your foot?" she asked, trying to lighten the mood. Ark grinned. Luck hugged him. He hugged her back. They both went to their rooms and went to bed.
In a bright empty room, Spike looked at the exactly same marking on his right hand. Spike smiled. *Snap*

~To Be Continued


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Chapter 10: Pets and Potions

Ark smiled. He relaxed in his bath as he warmed up. He sighed as he lay back in the tub.
"Hurry up Ark!" yelled Luck from outside the door. "If you don't hurry, I'm gonna come in!" Ark jumped out and grabbed a towel.
"Three!"Yelled Luck. Ark dried off his body.
"Two!" Ark dried his hair.
"One!" Ark securely wrapped the towel around his waist.
"Zero!" The door opened and Luck charged in, hand covering her eyes. She slammed into Ark.
"Ouch," she said rubbing her arms.
"Your fault for charging in here," laughed Ark, picking her up.
"Hey!" She said flailing.
"You wanted a bath right?" Ark dropped her in the tub.
"Meany!" Luck screamed splashing him. He splashed her back. She laughed. She lay, wearing her pink bathing suit, in the tub. Her brown hair spread out on the surface of the water, slowly soaking.
"You gonna leave?" She asked.
"Oh-uh...I" Ark dashed out closing the door. He got dressed. He put on a green polo-shirt and blue pants. he wore a red pair of gloves to hide his hand. He put on his blue cloak. He heard Luck singing in the bathroom. He smiled.
"I'm leaving," he yelled to her.
"Wait for me!" He heard a slam as she slipped on the wet floor and hit the ground. He rushed in and offered her his hand to help her back up.
"Thanks," she said, taking his hand. He lifted her up and she walked to her room in a towel.
"Hurry up." Ark walked down the stairs and boiled some water. In the middle of making Honeyluner tea, he heard a scream. He ran up the stairs as fast as he could.
"Help!" screamed Luck from her room. Ark threw open the door. He saw Luck on her bed shaking with fear. He looked down. It was a mouse. He laughed, grabbing his head and stomach. Luck fumed at his lack of help.
"Thats all?" Ark asked, pointing at the tiny invader.
"It's disgusting," She said crossing her arms. Ark walked up and let the mouse walk onto his hand. He petted it. Luck cowered from it. He brought it over to her. She looked up and screamed.
"Pet it," Ark commanded.
"What?!" exclaimed Luck.
"Pet it," he repeated.
"NO!" she screamed. He held it directly in front of her. She hid beneath her blanket.
"Come on, it won't hurt you," he whispered. She glanced at the mouse from beneath her blanket. She stuck out her hand, shaking. She petted it.
'It's soft!" She exclaimed throwing off her blanket.
"See?" asked Ark petting it himself. Luck petted it again.
"It's soooo cute." She smiled. "Can I hold it?"
"Sure." He placed it in her hands. It sniffed her hands and walked around on her palms.
"AWWWWWW!" she giggled as it licked her. Ark smiled.
"Why don't we keep him as our pet?" He suggested.
"Really?!" Luck asked excitedly.
"Yeah, since he likes you so much."
"YAY!" Luck hugged him, making sure not to crush their new pet.
"I'll get a box for him." Ark walked downstairs. He checked the tea. He walked back up with a box and a piece of cheese.
"His name is Gold." Luck said as Ark walked in. She had changed into a yellow shirt and dress with a golden bow in her hair.
"Why?" asked Ark placing down the box.
"Because he is so precious!" Luck hugged Gold.
"Here," said Ark handing her the cheese. She fed it to Gold and placed him in the box. Gold nibbled the cheese.
"Ok time for tea," Ark said walking out the door.
"Ok, bye gold." Luck waved to the mouse. Ark and Luck drank the tea and ate some flamflower cakes that Ventro left them. They walked out into a thin layer of snow. It was a week into winter. They crunched through the snow.

They arrived at Time Inn and Kid waved them over. They walked toward the closet.
"Where are you going?" Kid asked.
"Aren't we-" started Ark.
"In the kitchen, both of you." Kid Ordered. They stepped onto the stone floor. A man was stirring a cup of tea and wearing a chef's hat. He looked up. His iris was normal.
"Welcome!" He said drying his hands on his white apron. "I am Chef Frem." He shook both of their hands.
"I am going to teach you all I know about tea making. You are Ark I presume?"
"Yes," answered Ark.
"I'm afraid your friend will have to leave." Frem said. "I was told to send her downstairs." he said pointing to a staircase.
"Ok..." Luck walked away. Once she dissappeared Frem started.
"Okay, you know the basics, Yes?" Frem asked.
"Yes," replied Ark cracking his knuckles.
"Well then, could you make me some Invigorate Tea?" Frem asked.
"What?" Ark looked confusedly at the man.
"I thoght you knew the basics." He frowned back.
"Invigorate is a plant I've never heard of." Ark replied.
""Plant? Who names potions after plants?" asked Frem.
"Potions? I thought we were learning Tea. I can make all sorts of teas." Suggested Ark.
"They are simply the same thing. I speak their abilities, and you speak their components." replied Frem.
"Well, then try this." Ark held out a cup of Honeyluner Tea.
"Ahh, this is Invigorat indeed!" Frem sipped the cup. "More! Show me all you know." Ark made every tea he knew how, each time writing the effects down.
"Okay," continued Frem, " You do know the basics." Ark smiled.
"But that is not enough."

Luck opened the door at the bottem of the stairs. She smelled burning iron. She saw a figure with a hammer pounding away at an anvil.
"Hello?" She asked.
"Yes?" The figure looked up, revealing the face of a woman, blackened from the smoke of the furnace.
"You are Luck I presume?" The woman put down her hammer and wiped her face.
"Yes." Luck walked forward.
"I am Clare, and I will be teaching you about blacksmithing." The woman held out her hand. Luck shook it.
"Put on an apron over that, you don't want to get it dirty." Clare suggested, returning to her work. Luck tied the string and walked over.
"We are going to start making swords. Take your time to reduce mistakes." Clare explained. Luck picked up a hammer and started right away.
"Make this sword with all your heart, and it will carry that strength into battle," Clare continued. "I'll make it for Ark," thought Luck hammering away.

~To Be Continued


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Chapter Eleven: Limeday

"Gold! Don't do that!" yelled Luck as she kept Gold from running up her sleeve. She sat next to Ark on her bed. She wore a red blouse and a purple skirt with a purple bow in her hair. Ark sat next to her wearing his light blue shirt and black pants.
"He just wants to explore," Ark teased. He held out a piece of cheese.
"Hey whats the date?" Asked Luck thinking.
"Its Limeday Eve," Answered Ark petting Gold.
"What? What's Limeday?" asked Luck looking at Ark.
"Its the day we remember the Goddess giving us the Lime by giving presents to our friends and family. Ventro and Mr. Foral told me about it." Ark replied holding Gold. Luck stood up. Ark looked at her, stroking Gold.
"Lets get everyone presents!" She declared.
"I already did my shopping." replied Ark, placing Gold back in his box.
"What?! You didn't tell me either?" Luck said grabbing her purple cloak and tying it.
"I'm going shopping!" yelled Luck running down the stairs.
"You think she'll be okay Gold?" Asked Ark, looking at the small mouse. "Me neither."

Luck ran around ReSturaunt looking for gifts for everyone. She found a small mouse wind-up toy for Gold. She got a little Turga doll for Pine. She had just found a cloak with a chef's hat pprinted on it for Ventro, when she noticed an hourglass with golden dust as the sand. She didn't know why but she bought it. She ran off to complete her expedition of trinkets. She stopped back at the house to drop things off.
"How goes it?" asked Ark drinking some knuut tea and sitting back in his chair.
"Better than it would be with you!" retorted Luck glaring at him.
"Woah, don't blame me for not knowing that you didn't know."
"What?" asked Luck confused by the multiple negatives in his sentence.
"Umm... don't blame me for not telling you, because I didn't know that you didn't know."
"Whatever." Luck ran upstairs to place her stuff on her bed. Returning back down she grabbed the cup Ark had made for her.
"Don't look at my stuff!" she yelled, downing the cup.
"Okay, okay, whatever." Ark got another cup for himself. Luck ran off again. Ark smiled. Luck entered another store. She looked around. She found a nice shiny pot with "Tea Master" inscribed into it.
"It's perfect," She whispered. She walked up to the counter and handed it to the clerk. He examined it and gave it back.
"One silver," The clerk said holding out his hand.
"Here you are," replied Luck handing him one silver coin. She ran off.
"Gotta get something for mom and dad," Luck reminded herself. Luck ran into something.
"Sorry!" she said rubbing her head, laying on the ground.
"Are you okay?" asked a familier voice. It was Spike.
"Wha-wha" Started Luck, surprised to see him out of the room.
"Yes?" he asked offering his hand to help her up. Taking it, Luck looked away from him.
"Why are you out here?" she asked.
"What? I can't have a life outside of ruining Ark's?" He asked laughing. Luck frowned at his comment.
"It's a joke, you can laugh." He smiled. Luck was silent. "Okay, don't laugh."
"I got to go." Luck started to leave.
"Wait," he stopped her.
"What?" she asked turning around.
"Have a nice Limeday." He walked away. Luck turned back around. She ran off. She ran into a jewelry store. She spotted matching heart lockets.
"Perfect," She thought picking them up. She ran off into th approaching night.

"How was your item hunt?" asked Ark as Luck walked in.
"Didn't you have class today?" She fumed.
"Off for the holidays." He replied sipping yet another cup of tea. He stood up.
"Excuse me, I've been drinking tea all day." He ran up stairs and slammed the bathroom door. Luck laughed and walked upstairs. She lay out her stuff on her bed next to some colorful paper. She made boxes from the paper. She placed the gifts each in a different color. She sighed. She was tired. She dozed off after changing into her pajamas.

"Morning!" yelled Ark into Luck's room. She groaned and looked up.
"I warmed the bath for you." Ark yelled pushing open her door.
"Thanks," she replied getting up. She changed out off her pajamas and took a bath. She sighed, her hair spreading out on the surface of the water. She crossed her arms and lay back. She hoped her presents would be good enough. She thought about Spike and what he might be doing on Limeday.
"We're gonna present presents in a couple minutes," yelled Ark to her.
"Okay!" she yelled back, stepping out of the bath. She grabbed her pink towel and dried off. Tying it around her chest, she walked out. Ark happen to be walking out of his room and he glanced at her exposed legs. He blushed and ran dowstairs, carrying his boxes of goodies.
"Hu-hurry up!" He stuttered to her as he ran. Luck laughed and stepped into her room. Getting dressed, she petted Gold.
"Today is Limeday Gold!" She said excitedly. She put on all red with white trim. She hugged pulled on her blouse and skirt, making sure it was straight. She ran downstairs, hands full.
Everyone was there: Ventro, Pine, Mom and Dad, and of course Ark. She held Gold in her pocket.
"Happy Limeday!" Yelled Hope hugging Luck. Everyone was smiling.
"Okay! Lets exchange gifts," yelled Ventro. Luck got a aquamarine ring from Ventro. She gave him his cloak.
"I love it!" He said tying it. "I'll wear it everyday!"
She handed Pine his doll. "I see a resemblence!" He laughed. He handed her a box. Inside was a red stocking cap with white, fluffy trim. "It matches my clothes!" She said putting it on.
"This is from both of us," said Hope handing Luck a blue package. Inside was a beautiful light blue dress with fluffy cuffs and a matching tiara.
"I love it," said Luck hugging it. "This is for you." She handed He parents two small packages. They opened them and smiled.
"It's lovely!" They both replied.
"Umm..." said Ark from behind her.
"Yes?" she asked.
"This is for you." He handed her a small box. Inside was a hand cut sapphire gem cup.
"It's amazing!" She held it preciously. She gave him his gift.
"Hah! Our gifts can work in tandum!" he laughed feeling the inscription.
"This is the best Limeday ever!" Yelled Luck. She looked out the window thinking.

In a small bright room, a boy and a man sat talking.
"Oh, this came for you." Said Kid.
"What?" asked Spike taking the package. He opened it. Inside was an hourglass and a card. On the card it read: Good or Bad, everyone deserves a gift! ~Luck.
Spike smiled. "What a weird girl," he thought.

~To Be Continued


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Chapter Twelve: Returns

Ark put on his black cloak. "It's cold," he thought, tying the string. He wore black pants and a blue shirt. He patted his messed up hair and walked out the door. Luck was still in her room.
"Come on!' He yelled walking downstairs. Getting no reply, he stopped and walked back up. He peeked in. She was still in her bed. Her Limeday gifts were spread across her bed in a random display. He smiled. She was tired from running around all day yesterday. He carefully took off the gifts and tucked her in. She groaned in her sleep and turned over. Ark walked out and downstairs. He wrote a note before leaving. It read: Dear Luck, I have gone ahead. If you want to come, then show up. If not, they will expect it. Love, Ark
Ark was a little nervous about writing "Love", but it could do no harm. He ran off to the inn with full energy. He arrived, and Kid motioned him behind and into the kitchen. Frem waved to him as he walked in.
"Where's your friend?" He asked.
"Sleeping," replied Ark, cracking his knuckles. Frem laughed.
"Tired of Limeday partying?" Frem joked.
"Actually, she spent the day before running around buying gifts." Ark grinned. He took out his new pot.
"Fancy." Whistled Frem, glancing at the pot.
"She gave it to me," explained Ark, filling it with water.
"Well, it'll be put to good use," Frem said.
"What are you teaching today?" Asked Ark glancing at the various ingredients on the counter.
"Today, we learn to make a healing potion." Frem took out a red liquid. "Here is an example." Ark glanced at it. Immediately, he read the words floating in it and gathered the ingrediants.
"What are you-" Started Frem looking at Ark. He realized what he was doing. "Well aren't we quick. It's like you can read a recipe from the potion." Ark laughed. Thats exactly what he was doing.
Ark quickly made the potion and presented it to Frem. Frem tasted it.
"Good. But does it work?" he continued, taking out a small knife. He made a small cut on the tip of his finger.
"Wha-" started Ark, worried that his teacher was insane.
"Shh." quieted Frem, taking a drink of potion. His cut immediately healed itself, sewing itself back together. "There, good as new." Smiled Frem placing the cup down. He dumped the potion into a bottle and handed it to Ark.
"Keep that." He smiled. "It'll stop minor cuts and bleeding."
"Okay," replied Ark cleaning his workspace. "What now?"
"Well we could-" The door opened, and Luck walked in.
"Hello." Luck walked past the duo.
"Morning." replied Frem waving to her as she walked down the stairs.
"Continuing on," suggested Ark when she disappeared.
"Okay! We'll start the..." Frem's voice died as Luck closed the door.
"Welcome back!" Said Clare, looking away from her work.
"Where is my sword?" Luck asked quickly.
"Where you left it." replied Clare, pointing at Luck's workbench.
"Thanks." Luck ran over to her bench. She picked up her hammer. She hammered away at her anvil. She sweated on her white apron and green skirt. The Furnace was blazing hot and it made the air uncomfortable.
"How was your holiday," asked Clare, breaking the silence.
"I got tons of cool presents!" exclaimed Luck. "I got a ring, a hat, a dress, and a tea cup!"
"Wow that's cool!" smiled Clare, looking over. Luck looked at her teacher. She had light blond hair and white irises. She had short hair and looked to be only sixteen. She was crafting a giant sword.
"What are you making?" asked Luck looking at the giant piece of metal.
"Oh this? I'm crafting a claymore. They are very heavy, giving them a large amount of power." She replied fanatically.
"Who is it for?" asked Luck.
"Oh... umm... can you keep a secret?" asked Clare looking around, even thought the room was completely empty except for them.
"Yes." replied Luck walking over.
"It's for..." Clare whispered into Luck's ear, the name dying out at the end.
"Who?" whispered Luck.
"It's for Spike." She whispered. Luck jumped back.
"Him?!" she asked suprised. Clare twiddled her thumbs.
"Yeah... I just think hes so cool. You know, how he single-handedly leads the whole guild." Clare blushed. "Why? Who is yours for?"
Luck went silent. Clare looked at her grinning. "Who is it?" Clare pressed.
"I-um-its-" Luck stuttered. Clare grabbed her shoulders.
"Who is it? I won't tell I promise." She held Luck with a strong grip.
"It's for... my friend Ark." she replied looking away.
"Is Ark your friend, or your Friend?" asked Clare.
"I gotta go now!" yelled Luck throwing off Clare's hands. Luck ran up the stairs.
"We'll continue this later," Yelled Clare at Luck.
"What's wrong?" asked Ark catching Luck before she ran into him. He clasped her hand. She blushed.
"I'm going home." she replied breaking free.
"Well you go home and take a bath. You're covered in ashes." Ark said wiping off her face. Luck said nothing and dashed off into the snow.
"You can go too." said Frem, washing his hands. "You seem fine in you potion abilities for today."
"Thanks," repled Ark, packing up his tools. He grabbed his pot and chef's kit and walked out. It was a crisp winter day, snow shining in the trees and on the ground. He took a deep breath. It was nice out. He spotted his house coming up. He walked in the front door and heard water running.
"I'm back!" he yelled up the stairs.
"Don't come in! I'm not wearing my bathing suit!" Luck yelled back. Ark sat down and made some tea. He smiled and brought his tea upstairs to his room. He stepped out onto his balcony. He sipped his tea in the brisk air, taking in the bright scenery.
"Hello," said a calm voice from behind Ark. He turned around and came face to face with Spike.
"What do you want?" asked Ark angrily.
"Happy day after Limeday." Spike handed Ark two packages, one for him and one for Luck. He disappeared in a wall of pure darkness. Ark looked at the packages. They were normal looking. He walked inside.
"Who was that?" asked Luck walking in wearing only a towel.
"Wha-what are y-you doing?" Asked Ark looking away.
"Oh-" said Luck looking at herself. she ran into her room. She came back dressed in pink pajamas with little yellow polka dots.
"Spike gave us Limeday presents." Ark handed her her gift. Luck blushed.
"Wh-why would he do that?" she asked.
"I have no clue." Ark opened his. Inside was a small honeyluner plant. "This is amazing!" Ark exclaimed taking it out of the box.
"What's this?" asked Luck pulling out a circular silver device with a knob on the outer rim.
"Thats a pocket watch," repled Ark glancing at it. Luck pressed the knob. It opened revealing two hands with aquamarine gems on them. On the inside cover was a engraving of a hourglass.
"Weird," said Luck putting it on her dresser. She looked outside, at the falling snow. She thought about Clare. She hoped that everyone could find true happiness, whoever they are.

~To Be Continued


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Chapter Thirteen: Practice Makes Perfect

"Come on Luck, get up!" Yelled Ark into Luck's room. It wasn't that she was tired, she just didn't want to face Clare. Luck faked a groan.
"I don't feel well," she lied. Ark walking in carrying a bottle.
"Open wide."Ark swished the contents.
"What is that?" asked luck worried.
"Potion. It'll help that cold... or whatever's making you feel under the weather." Ark explained.
"I-I don't need it. I just won't go." Luck stuttered out. She jumped under her covers.
"Don't make me use drastic measurses," Ark warned.
"Don't!" yelled Luck waving him away.
"I'm coming!" Ark ran up and ripped off the covers. He tickled Luck. She burst into laughter. He dripped the potion into her open mouth. She coughed, then felt even better than she had before.
"Now get dressed," Ark smiled, walking away. He closed the door behind him. Luck sighed deeply. She really didn't want to go. Why Ark have to 'Help' her? She put on a blue dress and a pink skirt and a blue cloak. She walked downstairs. Ark handed her a cup of tea.
"Feeling better?" asked Ark, concerned.
"Yes, much better." Luck smiled, cringing on the inside.
"Then lets go." Ark put down his cup. They walked out into the cold. The wind blew past Luck's bare legs. She hugged Ark for warmth.
"You should really wear more." smiled Ark handing her his red coat. He wore a green sweater and black pants. He tried not to shiver and put his hands in his pockets. Luck felt guilty of taking his coat. She said nothing, hugging the soft interior.
"How is your class going?" asked Ark trying to break the silence. He smiled at her. She smiled back genuinely happy he was being so nice.
"Its going fine," She replied, thinking about Clare.
"How is your teacher?" continued Ark blowing warm air onto his hands.
"She is nice. Not much older than us though." replied Luck shivering as a gust of wind blew past her legs.
"Well here we are," said Ark looking up at the sign. They walked in and stomped the snow off of their shoes. Luck gave him his coat back.
"Welcome back," greeted Kid, in a unusually happy tone.
"Something good happen?" asked Ark, interested.
"Just the best thing that could. My daughter made it into the guild!" replied a smiling Kid, green eyes glistening.
"Congratulations!" said Ark walking into the kitchen. "How nice," said Ark to Luck, smiling.
"Yeah, I didn't know he had a daughter," replied Luck, thinking.
"Well bye." Ark turned to Frem and started to talk. Luck zoned out as she walked down the steps to the forge. She did't want to face Clare. She opened the door. Clare was directly behind it. Clare hugged Luck excitedly.
"I made it in!" she yelled.
"Into what?" asked Luck surprised.
"Time guild! That means I can see Spike alot!" Clare screamed. The wires connected in Luck's head.
"Kid is your father?" Asked Luck shocked. They had no resemblence whatsoever.
"Yeah didn't you know? We share the same last name," replied Clare nonchalantly.
"I don't know either of your last names." explained Luck.
"Oh its-" started Clare. She froze. She fell to the floor. Luck ran over to her. She wasn't hurt. She had simply fainted. From what though?
"Hello," said a familiar voice. Luck turned around to see Spike.
"Did I scare her?" he asked with a slight tone of worry.
"No, its just so hot down here," Lied Luck, covering for Clare.
"Oh... well then..." He frowned. He thought for a second, then he remembered.
"Ahh yes. I need to tell you that both of your classes with return to fighting skills in one week. So that means learn alot now. Spike stepped back into his wall of darkness and disappeared. Clare got up.
"Sorry about that. Its just... he's..." She fainted again. Luck sighed and started to work. She hammered her blade into a general shape. She would start the hard part now. She heated the metal to white hot levels. She crafted the blade and dunked it in water to make it stronger.
Clare got up. She ran over to her claymore and started to work too. They hammered for a long time, concentraing on their work.
"How is your claymore coming?" asked Luck looking over.
"Oh... I don't think it's good enough..." replied Clare shyly.
"Don't be foolish. It's not done yet." consoled Luck, glancing at her own work.
"Lets both work hard on these!" said Luck, smiling.

"Okay... I'm pretty sure thats wrong." said Frem, looking at the concoction that Ark had somehow managed to make from plants.
"I'm just out of it today," replied Ark, sighing. He was thinking about Luck alot. He couldn't concentrate when her smiled flashed in his mind. He sighed again. He didn't know why he was having problems.
"Okay... lets try again." suggested Frem, dumping the liquid.
"Okay," replied Ark rubbing his forehead.
"Ark... is there something on your mind?" asked Frem looking at him.
"Um-I-Not really," spurted out Ark nervously. Frem smiled.
"Oh, Those problems." He winked at Ark.
"No you got it all wrong!" Yelled Ark.
"Oh, it must be your lady-friend then. She is the best candidate." Frem continued, disregarding Ark's outburst.
"I'm leaving!" Ark ran over to the stairs and yelled down. "Luck! I'm going now!"
"Have a good time." Frem turned away and made some more potions.
"Coming!" yelled Luck runnning upstairs. Luck and Ark walked home. They talked about their classes and what they learned. Accidentaly, Luck mentioned that Clare liked someone. They went silent.
"Who is it?" asked Ark, trying to speak normally.
"It's someone you know." Luck looked away.
"Hmm..." Ark thought aloud, massaging his chin in a fake thinking gesture. Luck ran inside and turned on the bath water.
"Hey Luck-" Ark walked in holding his pot. Luck was in the middle of undressing. Ark ran out blushing.
"Knock next time!" Yelled Luck angrily. Ark's heart was beating like crazy. He sat down and poured himself a glass of water. I'm going to bed, he thought tiredly. He lay down and promptly fell asleep.
"Hey Ark, normal classes begin in a week," said Luck walking in, wearing a towel. She realized he was asleep. She walked over. He was so cute when he sleep. She petted his hair. She walked to her bath and lay in it for a while. She finished and went to sleep. Before closing her eyes, she glanced at her Sapphire cup, that Ark had given to her. She smiled. What a nice friend.

~To Be Continued


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Chapter Fourteen: Gold's Adventure

"Come on Luck, get up!" yelled the boy. He was yelling at the girl. The girl made a loud noise. Gold became worried. It was a sound of pain. The boy came in and strugled to drip something into the girl's mouth. Gold wish he could get out of his box. He clawed at the side. He heard the door slam and jumped. He was so frightened, that he jumped out of the box.
"Freedom!" Gold squeaked. He walked across the expanse of floor to the door.
He squeezed under it. He glanced around. He was hungry. He jumped down each step. He reached the giant food room. He found some crumbs next to the giant wooden plateau. He nibbled them and continued his search. Suddenly the front door openned. Gold hid, in fear that the boy and girl would trap him in the box again.
A giant boot crashed down. A giant cloaked figure gazed around. It walked upstairs. Gold followed, scurrying up each giant step. The figure went into the girl's room. Gold looked across the room at his box. The Giant had no interest in his box. Gold ran up the figures leg. He crawled onto the figures shoulder. The figure stepped out of the room. Gold held on for his life. The figure entered the boy's room and again looked around. The figure walked over to the boy's weapons. He picked them up with giant gloved hands. Gold quickly jumped onto the boy's bed. Gold looked at the figures face. It had long blue hair and light
blue eyes. Gold shivered.This person seemed to freeze air itself. The person walked to the doorway and froze.
Literally. The person was incased in ice. The Ice sublimated into air and the person with it. Gold jumped off the boy's bed. Gold nibbled on a dropped plant on the floor. It tasted delicious. It must have been one of those 'spice' things that the boy used. Gold scrounged around for more food. He squeezed into a vent and walked on the cold, metal plain. He walked until he spotted a hole.
He squeezed through. He was in a small box with a piece of glass as a skylight. It had a small table made of a playing card. It had a small bed of cloth to sleep on. It also had a small charred piece of metal that Gold assumed to be a furnace. It had a tiny pile of wood next to it.
"Hello." A voice squeaked behind him. He turned around. Behind him was a mouse holding a piece of bread crumb.
"Hello," Gold squeaked back.
"I'm Oliver," squeaked the mouse placing down his bread crumb. He was a small white mouse. His fur was grey from dirt and alot longer than Gold's shiny light brown fur.
"What brings you here?" asked Oliver.
"I live in this box, and I wanted to break free." Gold replied.
"Really? I live in this crevice and made it my home. Got all the comforts of one of those giants' houses." He said nibbling his bread crumb.
"Why would a mouse need these things?" asked Gold motioning at the miniture human home.
"I don't know why... I just have the need for them." Oliver thought, scratching his cheek.
"Weird... but I feel the same for some reason..." Gold had a weird feeling about Oliver. He felt that they had met before.
"Well no need to explain then!" Oliver walked over and lit a fire in his 'furnace.'
"Have you seen this giant building?" asked Gold looking at Oliver sit in what resembled a chair.
"Yeah... I think..." Oliver rubbed his head. " I feel like I have in the past... but when it was smaller..."
"Hmm..." thought Gold.
"Well nice meeting you," Squeaked Oliver.
"Yeah, you too." Gold replied, squeezing through the hole again.
"Come back anytime!" yelled Oliver. Gold walked through the vent. He had forgot to tell Oliver his name. What was it again?
"Oh yes, It's Gold" He thought. Or was it? His head hurt. He felt that he had another name, other than what the giants called him. He heard the door downstairs open.
"Time to get back," he thought, dashing into the girl's room. He jumped back into the Box. The girl walked upstairs. She walked into the 'wet room'. The Boy walked in also. He ran out. The girl yelled. The boy went into his room. The girl walked into her room and petted Gold. A giant drop of water fell from her hair. Gold was drenched by it. The girl placed a piece of cheese in his box. He ate it hungrily. The girl walked into the boy's room. Gold lay down. The girl did too. Gold had had an interesting day. He wondered who had entered the rooms. He also wondered why his head hurt so much. He fell asleep. Gold had a dream that he was a giant and he walked around, like the other giants. It felt weird though, because he felt it wasn't a dream but a memory.

~To Be Continued


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Chapter Fifteen: Focus

Gold squeaked as Luck gave him a piece of cheese. She wore a light blue shirt and a matching skirt. She knelt on the floor next to Gold's box. Luck sighed. It was just another day. Ark walked in. He wore a brown shirt and black pants. He wore a golden yellow cloak.
"Ready to go?" He asked petting Gold.
"I guess." Luck stood up and put on her socks and shoes. Ark placed Gold in his box and yawned.
"I'm tired," He announced to Luck. She giggled.
"I couldn't tell," she said sarcastically.
"Well aren't you just perky." Ark lifted her up and carried her down the stairs, Luck struggling to get out. He ploped her into a chair and ran out the door.
"Hey you jerk!" Luck ran after him, putting on her cloak as she dashed out the door. Ark was already far up the road. Luck stopped to catch her breath. She walked and glanced around. The city was quiet. A couple people were getting up but they were relatively quiet.
"I never though how late people got up around here," Luck whispered to herself. She finaly made it to the inn. She walked in and walked to the basement, passing Ark and Frem hard at work. She shut the door behind her.
"How are things?" Asked Frem glancing at Ark.
"None of your business," replied Ark sternly.
"Okay, okay, no need to yell." Frem smiled and grabbed a pot of boiling water. He poured it carefully into his glass. Ark bumped into him. Frem turned around to try and grab something to stop his fall. He accidentally splashed Ark while grasping for something. He hit the ground. He scrambled up.
"Are you okay?!" Frem grabbed Ark's hand looking for burn marks.
"What? I'm fine," Ark replied.
"I swear I just poured a kettle of boiling water on your hand," Frem said confused. Ark walked over to the sink. He concentrated on his hand. The boiling water poured from his hourglass mark and down the drain.
"It must have missed me," suggested Ark.
"Maybe." Frem returned to work.
Ark concentrated on his work. He was working on a antidot potion for many ailments. He added another plant. The mix turned light blue. He was making progress. He added more water. The drink turned dark blue. He added another pre-made potion. The new solution turned green. It was finished. Ark wiped his brow. The potion was finally done.

LUck hammered with all her strength. She had to make it as strong as possible. CLare was finishing up.
"Done!" Clare yelled. She held up a finished, giant black sword. "Look! It has an hourglass symbol on it!" She pointed to an imprinted hourglass.
"That's so cool!" Luck said, genuinely impressed. She looked at her own. It was nothing compared to Clare's. CLare walked over to the whetstone. She wet it and started to sharpen the claymore. Luck continued to heat and cool her blade. Clare moved on to polishing her creation to make it shine.
"What metal is that anyway?" asked Luck glancing at Clare.
"It's Tectite. Its very strong and durable." CLare continued to polish. Luck glanced back at her weapon. She started pounding again.

Ark carefully poured the Antidote into a vial.
"Good job! You can go now." Frem started cleaning up.
"Thanks," Replied Ark walking to the basement door. "Luck!"
"Coming!" Luck ran up the stairs. They walked out into the night.
"Wow it's dark out," said Luck holding onto Ark's arm.
"Not too bad." Ark walked casually.
"What did you make today?" Asked Luck interested.
"Oh, some antidote for a variety of ailments." Ark pulled out the vial.
"Ooh, it's pretty" Luck said looking at the clear green liquid.
"We're home!" Ark shouted.
"Late enough?" Asked Ventro, eating some dinner.
"Well, today was a long day." Ark walked upstairs with Luck.
"Luck took a bath and Ark lay on his bed looking at the ceiling.
"Good night!" yelled Luck walking into her room.
"Night!" replied Ark getting up. He walked out onto his balcony. He looked at the glistening city. Snow started to fall. It was like looking at a sky full of stars, each one floating down towards you. Ark caught a flake and held it. It was so intricate. He walked back to bed, snow melting in his hair. He fell asleep, frost forming on his window.

~To Be Continued

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