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Time for Noob!

A story of a beginner
Chapter One: Departing

"Everyone wants to become great," whispered Ark to himself as he packed his belongings.
"But no one does," replied a voice from the door way.
"Hey Ventro, you done cooking?" Asked Ark as he smiled.
Ventro sighed. Ark and Ventro's parents had been killed in a raid by the Turga ten years ago, leaving the sixteen year old Ventro to take care of a six year old Ark. Now at the age of twenty-six, Ventro was a skilled cook and Ark was a tea maker.
"Its almost done," answered Ventro as he picked up Ark's old toy wooden sword. "Don't forget this," Ventro laughed jokingly, "we may need a wooden sword in our travels!"
"Ventro, where are we going exactly?" Asked Ark curiously.
"To the cooking city of ReSturaunt," Ventro replied simply, "there we can gather the most renowned foods and cooking materials."
Ventro left the room. Ark sighed. He had never left their village before, at least not to travel. He wondered about the City of ReSturaunt. He also wonder about all the foods he would learn about. His mouth started to water thinking of the sweet teas and the spicy meats he might eat.
"Hurry up Ark! Its time to go!" yelled Ventro from outside.
"Coming!" yelled Ark back as he grabbed his backpack and chef's kit.
"Take care of the house, I may come back to see it someday," said Ventro to the new house owner, one of Ventro's old colleagues from his cooking school.
"Be careful, Turga roam freely out there," Warned the friend, as Ark ran outside.
"We will" said Ventro with a smile on his face as he shook his friends hand.
"Lets go," yelled Ark as he ran over to their wagon pulled by their Sunbird, Westly.

"How much longer?" grumbled Ark as he sat back to back with Ventro who was driving the wagon.
"We've only started," laughed Ventro as he pulled on the reins. "We'll be traveling for a total of five days," said Ventro,"Unless you don't want to sleep or eat."
"Ok, ok," replied Ark as he felt the sarcasm in his brothers voice.
"We'll stop here and stretch," said Ventro to calm Ark down.
"YAY!" yelled Ark as he jumped out of the wagon. Immediately, Ark stretched his cramped muscles, and proceeded to run of into the trees. Ventro tied Westly up and stretched, looking around the area. Suddenly he heard a rustle in the trees. Ventro put his hand on the hilt of his iron blade at his side. Ark jumped out running with his arms full. Ventro relaxed.
"Ventro!" Ark yelled, "There's a whole bush of wild knuuts!"
"Knuuts you say?" asked Ventro smirking, "I think I smell tea coming."
"This place is full of rare flowers and fruits!" continued Ark, holding out his arms loaded with various flowers freshly picked. Ventro picked up one and smelled it. It was a Honeyluner. He gave it back to Ark.
"Well lets continue," said Ventro, "you can make some knuut tea as we travel."
"Ok," replied Ark placing the flowers in his spice kit and climbing into the wagon. Ventro untied Westly and grabbed the reins.

"This is the best Tea I've ever had!" exclaimed Ventro as he sipped the cup Ark had given him. Ark blushed.
"Its probably because the knuuts were so fresh," he suggested shyly.
"No, you've grown in skill Ark," praised Ventro as he ate a slice of Seahorn meat that he had prepared specifically for the trip. "You are as good a Tea Master as I am a Master Chef!" Ventro thought for a moment. "Ark"
"Do you like tea making?"
"Of course! Its my life!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, why do you ask?"
"Well, its just, I feel like I forced you to become a Tea maker."
"At first you did, but I now see that its a very fun trade!"
Ventro sighed with relief and sipped his tea. He never wanted to be a chef himself, but he knew that he had to learn to cook with very little, because of his financial situation. But he had done it. He raised his brother to become a great Tea Master.
"Did you want to be a chef?"
"Actually, I was just thinking of that, and no."
"Oh... what did you wanna be?
"I, I wanted to be a knight"
"A Knight!" exclaimed Ark, surprised by his brother's answer.
"Yep, I always wanted to protect people, but to protect you, I had to become a chef."
"Oh... sorry."
"No, no you got it all wrong," explained Ventro,"You are more important than a silly dream."
"... Ventro?"
"How were mom and dad, before they... they..."
"They loved us very much and always were caring" cut in Ventro. "Dad was a blacksmith and Mom was a Tea Master, just like you are now."
"Thanks Ventro."
"For what?"
"For taking care of me."
"Hey, we're brothers, and we have to stick together"
"Why don't you rest, and I'll wake you when we set up camp."

Ark awoke in his bed roll next to Ventro. He rubbed his eyes and looked outside. It was morning. Ventro had set up camp without waking him. Ark smiled. He had the best brother in the world. Ark got up and found his chef's kit. He would repay Ventro with the best tea he could make.
When Ventro got up, his nostrils were filled with a strong sweet smell. Putting on his travel clothes and sword, he stepped out of the tent.
"Morning!" said Ark pouring tea into cups. "This is for setting up camp," Smiled Ark handing Ventro a cup. Ventro took a sip. Immediately he felt awake and warm, ready for travel.
"What is this?" he asked bewildered.
"Honeyluner tea with knuut extract" replied Ark jovially.
"Well, it is amazing, I feel alert."
"Thanks, it'll help us keep awake during our travels today."
And so the Brothers left to continued their adventure to ReSturaunt.

~To Be Continued


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Chapter Two: The Road

"Hey Ventro"
"I think I see a real road!"
"What do you mean, we're on a 'real road'"
"No I mean like, a stone road."
"Oh, I see it now," said Ventro squinting his eyes, "Maybe theres a town around here." After two days of traveling, Ventro was tired of only seeing trees and plants. Maybe this was good.
"Oh, can we stop to see it?" asked Ark excitedly.
"Maybe..." answered Ventro looking off into the distance.
"What is it?"
"Its just, I didn't know there were towns between ours and ReSturaunt."
"What!?!" exclaimed Ark looking at Ventro, "Don't you have a map?"
"Oh, I do, but it mainly shows larger towns and roads," replied Ventro calmly.
"Hmm... I think-wait... I see it!" Their wagon passed a sign that read:
Darfor Town, Population-100, Welcome Travelers!
"Yay!" yelled Ark as he leaped out of the back of the wagon and ran beside it. Ventro smiled at his brother's energy. Ark smiled back at his brother and thought, "I wonder what food they have here." They entered the town and a few people glanced at them, but were used to travelers and didn't care much. Ventro tied up Westly at a post in front of a store and walked inside, Ark looking at everything as he walked behind him.
"What can I do for ye?" asked a man with blue eyes and brown hair, and a beard grown to the chin.
"What do you got that we need," Ventro said in a joking voice.
"Better question, what do ye need that I don't got?" replied the man raising and eyebrow.
"I'm Ventro, and this is my brother Ark," said Ventro motioning at Ark who was looking around," I am a chef and he is a tea maker, and we were wondering what spices you might have." Hearing spices, Ark immediately looked at the the store owner hopefully.
"Well i ain't that kind of store owner, ye see." replied the man, "I sell weapons and armor. Ye see, This is a smithing town, and we are real proud o that."
"Are you sure that there are no tea makers here?" cut in Ark.
"Sorry son, not one that I've ever know." said the man sad that he couldn't help
"Oh, but since we're here and we've taken your time, might as well buy something," said Ventro glancing at Ark.
"But what-" started Ark.
"Do you have any lighter weapons?" asked Ventro
"Why yes," answered the man grabbing a sword off the wall and placing it on the counter. "Made of durable steel that is light as a feather!"
"Steel? Thought that was heavier," inquired Ventro as he ran his hand across the blade.
"Nope, not this kind at least. Only thing lighter would be a bow," said the man as he bent down and picked up a shield. "Now this is a work of art," he said placing it on the counter and tapping on it with his knuckle. "This is made so that the wearer feels no vibrations from a blow or attack."
"Ventro, what are you doing," whispered Ark to Ventro as the man rambled on.
"Getting you some gear," whispered Ventro back. "How much?" Ventro asked the man.
"For both, twenty gold and fifty silver," said the man simply.
"I'll take it, but can we have a test run?"
"Done. Luck will help you with that. Shes my daughter. Luck!"
"Yes?" yelled a voice from the back of the store.
"Customers!" yelled back the store owner. "This way," said the man as he motioned them through a door and into a yard with a dummy wearing armor.
"Hello," said the most beautiful girl Ark had seen. She had blues eyes and long curly brown hair. She smiled at him. "My name is Luck, whats yours?" she asked politely.
"I-I'm Ark" he answered shyly.
"Well lets start, you ever wield a sword and shield before?"
"Are you right or left-handed?"
"Here" Luck grabbed Arks right hand and positioned it around the blade. Ark blushed. "Now hold this," she said as she handed him the shield. Ark shook. Why should he be nervous? His heart was pounding and he didn't know why.
"Did you hear me? Is it heavy?"
Ark flashed back and replied,"No its fine"
"Good. Hey, are you a traveler?"
"Where are you going?"
"To ReSturaunt, to become a Tea Master," replied Ark proudly.
"Wow! Thats so cool!" exclaimed Luck. "My dad only wants me to be a blacksmith, but... I want to be a cleric!"
"You want to fight?" inquired Ark.
"No, I just wanna have fun helping people," answered Luck with a sigh.
"Well thanks."
"For what?" asked Luck.
"For-For helping me with my stuff"
Luck laughed. "I didn't do much at all!"
"You two done in there?" yelled the store owner.
"Yes papa" yelled back Luck. "Hey, whats your name again?"
"Its Ark"
"Oh yeah" she said remembering,"Ark, can I come with you to Re-Stu-whatcha-call-it?"
"I-I don't know, what about your dad?"
"Well, he wants me to run his business... but I'd rather go adventuring!"
"I'll ask Ventro, my brother."
"Thanks," Luck yelled. Luck kissed him on the cheek and ran off. Ark blushed as he walked out of the backroom.

"Hmm" thought Ventro when Ark asked about Luck. "What about her father?"
"She didn't say," Ark replied.
"Ok, only if her father says yes."
"She'll be so happy," Ark smiled. Ark ran from their wagon with his new blade at his waist and his shield on his back to the shop.
"What can I- oh hello son," said the man turning around from his work.
"Where's Luck?" asked Ark politely.
"In the back," replied the man returning to his work. Ark dashed inside.
"Luck?" he said looking around.
"Over here," said a small voice in the corner. Luck was crying.
"Whats wrong?" asked Ark worried.
"Dad said I couldn't go. That I'm too young. I'm fifteen!" She wimpered.
"Hey don't cry," Ark said kneeling in front of her. Immediately she hugged him. Surprised, Ark did nothing as she cried into his shoulder. He felt sad for her, stuck in one place without a chance for her dream to blossom. Ark hugged her back.

"That's too bad," said Ventro when Ark came back and explained. They left in their wagon at dusk. Ark sobbed as he felt himself lose his first friend while traveling. Traveling in silence was excruciating for Ventro, but he kept it for Ark's sake. After a while of traveling he heard a roar from behind him. He quickly turned around and looked behind him at the far of city. It was ablaze.
"Ark!" he said with urgency. Ark looked up. Seeing the flames he dashed out towards the town. Ventro hid Westly in the trees and tied him up. He ran after Ark. He found Ark at the edge of the town holding his sword and shield kneeling and crying. In front of him on the ground was the stores sign, half burnt. It read: Foral Goods. Justice and Luck For all!
"Why?" whimpered Ark as he cried onto the sign.
"I don't know Ark, I don't know."
"HELP!" rang out through the sound of the flames. Ark looked up. He ran into the store.
"Ark NO!" yelled Ventro as he tried to stop him.

In the flaming building Ark looked around. He only saw flames and tools. Then he spotted her in a corner, next to her slumped over father. He ran over. She motioned to him to help her father. Ark lifted Mr. Foral onto his back. Luck helped to the best of her abilities. Ark collapsed. Mr. Foral was to heavy. Suddenly Mr. Foral rose into the air. It was Ventro. He motioned them to follow. They got out just as the ceiling collapsed.
"Thank you," whispered Luck as she fainted. Ark caught her as she fell and hugged her close. He coughed out smoke.
"That was brave of you," said Ventro to Ark as he lay down Mr. Foral.
"I-" Ark blacked out.

"Wake up silly!" Ark awoke in the wagon with Luck Foral an inch away from his face.
"AHH!" he yelled, startled by her closeness. Mr. Foral laughed in the Wagon behind them. The morning after the fire, Mr. Justice Foral packed what he had left and said good bye to the soot covered town members. He decided to join Ark and Ventro on their adventure, rather than build a new store.
"Those darn Turga raided the town and burnt it down!" said Mr. Foral.
"Papa, don't be so grumpy. At least we're all safe." said Luck happily sitting with Ark and Ventro.
"I'm just glad you and Graf are safe," said Mr. Foral patting his Sunbird.
"Only two more days till ReSturaunt," said Ventro looking at his map.
"Well lets get to it!" smiled Ark to Luck as he sat up.
"Yep!" replied Luck with a grin.
And so, the two blacksmithes, the chef, and the tea maker all left the town of Darfor on an adventure.

~To Be Continued


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Great history Very Happy


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Chapter Three: Camping

"We've been traveling for a day and I'm tired," whined Ark to Ventro.
"Shh! Luck is sleeping," whispered back Ventro. It was pitch black except for the light from their lamps. Luck was smiling as she slept, and Ark smiled at her. "Shes cute when she sleeps," he thought to himself.
"Think we should sleep or travel through the night?" asked Mr. Foral from the second wagon.
"Well... i guess we should stop," thought Ventro. They found a clearing and stopped. They set up the large tent and rolled out their bed rolls. Ark carried the sleeping Luck into hers. He tucked her in, then proceeded to jump into his own next to her. Mr. Foral lay down next to Luck and Ventro lay next to Ark exhausted. Ark was thinking how beautiful Luck was when he heard a sound. he grabbed his sword and shook Ventro.
"W-what?" asked Ventro rubbing his eyes.
"I heard something," whispered Ark. Immediately awake, Ventro got up. Grabbing his sword, he looked outside. He slowly walked out into the darkness.
"Hello?" asked Ventro in a strong voice.
"Hello," replied a deep voice, coming from nowhere.
"Who are you?"
"I could ask the same"
"Well I am a simple chef by the name of Ventro"
"Well chef Ventro, I am a not so simple thief by the name of Spike."
"Have you come to rob us?"
"Hardly, I have come to meet your brother."
"I'll let you meet him if you can name him."
"Haha, good move, but i know of Ark the tea maker."
"Well I'll give you that," sighed Ventro. He motioned to Ark. Ark stepped out.
"Hello?" asked Ark shyly.
"Hello Ark, I have come to tell you something."
"Well, what is it?"
"You will become a Thief when you get to ReSturaunt, Under the best of the best."
"Why would I do that?"
"We have seen your prowess, and don't worry, we won't hurt any of you, especially not you-know-who." Ark glanced back at the tent that held Luck.
"Ok, but only if you will teach Luck to become a Cleric."
"Its a deal. When you get to ReSturaunt, find Kid of the Time Inn. Tell him your looking for a tea making job. He'll understand. As for Luck, bring her with."
"Is that all?" asked Ark afraid of what was ahead. No one answered.
"What did he want?" asked Ventro when Ark returned to the tent.
"Too much,"

"Wake up sleepy head!" Ark jolted out of bed. His head hurt. Luck hugged him.
"How are you?"
"I-I'm fine," Ark replied shyly.
"Lets go Ark," Ventro yelled.
"Ventro?" asked Ark.
"About last night?"
"What are you talking about?" inquired Ventro.
"The man we met, Spike-"
"Never heard the name. We all slept soundly last night." replied Ventro packing the tent.
"What? But he spoke to you."
"You must have dreamed it."
"Must have..." whispered Ark to himself.
"Come on get packed!" yelled Ventro.
"Going!" yelled Ark as he scrambled to get ready.

Who was he? Ark was trying to decipher what he learned last night. Was it real? He didn't know. He glanced at Luck who was looking at the passing trees and plants. She caught his gaze and smiled. He smiled back.
"Hey Ark?"
"What do you plan to do once we get to ReStu-whatcha-call-it, what do you want to do?"
"I want to look around for spices and foods. What about you?"
"I don't know.. I guess I'll just follow you." Luck answered. Luck went back to looking outside and Ark went back to thinking. Spike had said to go to Time Inn. Did it really exist? He had to find out. He would look for the person Kid with Luck. He had to know what he was getting into.
"Ark," said Ventro.
"Do you know why i chose ReSturaunt?"
"No, you never told me, except to learn about food."
"Yeah, the real reason is that... its where Mom and Dad met."
"Yes, they always talked about it." continued Ventro, "Mom was learning about Tea and Dad was learning about smithing when they met."
"Why did they move?"
"Well, a sort of war broke out because a Tyrant had started taking all the Lime in the land and killed many for it."
"Wait, whats lime?" asked Ark confused.
"It was a fruit distilled from the Goddess of the land's glory."
"Sounds like it'd make a great tea"
"Well, this tyrant's war made our parents uneasy, and so they moved."
"About the war. Do you know about it?"
"No, I don't. They never said."
"Well-" started Ark.
"I know about it," cut in Mr. Foral.
"You do?" asked Ventro.
"Yes. Believe it or not, Turga and Human once lived in peace. I actually knew a Turga who came to my shop." Answered Mr. Foral. "He was a nice lad, name of Pine. He was about fifteen and he stopped in every now and then to hear about how our baby was coming. Luck was only about four then. He loved to play with her, but she doesn't remember him. Well during that outbreak of Tyranny, Luck lost her mother in a raid by some angry Turga. Pine tried to stop them but... they killed him. I told my wife to run but she had to grab stuff from the house and she gave Luck to me. She never came back. Thats how Luck lost her mother. I only stayed in the town because I didn't want Luck to grow up a traveler, never having friends or neighbors. But Ark, you've changed that." Mr. Foral smiled and cried at the same time.
"Mr. Foral?" asked Ark.
"Can I ask your wife's name?"
"It was Hope."

~To Be Continued


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You are person really inspired to write that history that is not finish.
Keep it going. Very Happy


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Chapter Four: TIME

"I see it," Yelled Luck as she looked ahead into the distance.
"Just about time, don't you think?" said Ventro tired from a long journey.
"Its so wonderful!" said Luck to Ark as they looked together.
"I think so too," Ark replied. Ark now had to find Time Inn and see what Spike had wanted from him.
"Ark," said Luck as she hugged him, "Thank you."
"It was always my dream to come here," sighed Ventro.
"Lets find a place to stay," said Mr. Foral. They passed a sign that read: ReSturaunt City, The city of fun and food, Welcome!
"WOW!" cried Luck, "A Gate!" The wagons passed through and archway and into the city. There were shops and Inns on either side, and a controlled traffic in the streets of people walking and wagons being pulled by all sorts of animals. Then Ark saw it. A giant sign on a building that read: Time Inn (Its Better Than A Time Out!)
"How about that place?" Ark suggested pointing to the Time Inn.
"Ok, lets unpack," said Ventro pulling Westly up to a post. Ark helped Luck out and grabbed his belongings. All four of them entered the Inn together. After signing in, Ventro and Mr. Foral went to shop and look around, leaving Ark and Luck.
"Come with me," Ark said seriously to Luck.
"Ok," she replied smiling. They walked downstairs and Ark went to the front desk.
"I'm looking for a Mister Kid" Ark said to the woman behind the counter.
"Ok, just a sec," she replied.
"Do you know someone here?" asked Luck.
"You could say that," Ark replied.
"Hello, I am Kid," said a man's voice. Ark turned to face him and immediately felt a great prescence pushing on him. The man was a large built man with jet-black hair and cold green eyes.
"I'm looking for a tea making job," Ark told the man, just as Spike had told him.
"Come back here." replied Kid. Ark stepped behind the counter, and Luck followed him. They followed Kid to a small closet.
"Get in," Kid commanded. They stepped in and he slammed the door behind him.
"What is this about?" asked Luck, scared and clinging tightly to Ark's arm.
"I don't know," Ark replied simply.
"Welcome Ark and Luck," said a voice. Its him thought Ark. Spike. The door opened and Ark and Luck hid their eyes from the sudden brightness.
"Hello," said Spike. His hair was black, and his eyes were brown. He looked to be only sixteen. They were in an empty room except for him. He smiled.
"You are much prettier than I had thought," Spike said to Luck. Luck hid behind Ark who was standing still.
"Don't be so tense Ark the Tea Maker," Spike laughed. He snapped his finger and a table and chairs appeared before them. Spike sat down. Ark and Luck did the same.
"I know that you are wondering, why you are here? It is because you have great skill, and I want to increase it. I am founder of this Guild. The Guild of Time. I will have you trained in the Arts of the Thief and, as the agreement states, Luck shall be trained in the Arts of the Cleric."
Luck glanced at Ark.
"Why?" asked Ark.
"Why what?" replied Spike.
"Why ME?"
"Like I said, you have great skill."
"But how did you find me?"
"I find what I want, when i want it."
"What do you want from me?" Ark sighed looking at his feet.
"You're loyalty and your skill."
"Ark," Luck said weakly. Ark looked up. The room was full of people wearing masks and dark clothing.
"Where..." started Ark.
"We are thieves Ark, we know how to hide," replied Spike simply. "Now you shall return to the known world and we will contact you through Kid. But for now, enjoy the city." Spike snapped his fingers.

Ark jolted out of bed. He looked at his room. He was in his bed in his and Ventro's room. Ventro was still asleep. He glanced into the Foral's room. They were both sleeping. he stared at Luck for a while, smiling at her beauty, and then took a bath. When he had gotten dressed, Ventro woke up.
"Morning," said Ark.
"Morning," replied Ventro sleepily. "Where are you going?"
"To take a walk," replied Ark. Ark breathed in the fresh cold air.
"I'll come too," said Luck running up beside him. She looked at him.
"Did we meet someone yesterday?" she asked.
"Yes, his name was Spike." Ark replied.
"Who is he?"
"A thief apparently."
"I'm scared," said Luck hugging Arks back. Ark smiled. At least he had a friend with him.
"Lets go back to the inn" Ark suggested.
"Why not talk," said Spike from behind them. Ark turned around. Spike smiled at them.
"Aww, isn't that cute," said Spike mockingly.
"Go away," Ark replied angered by his comment.
"Ok, ok," said Spike stepping back, "but don't forget, you work for me now." Spike tossed a silver disk at Ark and disappeared instantly, enveloped in pure darkness. Ark caught the disk and looked at it. Immediately, his right eye burned and he cried out with pain.
"Ark!" yelled Luck holding him close as he yelled. When Ark opened his eye he could see every little detail and remembered it all.
"Whats wrong?" asked Luck worried.
"My eye," he replied clenching his teeth.
"Its... your iris..." said Luck shyly.
"What is it?" Ark asked.
"Your iris looks like a hourglass."

~To Be Continued


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Chapter Five: Home

"How is your eye Ark?" Luck asked worriedly.
"Much better," he lied.
"Whats on the disk he gave you?"
"It just says 'Time For Time'," he read.
"Lets get back, or they'll worry about us," Luck said. They walked side by side. Luck grabbed his hand and squeezed it. He was scared. What did Spike do to him? Why was everything so clear and detailed? He'd find out later. Now it was his time to explore the city with Luck. They entered their rooms and separated.
"How was your walk?" asked Ventro putting on his clothes.
"Fine," Ark lied. Ventro didn't need to know, it'd just pain him.
"Well get your stuff together, we're moving out."
"What?" asked Ark surprised by the statement.
"While we shopped, Mr. Foral and I found a nice house."
"Wait you mean-"
"We have a new home!" Ventro explained.

The house was magnificent. With four bedrooms and two balconies and a roof plaza. Mr. Foral and Ventro had split the cost of 1000 gold from the money they made selling their old houses. Ark and Luck ran upstairs into their rooms. Theirs were adjoining. Mr. Foral and Ventro's rooms were on the ground floor. Luck immediately filled her dresser with clothes and covered the top with her trinkets and belongings. She peeked into Ark's room as he hung his sword and shield on the wall.
"This is so cool!" yelled Luck running over to him.
"I know!" he replied taking in twice as much sights of everything with every detail. Ark and Luck stepped onto his balcony holding hands. They looked over the city in amazement. Ark held Luck close and closed his eyes. He never wanted this feeling to go away. His eye caught hold of something. It was a suspicious man across the street in a mask and dark clothing looking at the house. He walked away when he caught Ark's gaze.
"What is it?" Luck asked Ark as he tightened his grip.
"Nothing," he replied releasing the tension.
"Come here, I'll show you something." she said pulling him along. They entered the basement. There was a large furnace, and an anvil. There was a giant bellows next to the furnace.
"It's so my dad and I can still smith!" she yelled excitedly.
"Don't you want to be a cleric?" he asked.
"I'll be both, and you can be both a Tea Maker and a Thief," she smiled.
"Ok, but you better make the best gear for me," Ark said jokingly. They laughed. Ark was just happy to feel at home again.

"You will be training with me today," said a man in a dark blue mask and green armor. The mans red eyes scared Ark, especially because he had the same hourglass iris as him.
"What are we gonna do?" asked Ark.
"You will train with Claws." The man replied simply. Ark had asked his name but he said,'I don't need one.' Ark had put on the claws he was given. They felt weird to him. They felt like weighted gloves. He was angry that he couldn't tour the city with Luck. He sighed. She was off learning to be a cleric with a much nicer teacher.
"Listen to me!" yelled the man. Ark blinked, returning from thought.
"What?" Ark asked.
"You will slash each target that comes up."
"Start!" A target immediately came out of the floor and he slashed it. Another came up to his left. He slashed it quickly. Ark repeatedly slashed the targets and got used to reacting to the motion. He turned around, The next target has a picture of Luck on it. He froze instantly, almost touching the image.
"Good, you can decipher friend from foe while reacting." The man then cracked his knuckles. "Now you shall face me."
"What," said Ark surprised.
"To leave, you must scratch me at least once."
"START!" Ark charged at the man. The man simply and smoothly dodged his strike and punched him in the side. The wind blown out of him, Ark slashed with both claws. The man once again dodged and punched him in the stomach.
"How-" Ark started, but the man tripped him. On the floor, the man crouched over Ark. He laughed at Ark.
"Try again," the man said. Ark slashed the mans face. His claw went through the figure like air. The man was in the corner standing facing him. The man took of his mask. He had a white beard and short hair.
"Congratulations, you have learned control and to never give up," The man smiled, "I, the White Shadow, am done here." The man disappeared like snow dissolving into air. Ark stood up. He took off the claws. He looked for a way out. He spied a door and he opened it. He looked into a bright light.

Ark sat up in bed. Luck was next to him dozing, hugging his shoulder. He smiled, she was tired after practice too. He wondered how they transported him to his house.
"Ark," said Luck and she nuzzled his shoulder. He carried her to her bed and tucked her in. He steped out onto his balcony, breathing in the cold night air. He wanted just one day to him and Luck. He went back to bed. He awoke to Luck Yelling into his room.
"ARK!" She yelled. "You wanna go tour the town now?"
"Sure," he yelled back, getting up. He smelt burning metal. He walked into the basement fully dressed wearing his sword and shield. Mr. Foral was working.
"Morning Ark, come here," he said excitedly.
"What is it?" Ark asked looking over his shoulder. Ark gasped. Mr. Foral was making claws.
"It just came to me last night, and I had to make em," he said wiping his forehead. "You can have em when I'm done. They're lightweight and you can't even feel em."
"I'm gonna tour the town with Luck today," Ark said changing the subject.
"Ok, but take care of her," He replied going back to his work. Ark ran upstairs.
"Ark, have some of the breakfast I made, Its delicious," Ventro saide seeing Ark come up the stairs.
"Luck and-" Ark started, but stopped noticing Luck already eating. He sat down and ate. It was delicious.
"What is it?" he asked.
"flamflower cakes," replied Ventro.
"Lets go Ark," yelled Luck.
"Ok," replied Ark half a flamflower cake in his mouth. They ran off, Ark in pursuit of Luck running past shops and cafes full of people. Ark's heart raced at the thought of getting to have the whole day just to him and Luck. They stopped when he caught up.
"Look at that," said a captivated Luck looking at a shop full of bakeries. Ark and Luck stepped inside.
"Morning, what can I do you for?" asked the man behind the counter.
"What do you recommend?" asked Luck looking at all the creamy frosted desserts.
"I'd have to say the rosenblunt cookies," said the man scratching his head.
"Ok, we'll take a dozen," replied Ark handing the man two silver.
"There you are," said the man, handing Ark a bag full of cookies.

"These are great!" said Ventro and Mr. Foral in unison.
"We bought them while touring," replied Luck nibbling one, and sipping a cup of Ark's Honeyluner tea. They all laughed and and ate lunch together. This is home simple and true, thought Ark.
Home is where your friends and family are.

~To Be Continued


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I love it, Can't wait for the next chapter!~ Very Happy


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Chapter Six: Tea

"Lets go!" yelled Luck jumping out of her chair. She grabbed Ark's arm and pulled him outside. Ventro and Mr. Foral laughed as they finished their lunch. Ark caught his balance and ran with Luck. She pointed at a store and he glanced a the sign. It read: ~Tea~ Sweeter than Success Tea Shoppe.
"Maybe you can learn something," Luck suggested.
"Maybe..." Ark replied thinking. They stepped into the cafe and sat down. A man walked up with a pad of paper. He was tall with red hair and yellow eyes. He wore a white shirt and black pants under a black apron. He was about 20 Ark guessed.
"What can I do for you?" The man asked. His name tag read: Klent.
"What do you recommend?" asked Ark. glancing at the crowd in the cafe. A man in a black mask and a white cloak was sitting across from them.
"Well, my personal favorite is Heartplume Tea," replied Klent smiling, "But today's most wanted is the Waleaf Tea."
"We'll have one of each," said Luck glancing at Ark.
"Ok, be back in a second," smiled Klent as he walked away.
"What is it?" Luck whispered to Ark.
"That man-" Ark started, pointing to the empty seat across from them.
"What?" asked Luck.
"Never mind." Ark was just paranoid. Or the thieves were just spying on him. Either way, he wanted to forget about them and spend time with Luck. Luck was looking out the window while she waited. Ark looked at her, breaking from thought. Her blue eyes glowed in the sun. Her brown hair turned golden at the light. His heart sped up and he started to fidget.
"Here you are," cut in Klent, unknowingly killing Ark's moment. Klent placed down two cups with saucers underneath, and walked away to help another customer. Luck and Ark each grabbed a cup. Looking at his cup, Ark was surprised to see words floating in his tea, swaying with gentle ripples.
"What is this?" He asked Luck pointing at his cup.
"Tea, what else?" she reported, looking at him.
"No, the words," he pressed, wondering why she didn't become surprised.
"What words?" she asked intently staring at the cup, "I don't see anything." He looked again. The words floated, rippling as he swayed it around. The words read: A petal of Heartplume mixed with sap from a Pinnicle tree, in warm water. He stared at Lucks cup. It also had words. It read: A Waleaf leaf soaked in water and sprinkled with sugar and then heated.
"The words I can see in the cups are the recipes!" Ark exclaimed, realizing what he was reading.
"What? I don't see anything." Luck looked into his eye. "Maybe its because of that."
"I don't know," replied Ark confused. He sipped the tea. It had the relaxing feeling of a warm bath. He sighed, relaxed. Luck sipped her cup. She immediately stood up. Ark looked at her her questioningly. She sat on his lap. Ark jolted up surprised.
"A-ark..." She said shyly.
"Y-yes?" he asked, his heart pounding.
"Will you kiss me?" she said staring at him.
"What!?" he asked surprised. Luck collapsed. He held her.
"That is why everyone buys that tea," Klent said walking up. He smiled at Ark. "It shows a person's true feelings."
Ark stood up lifting Luck in his arms. He placed her in the chair and payed Klent two silver with an extra silver for a tip.
"Thank you," Klent said slipping the tip into his pocket. "Have a good afternoon." Ark waved as he started carrying Luck back up the street. She woke up and looked at him sleepily. She jumped out of his arms.
"What was that all about?" she asked shaking.
"You fell asleep," Ark replied calmly.
"I can't remember anything after i drank that tea." she said rubbing her eyes.
"You fell asleep," Ark lied.
"Oh..." she said trying to remember. "Well lets keep going!" She yelled. Luck ran off again. Ark smiled, and chased after her.

"We're home," yelled Ark holding a bag of books and souvenirs up as he walked into the house.
"Welcome back," replied Ventro turning from his pots and pans, "Mr. Foral is downstairs working."
"Ok." Ark walked upstairs as Luck walked in carrying her own two bags of new clothing.
"Help me Ark," Luck grumbled placing the bags on the counter.
"Ark never was very helpful," Ventro laughed.
"Coming!" Replied Ark running down the stairs. Ark grabbed a bag I each hand as he followed her upstairs. He placed them next to her bed as she jumped onto it.
"I had fun today," Luck smiled.
"Me too," replied Ark smiling back. Ark walked back into his room and took out a book he had bought. It was titled: 101 Teas. He opened it. The cover page had a picture of a steaming cup of tea with a leaf next to it. He proceeded to read the whole book with amazing speed. He stopped. He was already done. It had only been five minutes. He remembered each page as if it was inscribed into his memory. He looked the book over. It was 500 pages. His right eye started to hurt. He clasped it and clenched his teeth. Ark collapsed onto his bed.

"Ark, Ark," Whispered Luck from Ark's bedside. She was shaking him slightly.
"What?" he groaned, opening his eyes. Everything was a blur, and he squinted trying to see clearly.
"You, ok?" she asked, "You've been groaning in your sleep."
"Sorry if I woke you," He replied, his vision finally clearing. Luck was next to him leaning on the bed. She was wearing pink pajamas with yellow sunbirds on them. Luck noticed him staring.
"Like them?" she asked smiling. "I bought them today."
"T-they're nice." Ark blushed looking away.
"Well, if your better, get some sleep." Luck whispered walking back to her room. Ark got up after Luck closed her door. He walked out onto his balcony. He smelt the fresh air and closed his eyes. He was glad that he had finally gotten his day with Luck. He shivered. It was getting colder out. He walked back inside. He lay down and fell asleep thinking about the tea shop.

"Wake up Arrrrrrrk," whispered Luck, shaking him awake.
"What is it?" He said blinking sleep from his eyes.
"It snowed!" Luck replied excitedly.
"What?" Asked Ark jumping out of bed. He looked outside and, sure enough, there was a light blanket of snow on his balcony. Luck left as he changed into a red long-sleeved shirt and black pants. He was putting on his sword when Luck walked in wearing a Light blue jacket over a green shirt and a black skirt down to her knees.
"Like it?" asked Luck spinning around, her skirt flapping.
"Its nice," Ark smiled putting on a red cloak. "Lets go downstairs." Ventro was wearing a blue cloak over a green shirt, with black pants. He turned hearing them come down the stairs.
"Mr. Foral and I we're just leaving to go to work."
"Ok, stay warm," said Ark grabbing his chef's kit.
"I will for sure," laughed Mr. Foral putting on his smithing guilds uniform hat and coveralls. Ark was glad to know that they had quickly found jobs the day before at different guilds. He started to boil water as they left. Taking out his spices, Ark started to make Honeyluner tea for him and Luck.
"Look, at this!" yelled Luck from the basement.
"What is it?" Ark yelled back concentrating.
"The claws Dad was making are done." Luck walked into the kitchen holding the claws.
"Tea is ready." Ark looked up. Luck was wearing the claws.
"Rawr," She laughed. clawing at the air in front of her like a playful cat. Ark walked slowly over to her with a cup.
"Take those off, or you won't be able to drink tea." Luck placed them on the table and sipped the tea. She smiled at Ark.
"This tea is great!"
"Thanks." Ark replied, in thought.
"I think," Luck started, "Tea is like a Friend. Its warms your heart and is always sweet when you need it most."

~To Be Continued


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Chapter XX: Thoughts

Sorry to possibly disappoint you.
But being about Lime Odyssey, I downloaded some Photos of the game.
Here are some for those who actually care:

Trade Classes:




Battle Classes:







Thats what we may see in the upcoming game.
Stay Updated!


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