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19 Jul 2010
United Kingdom
PostedNov 18, 2011 5:08 pm
In a magical world called Orta,
A Goddess weeps,
Her children kept falling,
Faster than the tears could roll down her cheeks.

There was nothing she could do,
She merely prayed,
How could she solve this?
Her children continued to be slayed.

The Lime must go!
She finally cried,
To save her children,
Her gift must die.

And so the fruit withered,
The continents divide,
The homes of Turga, Muris and Human
All swept by the tide.

Goodbye my children!
Goodbye our Mother!
Facts turn to legend,
The story is told from one generation to another.

But what is this?
Could it be true?
Centuries have past but I see,
A glow of green within the blue.

This is it!
Hope has been revived,
Warriors come from all over,
And a hero begins his stride.

What will happen?
Who can say?
Perhaps one day peace will return,
Perhaps this time the Lime will stay…


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01 Jun 2009
Mythical Crayons United States
PostedNov 18, 2011 5:28 pm
Human, Turga, and Muris alike
All go to search for this mystical light.
Lime, a fruit with power divine,
Created by the tears of a Goddess before their time


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10 Apr 2010
PostedNov 18, 2011 7:39 pm
There will soon come a Lime,
Where I will spend all my time embracing it's great design,
Ready and prepared, i've spent every dime,
Waiting to get my chance at this Lime.
Which sits there so divine,
Oh man it redefines the meaning of fine.
With a look in their eyes,
I'll vanquish all who defy the holyness of the Lime.
Spending all my time and every dime,
I'll be at the top of this Lime.


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30 Oct 2010
PostedNov 19, 2011 1:59 pm   Last edited by Akai_Otome on Nov 20, 2011 6:40 am. Edited 4 times in total
This is a tale told by an idiot.
A tale of a lost friend
Who had no mouth to talk
And never had a chance to say goodbye.

They wanted to get rid of her
And I was there the whole time,
Watching Kitsusa die,
And holding her in my arms while she cried.
That day from long ago is still fresh in my memory
That day when I looked at the sky,
I couldn’t see anything but a black void
And I watched as Flame citadel
And Ironclaw City were burnt to ashes.

What a sorrowful day it was.

Opening my eyes
All that I could see
Was her pained expression
Ah, that look of agony...
Repeating words
(Uninstall, Format, Delete, 27%)
Vibrating, going insane, I couldn’t understand
Those sad, crying eyes; I felt like I was
Crushed to death by them.

The scene playing in my mind
It was as if I’m watching an old movie
What could this be?
The world around me has stopped moving
What’s this pain in my chest?
I knew at the bottom of my heart
The reason why those tears
Of her's fell on the ground.

In this transient world we are
Just passing by
Running around in circles
Ah, such short lives.
Even if I’m just a mere game,
Even if I’m just a computer program
Made for humans to play,
I’m still struggling to stop that smile of her’s from fading,
I have the right to mourn for my friend.

The teary eyes stared up at me
And through parted lips

‘Sayonara, Gomenasai Limea’
I screamed with my hoarse voice
The echoes resonate in vain
Nothing will be left at the end of this world.

‘You were a wonderful friend’
Stop it.
‘Goodbye, take care.’
No. Kami-sama now I am watching
As my friend is dying
Tell me how

A trembling voice

The screams degenerate into the darkness
Tell me how
‘Don’t let me glance at my such a sad face,
My dear friend’

If you exist...
Tell me how to save my friend!
‘Where’s the God humans keep talking about?!’

Broken into pieces.
No matter what she does.
What is this on my dried cheeks
They suddenly are wet

Tears flow down
I don’t understand
‘Thank you for making my life
So beautiful.’

A dead friend
She has been erased
Such a crybaby
Her time has stopped.
Recalling memories that
Made me tremble with sadness

Hurt as badly as possible.
The heavy raining sky
In my mind
Those black clouds; my vision is blurry
With cascading tears

Despite her strength
The pain is still
Penetrating her soul.
Why do bonds come apart
It’s over
Why do they break
Why does it hurt so much
To lose a friend?

She screamed with her hoarse voice
The loneliness hurts
What’s that?
Could it be...

Smiling sadly as a star fell from the sky
And illuminated the sky
You...your parting gift is...(Lime)

This truly is the tale of an idiot
Told by an idiot. And both idiots
Wanted to properly part with their friend
And let her say goodbye.
A sad story?
It is indeed sad.
But through their friend’s death
A world was destroyed but another one
Was created; this is not the end
It’s just the beginning of a new story.

Since I am not very skilled when it comes to rhymes I decided on a tale-like poem with blank rhyme.
I know it is quite long but I couldn't stop writing when I begun ^.^".
Also this is a tribute to Kitsu Saga(R.I.P) and Lime Odyssey. Lime Odyssey relates the story of when Kitsu Saga died and she couldn't save her.

The wonderful cast:
Lime Odyssey as Limea
Kitsu Saga as Kitsusa
And the author d^.^b

Hopefully you enjoyed it.


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19 Jun 2011
PostedNov 19, 2011 2:04 pm
It's Lime Odyssey's time
To light my playtime,
Oh, how I long to see your blue skies
The sapphire seas and its surprise
within the world of dreams,
where the green forests and streams
Where the tropical shoreline
Lit up by the gentle moonshine,
Here I am, my dear
By the the bonfire of the Orta frontier
I am home


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04 Nov 2011
PostedNov 20, 2011 2:09 am

Thank god there's no word limit...

It’s past midnight,
I’m far from sleep,
The moon is too bright,
I’ve lost count of sheep.

I sit up and sigh,
And go for a walk,
Under dark sky,
I hear creatures talk.

I settle down on top of a fence,
I put on a cloak for the night is cold,
Down falls snow of reminiscence,
I remember that day ten years ago.

Granny, granny where do they all go?
The men, the women,
Good Mary and Joe!
They come and go again and again!

Come closer child and listen to me,
Before I tell you, you must understand,
Light the fire, here is a story,
Of Lime, of Nysis and of this land.

Once this land was with three more,
Joined together, they were one,
Orta was what the land was called,
Shhh child, the tale has just begun.

Together we lived with one another,
Muridae men called Muris,
And tiger people called Turga,
We lived in peace and prosperity.

The goddess Nysis gave us Lime,
A magical fruit that held great power,
Greed and corruption brought crime,
And with it, Lime turned sour.

Two thousands were slaughtered,
The goddess wept scarlet tears,
All Lime was hoarded,
Thus began an age of fears.

Lime vanished and the land split,
Farther and farther from each other,
Monsters appeared and teeth were grit,
The future looked so very dire.

Suddenly, pillars of holy light formed,
Reaching past the clouds, beyond,
The world was transformed,
Once again it started to bond.

The world rejoiced and waited,
They heard the winds chime,
An era of adventure had been created,
Let all look for Lime!

You see now my dear,
Why they leave?
So that we may live here,
There is no need to grieve.

I know now, Granny!
One day I'll go too!
I’ll wipe this world of tyranny!
I’ll go Granny, I’ll go for you!

About to follow the words,
Of that younger me,
I skip back home,
And go straight to sleep.

*Note(s)* My pronunciation of Muris is like mur-ri aka. silent s. It’s probably wrong but I like it that way. :3 Also, good luck to all!!! XD


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05 Nov 2009
United States
PostedNov 20, 2011 8:07 am
Wow, they keep getting longer and longer.
Well im going to try, but i haven't ever won a poetry contest, or anything of that matter, so heres a go
Don't hoard all the lime
THis is my Lime Odyssey
The Godesses Fruit

Well it was worth a shot at a haiku


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25 Apr 2011
United States
PostedNov 20, 2011 1:34 pm
To the mountains,
to the oceans,
to the deserts,
to the end of time,
will i always look for lime.


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09 Jun 2011
United States
PostedNov 20, 2011 7:15 pm
Lime, lime, lime.
'Tis a fruit, oh so divine.
Given its mystical powers of years,
Once made margaritas, not silly beers.
But then, that tyrant, in all of his greed
Took all the limes because of his needs.
"Why, oh why!" all of Orta shouts!
"What shall we have when we go out!
Oranges? Oranges shall not do!
We need our lime, for our drinks too!"
So the gentle winds whispered, full of good news,
"Get off your bums, and put on your shoes!
The lime has returned and its power you shall seek
So that your Saturday nights shall not be so bleak!"


If this is inappropriate, please delete it. I wasn't sure if it was or not... I am sorry^^;
And the Fresh Prince of Lime made me giggle... haha.


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02 Nov 2011
United States
PostedNov 21, 2011 1:45 am
Some people craft, while others feel the grind
Other people gather materials they can find
Pens design houses and frilly dresses too
When Lime comes out, what will YOU do?
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