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06 Oct 2011
PostedNov 15, 2011 1:03 pm
It is Orta's new day
and a time to play
let us all gather now for a sway
and a little play on the buffet

Today the blacksmith will make me
a sword so cool and shiny
and the tailor will deliver
a colorful suit made of feather,
and finally
from the chef to save me from getting drowsy
a butter cake and a cup of tea
and a box of cookie


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07 Sep 2010
In your mob, stealing your kills United States
PostedNov 15, 2011 2:47 pm
Lime, lime you make me so blue
Waiting for you is like having the flu
I wait and I cry until I'm dry
Hoping one day you'll make me fly

I wish and wish for you to come
So I can stop lurking like a bum
My F5 key cries and cries at me
As I spam and spam wishing to see
That welcoming email to Lime
That way, I can waste my time


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16 Feb 2008
PostedNov 15, 2011 2:56 pm
There it is! The Lime!
Over the sunshine, I can see it's divine!
Still we have to wait some time, so for now let's rhyme.

Gotta make some plans, to explore all the lands...
But what shall I be while exploring these unknown sands?

Should I be a Muris? Who is so magical and curious?
Or maybe a Turga, the king of cats, but that would be lyin' cause they're actually lions!
Maybe in the end I will be a human, with any class choice my levels will be bloomin!
But here I am a'fumin! Cause I'm so eager, but it's worth that wait as this game ain't gunna be meager.

Soon enough will come this game, that has already earned so much fame,
the quest for the Lime, that Aeria has made us Rhyme.


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06 Nov 2011
United Kingdom
PostedNov 16, 2011 5:09 pm   Last edited by SaixLightning on Nov 18, 2011 1:13 pm. Edited 1 time in total
In a distant land, far far away,
A goddess gave her gift.
A wonderous fruit born from her ray,
Began to tear a rift.

A mighty beast wanted all he could,
two-thousand fell to him.
The goddess' tears, red as their blood,
Poured out upon a whim.

As time went on, the land gave way,
It divided into four.
Through ocean waves, night and day,
Drifting evermore.

From the quarters of the shredded land,
A light had pierced the sky.
The whispering winds and shifting sands-
-announced "The Fruit" was nigh.

From far and wide, the people came,
they gathered over time.
They quest and fight until they claim,
a fruit they know as Lime.

Note: For those who may not have noticed, this is based directly on the backstory provided on the LO Main Page. This isn't creative in that sense.


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15 Nov 2011
Fort Worth United States
PostedNov 16, 2011 10:06 pm
What a Good Time, To join Lime

Thrilled for my Guild

I may be new but I do Moo at the sight of a full moon

Did I speak to soon lets start the tune with a tyhoon

Harvest time in lime will be the wasting time of mine
Bored out of my mine making sword for my reward
I shall defeat all who cheat to make my journey complete

I can not count the amount of mount I will amount but will recount to find the total amount
I can rhyme better then those level three slime is that a crime?
Shoot my boot could play a flute and lute in lime

Sad, Mad, and Glad lime came just in time for me to enjoy the joy of lime
But wait I am not done yet mate we still got a date at my estate so lets update
I am a newman going as a human and a crewman in lime all the time

I am going to be the best tank just like an unbreakable bank
I will marry scary mary and mabye even remarry just like tom and jerry
I will be the best house guest to my neighbor and play the tabor
Grow old and still glow in the snow lets show lime the best of our time


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24 Jun 2011
Chicago United States
PostedNov 17, 2011 9:00 am

Random Jumble!

Hi there are you ready for the doom?

For I am about to bring it with a great big Boom!

With a swoosh and vooom of my sword, believe me you should take my word.

For I shall never lie, not even for pie. Now sit down and judge my awesome meal,

don't hold a grudge if you don't get a piece of this delicious masterpiece. I call it shing ding

bang doom. Made of delicious mushroom, shindig dawn, a cow bell, and horse radish.

Now are you ready, don't worry there is no need to feel fright. Take you a big great bite

You'll feel like your off on a new flight. Maybe even fight while your there, in the great halls

of Valhalla when you ascend to the great war from my failed dish, bet you wish you didn't

take one bite of this crazy thing called shing ding bang doom, well now have a fun time

being on cloud 9 rolling around like an 8 ball on the pool table in joy, that you never once
did have to eat soy in your life.


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10 Sep 2011
United States
PostedNov 17, 2011 1:16 pm

Re: Pre Alpha Event: Rhyme Odyssey!

You love it.
GM_Venom wrote:
It's Time for Rhyme Odyssey.
Did we make this event just for the name? Yes. Moving on...

This is the next pre-alpha Lime event! For those of you that aren't Photoshop wizards, this one is for you. The challenge is easy - Come up with a rhyme about lime odyssey at least 4 lines long. The top 6 entrees will be rewarded!

  • No offensive or inappropriate language.
  • Only one entry per person - and only contest entries in this thread. To talk about the event, please go here.
  • Your work must be original to you.
  • It must be about Lime Odyssey in some way.
  • You must post in this thread before the deadline.

  • 1st Place: 500 AP!
  • 2nd Place: 300 AP
  • 3rd Place: 200 AP
  • 3 runners up: 100 AP

You must post in this thread by 11:59 PM PST Sunday, November 20th



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07 Nov 2011
PostedNov 17, 2011 2:43 pm
I wake up in the morning
When the birds start to sing,
Pack my shiny sword and leather backpack
Full of potions and stuff to do some monster whack,
Polish my armor suit
And eating a breakfast of breadfruit,

And I go
Across the verdant Orta meadow
Bashing monsters like a maestro,
Sometimes people even call me psycho

But whoa! Who cares, I say
As long as it makes my day
It's just a fine wordplay
And yeah, I tell them no way!


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14 Jun 2011
United States
PostedNov 17, 2011 7:52 pm
My name is seenstar1
And i want to have fun
I just joined a new Lime Odyssey guild today
and now i cant wait to play
The class im going to be
is a healer you see
I just want to help you
Even if it hurts me to
I hope by the end of the day
We can all scream yay
Becauess we all survive
and no one has to be revived


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07 Nov 2011
In Yo Kitchen; Eatin Yo Foodz United States
PostedNov 17, 2011 8:41 pm

Through thick and thin they'll never falter,
The Turga cats, Never taller .
Full of Knowledge and Fancy Free,
The Muris' are strong, though hard to see.
Always there, and never alone,
The Humans have always shown:
No matter the trouble, no matter the strife,
The Fruit of Lime was the key to life.
They embarked on a journey for the fruit of Nysis.
Over thousands of miles for thousands of Pieces.
With pillars of light to lead their way,
Our hero's set forth to save the day.
Sword, stave, mace and dagger.
Powders and potions and shirts of leather.
Buckles, straps, and scabbards and sheaths,
They all pitched in, even the thieves.
Many now pine for the days of old,
So let's watch, and see how the Story unfolds...

Hope you enjoyed, just made it on the spot. =D
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