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[Sticky] How to send in a ticket

How to Send and Use and RT via Contact US
So lately I have noticed a lot of accusations about players serving bans towards one another. I thought it to be silly because players cannot administer bans. Players do not administer bans, that responsibility is given solely to the GM.

Players do have the option of reporting other players, if they ever feel the need. Here is how to send in a report through Contact Us.

To reach the Contact Us you can either go through support which is at the top of every page.

You can also reach the Contact Us page by going through the bottom of the page.

Game Support
Game support will be your number one tool to contact a gm to either report or acquire information.

First off, to access the the Game Support page of Contact Us you have to be logged in.

The Game Support page looks like this

I will break this down so you can understand how to fill the report out successfully and easily.

1. Subcategory: This is where you select the subject of the report. If you do not know what the subject matter of your report falls under select other and proceed to fill the form out.

2.Game: This is where you select which game your report falls under.

3. Server: Select which server you play on.
Example: on "Golden Age" there is currently only one server so you would put 1.

4. Character Name: This is where you put your IGN.

5.***: These options appear depending on what you put in the subcategory part of the form.

A.Offender's Character Name*: The IGN of the person you are filing a report against.

D. Proof of Offense: This is where you provide links to screenshot of you are reporting.. the more reliable evidence you provide the better your case looks to the GMs. If you do not know how to take a screenshot please refer to this thread. How to take a screenshot

C. Transaction/Order Number: The number of the /transaction/order you are referring to.

D. Promotion link: place a link to the promotion you missed.

6. Date, Time , and Timezone: These are usually filled out for you; this marks the exact time you file the report, verify that the date time and timezone are correct.

7. Subject/Message : This is where you explain why you re submitting the form. Try to be as descriptive as possible; so that the GM can better understand what you are trying to achieve by submitting this form. Below this box is a check box, checking this box will send u a copy of the form via email to the emil address you provided when opening your account.


Once you have sent your ticket you will be given an RT#. This allows you to keep track of your filled reports. To view them go to Contact Us then go to my tickets.

My tickets should look like this:

(The big black box is just edited to censor my own tickets*)

To better understand what the status of your ticket means please refer to this thread:
Ticket Status Explanations
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