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26 Mar 2008
PostedOct 25, 2011 6:32 pm
voted and comented. Keep up the Good work and the Awsome Support team!


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15 Apr 2008
PostedOct 25, 2011 6:50 pm



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23 Mar 2009
PostedOct 25, 2011 6:52 pm   Last edited by Mad_Moosehead on Oct 28, 2011 6:19 am. Edited 1 time in total
I play Shaiya.

Well I should correct that statement. I've been trying to play Shaiya.

Lag and DC's.

Ok, I know this isn't nessecarily your fault. BUT my problem lies in that there are so many people experiencing it and no offical post. You don't need to tell us why, just acknowledge there is a problem. If it really sooo hard to make a post that says:

Hello players, really bummed you're all DCing and stuff. We're on it. Hopefully be fixxed soon. Be careful when playing UM's.

Pretty much feels that it's just being ignored. You've got to remember unless you tell us your working on it we assume that you arn't. That makes people angry.

I personally haven't been able to log in for longer then 15 mins, averaging about 3 min when I can get online, while I do realise it is in part a problem with my ISP, as I am not the only one experiencing the problem it is likely a problem at your end too. It may be a little better now but there should be post however vague and uninformative when there are server issues just so players don't feel it's being ignored... like all our feedback.

Asking for feedback

Just don't... if you aren't going to listen to it. You know what's worse then being completely ignored? Being asked for feedback, giving it, being told wow thanks really helpful.... and then have the exact opposite happen.

Tiered Event

40k... Wow, you've really out doen yourself and to think I under-estimated your greed >.<.

Tiered event price raised again... We were once told our tiered was being raised from 15000 to 20000 for a "one time special event", then every tiered after that was 20000... Now this month we have a "one time special" 22000 tiered! Now I hope I am wrong, but I expect next month tier to say something along the lines of: "Since we had such a good response to it, we're having a 22000 Tier again!".

Well, I was wrong. You raised it to 40k... just wow. I have to say I really really hoped I eat those words and we'd be back to the old 20k, but nope... repeatable tier.

But I did lol at:
You've been asking for moar moar moar, so we've pumpkin spiced this tier up a bit and have one other new twist we're giving a try (and may never happen again!): This Tier Event will be Repeatable for a total of 2x the Tier!!! No trick, all treat. Enjoy!  

So umm... if it's what we've all asked for... why lock the topic? I'd also really love to see even one post where a player asks for a 40k Tier. People will pay for it, But it's because they feel they have to, not because they want to.

which brings us back to:

70 Gear for AP

Gradual roll out my rear end. It's been a few weeks since these items were introduced now we have free cupons for Boots, Repeatable tiered for Top and Pants + Mystery boxes.

Now I am only just in game seeing people wit the ROTCO gera and that's one piece, no one with a full set. Which is great I still haven't hit 70 and have been working on a Secor set. Now i'm up against people with a nearly complete 70 set! Boots + Top + Pants + Helm + Cape .. Oh but they don't have gloves so it'll be ok >.>

Once again, you asked for our feedback, you got our feedback, you said ok thanks we'll do what you guys said! /Ignore and do the opposite.

Other comments

Too many Mini Tiers. One or two a month should be enough! 11 + Sonic and Flash promo's is over kill. How is it realistic to ask someone to spend $75 every 2-3 days, then $400 at the end of the month?

The over whelming vibe in Shaiya and it's forums is frustration. We are all getting feed up with being ignored, being sucked dry and being filled with false promises and false hope. I know we have 2 new PM's and you probably think it's too soon to judge. But I feel the problem sits above them, how far above, I don't know. I just know that things looked so promising when Ulicul was our PM a lot of players had hope again and it showed right through the community. Then we got Spaz back and well it was back to the dark days. Short term profit grabbing is killing the game.

I've pretty much accepted now that you have given up on the game and are just trying to bleed as much money as you can before:

- Blizzard releases Diablo III
- You finally release Lime Oddyssey

This just makes me sad. But i'll be honest if it wasn't for my guild i'd have quit. When my friends start leaving then there is nothing left in the game to hold me.

While I highly doubt this will be read, and at best ignored as a rant. At least I got it off my chest.

Oh tickets,

A little disapointed. Had to reply with info clearly stated in my orginal ticket to get the issue solved. Just don't feel it was read properly and probably a focus on getting through as many tickets as possiable is leading to some things being over looked.

GM's are cool, GS's are cool, PM's get a frowny face Sad.

Edit: Adding link to my comments on game's mopnthly Tiered event. Found the feedback split from the main, ana ction I don't feel was nessecary.


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21 Jul 2010
PostedOct 25, 2011 7:20 pm
i do belive AG&E did good for this month on keeping LC running although it could need better devs when it comes to patching... but other than that u get a 4


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08 Apr 2010
PostedOct 25, 2011 7:55 pm
I give a 2 for Wolfteam. I can sum up why in 3 words: hackers, hackers, glitchers. The GSes and GMs are nice enough, but that doesn't do anything about the hackers and glitchers. The game is becoming less and less fun. Hacks are everywhere. One pops up about every 3-5 games for me. They are ruining the game and it feels like nothing is getting done about it, or the effort is just half-azzed. We get good content and some good tiered spenders, but priority one needs to be the elimination of the hackers and ordering the glitched textures to be fixed. Aeria/Softnyx will get no advancement on my feelings about it until those issues are resolved.

How does it get solved? Several options are available, for example:

1. A stronger presence of GMs and GSes. Heavy policing will be required at first. If the GM(s) cannot be constantly present to police, the GSes need to be given powers to ban on the spot if they detect a hacker/glitcher/abuser. To help prevent abuse of power, if that is the concern, then make sure they get proof, just like anyone would have to when they submit a hack report. Swift action in numbers is the key to controlling the problem. Hackers will get tired of having to make several accounts a day to play with their hacks...they will lose intrest, rather than getting to hack on one account for a day or two at a time. Submitting a ticket and having to wait 24-48 hours for anything to get done is just rediculous.

2. Press Softnyx to fix the glitched textures in the game. It's not as bad as the hacks, but it is quite annoying and portrays a poor game quality, which also reflects bad on Aeria for hosting it that way for how many years?

3. Put a bounty on their heads! The first person to report a "legit" hacker gets a reward. Motivate the community to police for you. But don't do something cheesy...make it worth the effort and you'll get a positive response. Say 500-1000 Wolf Coin or 100AP for the first one to report and like 50-100WC or 25-50AP for the subsequent 5 or 10 people that follow (reporting on the same hacker).

All in all, it would make perfect sense to me to halt all promotions and content until the hacks are gone. In the long run, a mostly hackless enviroment would prove the most productive for players.....and Aeria's bottom line.


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23 Aug 2011
PostedOct 25, 2011 8:09 pm
101Alpha wrote:
Avyn wrote:

  • Unbelievably minimal amounts of effort spent on communication. It took one year to have a rule thread, and it's still half-assed.
  • Responding in a rude and snarky manner when even the most loyal players are beginning to get frustrated with the company.
  • Continuing to show bias and preferential treatment to select players.
  • Lots of other crap that I wish I didn't know.


That and deleting posts that give any type of negative feedback from players (GM OJ thread). Threatening players with ban's who speak out.  

What. Games other than WolfTeam do this? didnt know we understand your pain


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07 Aug 2010
PostedOct 25, 2011 9:46 pm
As a player of multiple aeria games; I gave a 2 as aeria in the past seems to have been so focused on trying to get income on their games and seems to be missing on trying to maintain good gaming content, which makes users in the end give up as I have done several times.

However, with the recent golden age CB just ended, I thought it was well done and would have given a 5 if not for my past with aeria. Golden Age has great potential if maintaining good gaming content is a goal, which will in turn make money as well.


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07 Jul 2007
PostedOct 26, 2011 12:12 am


Hello Folks,just like to say ty for bringing back free rewards I love them! So some people complain but they will no matter what you give out .It's Human nature to complain for some I do it too sometimes but not about this;anything free is cool with me! Yeah there's a few items I could do without and will probably never use but hey;there FREE!!!
I love this game and been playing it off and on since '07; so unless Y'all do something realy stupid I don't agree with I'll play till it stops or the world ends...or at least til the telephone lines go down again:)
Keep up the great work there Guys/Gals! Some times you have it ruff I'm sure but you still come through when it counts!!!
TY and good hunting everyone!!!
catdogcord aka:CORDELLA,XCORDX,CORDINA&DROC;Caraie server
I'mCORD,It'sCORD2;Katar Server


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02 Feb 2009
PostedOct 26, 2011 12:43 am
I agree with all considering Shaiya..sad but true.


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02 Feb 2009
PostedOct 26, 2011 12:53 am
There was ONE person asking for repeatable tiered, more than 10 saying no in that post. It doesnt matter what you say, if one person suggests something its implemented if it brings $$$. Thats what makes you make us think anyway.
That about listening. Whats the next game thats going to get milked? Sorry to say but Shaiya done soon Very Happy
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