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11 Nov 2010
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PostedOct 21, 2011 6:31 am

Changelog October the 31st 2011

•5 Free Instant Repair for new players, every current player will also get 5 for free
•New Levelcap: Maxlevel changes from 75 to 85

Sirius System:
◦New Planets: Planets come and go in Sirius, Planets are generated with several settings and build unique planets each time a planet is created. There are 2 different planet types, normal farm planets and boss planets.
◦New Missions: On farm planet you can play quest each planet has a unique set of quests
◦New Jump Ship: Clans now can buy and own a jump ship which is required to jump in the singularity and to explore new planets within it. While in orbit of a sirius planet Jump Ships take damage over time if their shield is not full for the damage type that is done by the environment
◦Resources: Gravitons can now can be found as drops although the chance is low, you can spend it to your clan at a rate of 3:1. You can also buy Gravitons in the shop. Gravitons now have a cooldown. Time based gravitons now work for 30 seconds instead of 60
◦New Resource: Quarcs, they can only be found on Sirius Planets once you finish the end mission of a planet. Quarcs can be transmitted to the Jump Ship and are used as fuel for the jump drive
◦Enemies: Find new and old enemies on Sirius Planets, special boss enemies that require a whole team of several squads to take down
◦New achievements for killing enemies

•After you joined/created a clan you are blocked for 3 days to join any other clan, you still can leave the current clan and join it within these 3 days but you can’t join other clans
•Increased number of maximum ships for a user from 50 to 75 ships
•Optimized Serverload for Spawns Of ItemProviders, like energyfields
•Optimized Serverload for Spawns Of SpawnAreas, like enemy spawning areas
•Uploading logfiles to your clan now only costs 45 Gold per additional logfile you want to donate to your clan
•Improved first story missions (smuggler missions) with new ambushes
Fixed Bugs
•Fixed a bug that caused the Hive to not be snychronized with gazica and therefore the deathbeam was off on starmap
•Fixed several bugs on Server that could crash the Server or cause other unwanted issues
•Fixed a bug in achievement rare color patterns that had a color pattern in it that could not be found. The color pattern can now be found
•Fixed a bug that caused ship positioning animation of other ships when entering orbit to look strange
•Fixed several bugs in the client
•Fixed a bug that caused clicks when selecting planets on starmap sometimes not to register the click correctly
•Fixed a bug that caused ship positioning animation of other ships when entering orbit to look strange
•Fixed a bug that caused the message “Mission failed” to be shown when after a mission was done a new member joined a squad
•Fixed a bug that caused the Defender attackturret and repairfieldturret to affect players within a mission while owner was not in this missions
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