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21 Sep 2011
PostedSep 21, 2011 3:57 am

Overseas Co-operation in publishing BattleFH in Vienam

Overseas Co-operation in publishing Battlefield Heroes in Vienam
Dear Sir/Madam

With a lot of experience and a wide knowledge in Vietnamese online game market as well as the possession of some pages that have a great number of viewings per day including,, and, we are looking for partners to cooperate in distributing online games in Vietnam.

After investigating your profile as well as your games, we would like to recommend a cooperation in which you could provide game operation with servers based on your side (or on our side and you remote control to set up servers) , we would take care of translation, payment, customer service and development of gamer community. We hereby play the role of a distributing channel of yours in Vietnam.

For the purpose of bringing your games outside of the bound, we look forward to a further discussion in detail.

Looking for your feedback

An Nguyen Vo
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