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15 May 2011
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PostedSep 04, 2011 8:40 am

Elemetal Weapon: Skill vs Linking

Why link elemental lapis when elemental skills are available?
There is a big advantage in using an elemental weapon, especially when you can use the right elemental weapon against an elemental target.

I can see two ways to imbue your weapon with elemental powers:
1) Link in with lapis
2) Use the elemental skills

To my mind It seems obvious to use elemental skills (once they're available to you) because it means you don't need to duplicate effort/expense on creating multiple weapons and you can use the elemental skills to imbue the weapon with the best element according to the target that you are hitting.

The down side is that if you take all the elemental skills (and I think you'd probably want level 2 at least to be able to switch quickly between elements) then it does take a chunk out of your skill point budget but on balance I think that these skills are worth spending the points on.

All that said I know that there are plenty of people out there who have multiple elemental weapons which makes me think that I'm missing something by going the skills route.

Any help in understanding better the pros/cons of each approach would be welcome.


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10 Sep 2008
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PostedSep 04, 2011 9:09 am
archers/hunters with ele's in their weapon are PvP'ers. in PvP, when you have targetted some1 another from the opposite faction, you can see their buffs, and so the elemental buff. By this, it's not hard to have an opposite elemental top to get less dmg from that person. Ofc that person can switch from elemental, but as said it requires a lot SP to switch while switching tops doesn't need SP Razz

people is using ele skills for PvE. and when they've hit end lvl, most of them buy an reskill stone to invest in another and PvP skills. By this, he/she can get ele lapis for the weapon.

don't forget that the ele skill will overrule the ele lapis in the weapon, even if the skill is lvl1 ele while you have ele2 in your weapon.

furthermore, some PvP'ers are buying the ele skills too, but only to lvl2 with a purpose to mislead the opponent. before attacking, a rightmouseclick on the elemental buff will disappear it, so you've a strong ele against his ele top because he's taken that ele to counter your ele buff Razz

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