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04 Jul 2010
The City of Insanity United States
PostedSep 05, 2011 12:15 pm
TechnoMagic wrote:
For Wolfteam, service gets a 4. But game itself, a 1. Really, I know the fact that AP is supposed to give an advantage, but the advantage to the point where they're only selling power to everyone is just bs. If I wanted to waste an entire clip on 1 person just to kill them, I could have just went on Black Ops. Honestly, there's been a lot of promises and none of them are even kept. Plus every event is filled with these AP players and the only winners of those events are those people. It's complete bs how the game went from really good and had potential to a pile of flaming crap. I'm pretty sure any feedback wouldn't even be used anyways. It's been like 1 year and none of the feedback has even been used. The game just releases more and more crap that is more powerful than the last and the only content that is being released are those that are only for the paying players.  

I agree. I wasn't a member when they didn't have all this ap chars n' stuff, but I do remember when it was actually fun to play the game and not rage after 5 deaths when trying to kill an armor noob. +1


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21 Aug 2010
More laggy than you United States
PostedSep 05, 2011 7:43 pm
I don't think I am late for sending in the survey thing. I hope Aeria/Team Action can take a close look at what I wrote.
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