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23 Mar 2011
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[Tutorial] Wheel of Fortune Guide!

Try your luck with different wheels!
Check out Call of God's Shiny New Wheels!
Call of Gods recently had a few additional wheels added to give you the players some more options and ways to win!

There are three special wheels that make up the Wheel of Fortune:
1. Free
2. Normal
3. Advanced

Every time you open the Wheel of Fortune window, you will default to the Normal Wheel of Fortune. If you want to spin on the Free or Advanced Wheel of Fortune, you will have to change the tab by clicking on them up top.

Free Wheel of Fortune
Every player can spin the Free Wheel of Fortune once every day for free. Please make sure you are on the correct tab when using your free spin. Once the free spin has been used, it will show the note below until it resets the next day:


Normal Wheel of Fortune
On the Normal Wheel of Fortune, each spin costs 5 Gold. Before you spin in the Normal Wheel of Fortune, it will show the note below. If you select the box for “Don’t remind me again” you will not receive any additional messages from the wheel until the next time you log into the game.


Advanced Wheel of Fortune
On the Advanced Wheel of Fortune, you can pay 50 Golds to spin Call of God's Advanced Wheel of Fortune to win fantastic items.


NOTE: It is highly recommended that players check the tabs on the top of the wheels in order to avoid choosing the wrong wheel.
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