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25 Dec 2009
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PostedAug 18, 2011 7:28 pm

loading slowly and then stops loading

can't load into game
i having been issues today loading Call of Gods and only Call of Gods. Yes i tried refreshing browser, clearing cache, using a different broswer(i use FireFox), allowing exceptions for aeria games. ISP is not an issue, rest of internet and other games are fine, why would isp block load to one game. I had no issues early this morning around 5am est. I emailed Aeria and they give me a scripted message after more than 3 hours wait. Can someone from Aeria please just take a look at my account and see if anything is broken. i hate being run around. I am TacoSupreme on Server 3. i can't load the other 2 servers as well.
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