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17 Feb 2010
PostedAug 18, 2011 10:21 am

i can'nt wait i can'nt wait i can'nt wait i can'nt wait ....

i really hope its as good as it looks and what i have read so far.It looks great! weird name but that's what they said about every other game that made it big time. final fantasy... everyone said that sounds Happy or dumb . pardon the the word i'm just quoting ppl. but now look at it 52 servers with 7k ppl on each ..... then came WoW everyone said that game is for nerds.. wtf.. if u are a gamer u ARE a Nerd any way u look at it . lol any way just saying i cant wait to play it. Keep up the great work Aeria. ^^


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03 Jan 2009
PostedAug 20, 2011 8:26 pm
I'm happy to see your excited. Its good to be in high spirits but don't get them too high.
This is the successer to Ragnarox after all.


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11 Nov 2010
PostedAug 26, 2011 5:27 pm
I dunno, Ragnarok was pretty much the MMO for years and years, I wouldn't underestimate it because of that.

As far as RO2, or whatever it was called, everything I've heard about the reason for it flopping was because the people who are now in charge of Lime got tired of the direction the RO2 developers were taking the game and walked out. RO2 launched, and it blew chunks, so they begged the Lime folks to come back.

That's how I understand it anyway. If that's the case, they really can't be blamed for how RO2 came out.
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