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[EVENTS] Weekly Serial Events List!

Last Update: September 19th
September 19th - September 25th Events Schedule

Monday - Tuesday
Commerce Crisis

Wednesday - Thursday
Warrior Blessing

Friday - Sunday
Cancer Constellation  

From Monday to Sunday, various events will arrive in succession---try out the new content!

List of events schedule:
    Monday ~ Tuesday
  • Battle Carnival
  • Commerce Crisis

    Wednesday ~ Thursday
  • Warrior Blessing
  • Commerce Reputation

    Friday ~ Sunday
    (Note:Only one of those events will come out every week)
  • Aries Constellation
  • Taurus Constellation
  • Gemini Contellation
  • Cancer Constellation
  • Leo Constellation
  • Virgo Constellation
  • Libra Constellation
  • Scorpio Constellation
  • Sagittarius Constellation
  • Capricornus Constellation
  • Aquarius Constellation
  • Pisces Constellation
  • Royal Constellation

    Monday ~ Sunday
    (Note: Only one of the four events will come out every week)
  • Store Discount
  • Hephaestus's Hammer
  • Gifts Giveaway
  • Hero Training

Detailed events of the 1st week:
    Monday ~ Tuesday
    Take up your arms and show your mighty strength to the world!
  • Battle Carnival

During event, accumulate your attack points by your heroes' attack to get rewards.
Players reaching 2,000, 8,000 and 18,000 Daily Attack Points will get the same rewards respectively.
Top 3 players will get an additional reward.
Coins *1000, Prestige *20, Lucky Card *2
Top 1: EXP Package II *1
Top 2 and 3: EXP Package I *1
1. Only first 100 players can click "Claim" button successfully. (Number resets every hour, starting from 00:10)
2. The points will be reset to zero at 00:01 every day and rank rewards will be sent out right before the reset.  

    Wednesday ~ Thursday
    Cianorte Commerce, Rhine Commerce and BASF Commerce declare to open the trade market with lords to boost their development.
  • Commerce Reputation

During event, you can earn generous profits of price differences by purchasing and selling Materials from these three Commerces. Top 3 players with the most generous profits will get an additional reward.
Top 1: Lucky Card *5, Prestige * 150
Top 2 and 3: Lucky Card *2, Prestige * 50
1. Top 3 players will get rewards at 23: 59 every day.
2. Players can buy Trade Tickets in Store.  

    Friday ~ Sunday
    Constellation Palace is swept by cold current. Collect Synchic Fire Stone to relieve people there from coldness. They will reward those who collect certain amount of Synchic Fire Stones with valuable rewards.
  • Aquarius Constellation

During event, get Obsidian and Synchic Fire at random by attacking wilderness. 1 Obsidian and 2 Synchic Fires can be transmuted to 1 Synchic Fire Stone. You can finish a task and get valuable Rewards by submitting 3 Synchic Fire Stones.
1. You can finish the task of Aquarius Constellation for free 2 times at most every day.
2. You can buy Crystal Tokens in Store to get more tasks.
Constellation Box *1, Coins *1000, Aquarius Constellation *1, Prestige *50
You can get one of the following rewards at random by opening Constellation Box: Crystal Patches, Amber Patches, Attack Jewel, Coins, Mystic Stone and certain items from store.  

For these special constellation serial events, we’ve made some adjustments to it. Collecting each kind of Constellation *4 (52 in total) and 5 Mystic Stones to get a Divine Chest, from which there is a high probability of Super Hero!

For example:
Aquarius Constellation *4 + Aries Constellation *4 + …+ Pisces Constellation *4 + Royal Constellation *4 + Mystic Stone *5 = Divine Chest *1
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