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24 May 2011
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Eden Eternal: Guardians of the Races


A cloaked human female was running through the nighttime forest.

Just a little further. Just a little farther to the Anuran Village. Then she'd be able to complete the first league of her mission.

She thought back to ten years ago, when there was peace throughout the land. And it was thanks to the Legendary Transforming Guardian that it was so. He could transform into any of the types of Eternal Guardians, the only one of his kind.

The types of Eternal Guardians were: Thieves, Martial Artists, Blade Dancers, Hunters, Engineers, Rangers, Magicians, Illusionists, Warlocks, Clerics, Bards, Shamans, Warriors, Knights, Paladins, Keepers, Marine Biologists, and Paleontologists.

The Animal Class Branch was previously unknown until about three years before the Transforming Guardian appeared. Keepers could call upon the powers of Animals of the Earth and Sky, while Marine Biologists could use the might of Aquatic Wildlife, and the Paleontologists could utilize the capability of extinct beasts.

Yet, in that ten years ago, the Transforming Guardian just disappeared.

Then, Cyllindricas, an evil gypsy Drakai with major power over the Dark Arts and leader of the evil Black Banes, saw this as an opportunity to take over the land of Diaspora. She exterminated the remaining Eternal Guardians, all but one. The woman was that one. She was the last Eternal Guardian.

She had been in hiding for the last ten years, preparing for this one mission. If she failed, all of Diaspora would be doomed to Cyllindricas' reign forever.

It was then that she got to the Anuran Village. The Anurans were frog people and were a jolly, carefree race, but not ignorant of Cyllindricas' tyranny.

They were expecting her and immediately let her in through the village gate. All the remaining outposts that weren't under Cyllindricas' control had large walls around their outposts.

Then, the mayor of the Anuran Village came up to the the last Eternal Guardian.

"We've been expecting you, Elementia. Please, Lauren this way." he said.
The woman, now known as Elementia, nodded. She followed the mayor to a nearby home.

When she knocked on the door, a little male Anuran answered. Elementia heard a sobbing coming from the inside of the home.

The male Anuran recognized the magic lady before him.

"Mommy! Elementia is here!" he yelled into the house.

The sobbing stopped and an adult female Anuran came into the doorway. Her eyes were red around the edges.

"Elementia. I'm glad to see you. Please, hurry. Lauren doesn't have much time." she said.

She swiftly led Elementia to Lauren's room with the young Anuran in close suit. Lauren was a young female Anuran. She was lying in her bed with her eyes closed and occasional twitching. She had a deadly incurable disease that would kill her in 72 hours. It had already been 71 hours.

Elementia got out a single perfect blue crystal and a flask with water from a remote spring in the mountains out of her cloak.

"You're sure this will heal her?" the mother Anuran asked Elementia.

"Yes. But she will become a great warrior that may possibly save Diaspora. Are you sure you want this for your daughter?" Elementia inquired.

"Yes. If it means saving my only daughter, I will agree to it." the mother assure her.

"Very well then."

Elementia then used her magic to crush the crystal into a blue powder and then put it in the flask. She mixed it up until the potion was glowing.

"Open her mouth." Elementia said to the mother.

When she did so, Elementia put a swig of the potion down Lauren's throat and put the cork back on the flask.

Then Lauren opened her eyes and looked around!

She noticed her mother and said, "Mommy?"

Being overcome with joy, the mother Anuran hugged her daughter and, with tears in her eyes, said, "Oh, Lauren. I'm so glad you're alright."

She turned to Elementia and said, "How can I ever repay you?"

"Just let her go down the path of the Blade Dancer." she said.

Then, she disappeared in a swirl of light, leaving the Anuran family puzzled by her words.

Three weeks later

Elementia returned to her home in the mountains.

She thought back to the previous three weeks. She had gifted a child of each of the races, except the ogres, for they served Cyllindricas, with the power of one of the branches of the Eternal Guardians.

She only hoped that they would go down the right path.


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04 Jun 2011
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PostedMar 04, 2012 7:00 pm
Blade dancer! One of my favorite classes!
Elementia is a fitting name :3
Oh no... Will the new gifted people be able to hide? What will happen to Elementia? Are there any new races that had come out of hiding? Would there be a race for every one of these classes?

I may be annoying but I DO have my awesome moments. I am Nezumiiru. I look for trouble. I guard fate. I love dance parties.


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04 Nov 2011
PostedMar 05, 2012 2:57 pm
Just keep writing..the atmosphere, the narration, the setting..Perfect Very Happy
Cant wait for more.

I eat trolls for breakfast


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24 May 2011
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PostedMar 29, 2012 6:24 pm
Chapter 1

A single buck was galloping through the sunny forest.

Suddenly, a single bolt of energy shot of the shadows of the forest floor, aiming for the buck. It gracefully leaped out of the way of the arrow, only to have it’s head chopped off by an sword.

The owner said sword, an Ursun, picked up the buck by it’s stomach and slung it over his shoulder.

Ursuns were a tightly-knit bear race. They value history and culture above all else.

This particular Ursun had on silver armor, silver metal boots, and a silver helmet with a crest on it. He was holding a red crystal sword and a metal shield adorned with a golden star on it.

“Hey, Jason! That was my kill!” a shrill voice said to the Ursun, now known as Jason.

The Ursun turned around and saw a small Zumi stomping over to him. The Zumis were a creative mouse people that were known for their near-flawless inventions. This particular Zumi had a blue cloth helmet on with red goggles on it. He had a green coat with a pair of black pants and metal boots. His arms and hands were covered by metallic gloves and he was holding a green metallic gun in each hand.

“Well, sorry, Matthew, but I saw that you missed, so I came over to help.” Jason said.

“Well, I could’ve shot at it again!” the Zumi, Matthew, yelled back at him.

“At the rate these deer run at? I don’t you’d have another chance.” Jason chuckled.

“Fine. Let’s just take this back to Aven.” Matthew conceded defeat.

But, as they walked off, little did they realized they were being watched by a crow. But this crow had fierce, red eyes and feathers as black as the night sky. It cawed and a horde of red-skinned, muscular ogres appeared in the small meadow where Matthew and Jason once stood. The crow pointed a wing towards the direction where Matthew and Jason walked off. The ogres nodded and ran off.

Meanwhile, in a dark and foreboding lair, a certain Drakai was fuming.

“I THOUGHT YOU SAID THEY WERE GONE!” Cyllindricas yelled from her throne made of the bones of the Eternal Guardians she killed.

Cyllindricas was a blood-red Drakai with crazed violet eyes. Her mouth and nose were hidden by a violet veil. On top of her head was a golden crown embedded with black magical jewels that enhanced her dark magical power. She had the rest of her body covered by a swirl of dark purple robes.

On the other side of the room, an ogre was on his knees, begging forgiveness.

“Please, your majesty! I thought so too!” he begged, “Please don’t kill me!”

But, it was too late. He had ignited Cyllindricas’ wrath and had to pay the price. She muttered a dark incantation, which unleashed a wave of black fire at the cowering Ogre, effectively burning him into dust.

Cyllindricas turned to the Ogre beside her. This Ogre was different; instead of being the normal red color, it was a dark green.

“Lucius, clean this mess up!” Cyllindricas ordered.

“Yes, your majesty.” He sighed.

Cyllindricas turned back to the crystal orb beside her.

“So, there are still Eternal Guardians out there, eh?” she chuckled, “Well, this should be interesting.”

EDIT: Sorry for not posting for so long. I lost interest in this story for a long time. But, I'm back!


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PostedAug 22, 2012 7:06 pm
oooh this is really good ^^ you should continue it or put it on


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24 Nov 2012
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PostedNov 25, 2012 6:20 pm
Oh I really want to know what happens next I'm enjoying this a lot! Very Happy
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