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03 Jul 2007
quetigny France
PostedJul 09, 2011 10:35 am

Mow priests bugged

influence don't work
It's been two months now that the inlfuence of priests don't work correctly and always depend of the level of the priest. It should work with the number of conversion, and +1 every 26 points, so +10 at 260, and so on. I was hoping the new extension would have fixed this bug but it's not the case. This is realy annoying because i raised the conversion, and have only +4 on map instead of the +17 inscribed.
I will add that the 3 other statistics are really useless, as prayer max at 9999, slander don't work on temples that pray, and useless too trying to kick a priest slandering, never work unless slander is ended.
What's the use having priests if they aren't worth anything ?
I want the bug fixed NOW!
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