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Aeria: Product Manager
18 Feb 2011
United States
PostedJul 05, 2011 3:40 am

[New Expansion] Blood of the Nobles has arrived!

Launching first on New Server Triumph, July 6th!

Announcing the launch of our newest Ministry of War expansion: Blood of the Nobles, as well as a new server addition named Triumph! Triumph will go live, along with Blood of the Nobles, on 7/06/2011.

Triumph continues in the long line of competitive Ministry of War servers and will lead the way for Blood of the Nobles. Our latest server is helping layout out our MoW server infrastructure to provide additional capacity for all new and prospective players.

Privileges include:

• Access to the Noble’s Work Force
• Unique in-game symbols and identifiers for Nobles
• Colored font for Trumpets
• Unique Shop only for Nobles
• Extra chances to challenge the Acadian Ladder.

Noble’s Work Force

Make your life easier with the Noble’s Work Force, which will free you up to focus on the more important aspects of Ministry of War by providing automatic systems for the following:
• Construction
• Research
• Attacking Lairs
• Tavern/Hero recruitment
• Merchant trading
• Auction House trading
• Missionary worship.

Revamped Friends System

The current Friends System has been changed and revamped to encourage more cooperation and teamwork. All icons and interfaces have been updated.

• Added “My Homepage”, “My Friends”, “My Gifts” and “Leave a Message”.
• Added Gift-sending function: purchasing gifts from the Mall and sending them to a friend can increase Friendship Points.
• Added 26 new gift-related items in the Mall.
• There are total 5 levels of Friend Levels.
• Added two Friend Level items: one is to upgrade Friend Level from lv3 to lv4 immediately and the other is to upgrade friend level from lv4 to lv5 immediately.
• Increasing Friend Levels results in a variety of game-related benefits such as sharing experience in certain situations, or sharing plundered resources.  

New Items

• Added three items: Silver Noble Card, Gold Noble Card and Platinum Noble Card
• Silver Nobles can activate one function of the Noble’s Work Force
• Gold nobles can activate three functions of the Noble’s Work Force
• Platinum nobles can activate all seven functions of the Noble’s Work Force  


• Added a new item “Birthright of Nobility” which contains a random quantity of Troops (Troop Tier is also randomly selected)
• Added three items “1-day Armistice” “3-day Armistice” and “7-day Armistice”. Items provide you protection from battles for varying lengths of time  


• Add a Starlight Treasure Box
• Add a Platinum Treasure Box
• Platinum Treasure Box can be found from Lairs, Acadian Ladder, Wild Elephant and Thief.
• Add a new item to the Starter Pack: a 7- day Silver Noble Card  

In total, over a hundred new items have been added to this expansion, along with a large collection of game tweaks and improvements. Ministry of War just got better!
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