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Gameplay Guide Index

Because digging though pages of forums is boring and bookmarking is lame. [Updated Jan 28, 2013]
I decided to make an index of all the player guides and info so we don't have to dig through a couple pages to find the guide we want. If there is something missing feel free to PM me or post it up in this thread so it can be added.

Beginner's Guides
[Info] EdenEternal Lore (background story) - koager
[Guide] A new player's walk through of Eden Eternal - Varethien
[Guide] Liddokun's Eden Eternal Tips 'n Tricks - Liddokun
[Guide] Limestone Mountain - Saltyloves
[Eden Eternal] Guide/Useful Link Index - Amirrora
Eden Eternal Guide Index - GMGreywulf (covers a few non-gameplay issues)
Game acronyms, phrases, and foreign words to the noob - tragictwist

Character Stats and Heroic Traits
[Info] Stats and Attack Types - koager
[Info] Hero Characteristics - koager
Stat Information - Kardo
Stat Formulas - UnluckyOrpheus
[Guide] Classes, Traits, and Stats guide - Varethien
[Info] Cast Speed Formula - heatzz
[Info] Understanding of Heroic Traits - heatzz
[Info] Race V.S Class - heatzz

[Guide] Skills + Talents + Certificates - Saltyloves
Introducing the Class Glyph System! - lestat_anil
[Guide] Certificate Combinations - koager

Class/Race Guides
[Info] Class Info - koager
[Guide] Class Switching - Saltyloves
[Guide] Magician's Manual - heatzz
[Guide] Class Scoring - Iyeru
[Info] Samurai - koager
[Info] Races - koager
[Guide] Warlock - koager
Blade Dancer and Shaman Classes - AndoSky
Zumi (mouse) and Anuran (frog) full preview - xuphor
Why YOU should play every class. - Jemmeh
[Sneak Peak] Bears and Children - koager
[Sneak Peak] Rangers - koager
[Sneak Peak] The Time Crossing Sage - koager
Emulcify's Cleric Introduction - Emulcification

Exp Charts
EXP Table for Character + Class 1-50 -Saltyloves
[INFO]When Experience Is Gained - SolestiaDeLuna
[Info] Class Skill Upgrades table (EXP). - heatzz
[Info] Character Skill Upgrades table. - heatzz

[Guide] Transparency In Guild Insignias - LordRapthorne
[Guide] Creating your guild and establish your guild town - koager
[Guide] Guild quests - Extensive / Picture heavy. - Edmondyay134
Guild Towns - A Guide to Accessing Guild Towns - GeekAtLifeMeter
Guild guide **Image heavy - Varethien
[Guide] Guild Insignias (Video) - TheNinjaKitten
Guild Fame guide - bobbyarmstrong

[Guide] Crafting made EZ - Liddokun
[Guide]Crafting Lv40 Weapons - menancewhite
Introduction to Racial Crafting - GMHyorin
Racial Crafting Guide - Halfkin and Ursuns - lestat_anil

[Guide] Fortification Guide - Liddokun

Couple's System
[Guide] Couples System - Icewerewolf90

Item Mall
[Guide] Item Mall Item Guide - Liddokun
The Loyalty Shop has arrived! - BigNakedBob32
Eden Eternal Crystal Altar Guide - gmbunbun

General Strategies and Dungeons
Girls can tank too! (How to tank this boss and other guides) - kattroberts21
[Guide] Tanking for Melee/Defense Classes - koager
[Guide] Strategies to complete Dungeons with ease. (Rotten) - Micchio
[Guide] Break Point System - Liddokun
[Mini-Guide] Tasos Channel Bosses - whitenuts
How-To Videos: Soloing 3 Man Bosses as a Cleric - Stingraey
Heroic Trial FAQs - Angor Quarry and Vileshark Headquarters - BigNakedBob32
Heroic Trial FAQs - Fort Verdure and Ulta Hall - BigNakedBob32
Level 55 Heroic Trial FAQs - Taso Channel and Baltaroi Core! - BigNakedBob32
Level 55 Heroic Trial FAQs - Shale Cavern and Veninfang! - BigNakedBob32
Level 60 Heroic Trial FAQs - Crimson, Century and Morticora! - BigNakedBob32
Level 60 Heroic Trial FAQs - Eroda and Manor! - BigNakedBob32
Level 65 Heroic Trial FAQs - Branda Root and Malice Palace! - BigNakedBob32
Level 65 Heroic Trial FAQs - Mayor's Dream and Slain! - BigNakedBob32
Heroic Trials Drop List - lestat_anil
Dungeon Boss List - xRedPandax

Guild vs Guild/Player vs Player
Introducing Territory Wars! - BigNakedBob32
Territory War Version 2 - celestar
3v3 Arena Guide - BigNakedBob32
The Monster Arena has Landed! (Guide) - Rhia_Shirubia

Gold Earning and Saving Guides
<Guide> How To Obtain and Save Gold - Alucard923
Basic Gold Gathering Tips - Raife
[Guide] Making/Saving Gold - yuanshuai

Other Guides
Basic Aven NPC Fame Guide - Ageratum
Fame Shop Guide/Database - kyazi09
[Guide] Pets and Pet Skills - Saltyloves
[Info] Pet System - koager
[Guide]Pets - Spongeycashew
How to stop gold whispers: Search denied - Zyrein
[Info] Weapon Attack Speed Table - heatzz
[Mini-Guide] Armor Types and Equipping - Lovejaw
How to COD (Cash on Delivery) - Burnanating
[Guide] Rankings - TheNinjaKitten
Introducing Player Shops! - BigNakedBob32
Player Housing System - koager
Introducing Daily Fortunes! - BigNakedBob32
Guide to Alpaca Tokens & Mystery Capsule Machines! - GMHyorin
New Feature: Monster Invasion! - GMorly
[Guide] Party Structure - sairusaigen

If you feel something listed should be removed please do it privately by sending me a PM or the Contact Us.



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+1 request for this to be stickied.

Also you forgot a guild guide.

Varethien's guild guide


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If you have anything report please use a contact us and or contact a GS via their forum inbox for more help Smile

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