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23 Sep 2007
poole United Kingdom
PostedJun 25, 2011 6:23 am

new game engine

kitsu saga, grand fantasire(i cant spell to save my life) and eden etra...THE NEW ONE...engine
these three games are all useing the same engin the later one is a moded version
and the are all pretty generic to the engine surely its about tme for a new one

or at least something an rtsfprpg(real time stratgey first person role playing game)that use the hotkey mecannic(spelling) to select what unit you play as and point and click NPC unit command and then use and the use f1 to go normal RTS or somthing and have a hero unit(players avatar)which has skills and command bar....dungon crawling might be a bit diffcult to implement =L level grinding to droped and replaced with a sytstem based on PvE
influence or something.exampel you control a province and you get 1000 extra influenc wich means you can get more soldiers(limit per battel 15-20) or the leveling system is not a limitation on what soldiers you can get.......

in short mash together: age of empiers, cod, Swat4,and grand fantasier and of corse the mmo aspect

thought and comments+support for this idea would be apreciated

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