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24 Apr 2011
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PostedJun 19, 2011 7:36 am

Guild guide **Image heavy

Another guide with pictures and doodles. C:
Welcome to another exciting picture / doodle guide by Varethien! Today's topic is, guilds. How to get them, what do you get by getting them, and why you should want one...

Assuming you meet the requirements which are:

[quote="EdenEternal Wiki"Conditions for setting up a guild:
1. The applying character must at least be level 20.
2. The applying character must have at least 50 gold on them.
3. The applying character must not be currently in a guild.[/quote]

You can now get yourself a guild, but now where do you have to go, the answer to that is Guild manager Heldin in Aven at x479 y468.
Pictured here:

You'll get a list of options on what to do, what you should click at this point is: " I want to found a new guild." And the system will make sure you're level 20 with 50 gold on you. You won't notice this though, and it will ask you to input your guild name. (No picture for this, I wasn't making a guild at the moment. If someone wants a picture of this I appreciate it if you message me one and I'll insert it and give you credit for the picture.)

Congratulations! You've made your, assuming this, first guild. But now what, is there any features or special things you can get with being in a guild now? The answer is, there sure is! I'll discuss a few now.

First off is: Guild Towns
Now first you need to meet the requirements to make a guild town. They are:

EdenEternal Wiki wrote:
Conditions for setting up a guild town:
1. The registering person is the guild leader
2. The guild leader is at least Lv. 30
3. Guild is at least Lv. 3
4. The guild has at least 30 members.
5. The guild must not already have a guild town.
6. There must be 500g in the guild bank used to purchase the town. If there are more than 50 guild towns in existence, the cost is increased to 10,000g.
7. If the guild loses it's members to be under the requirement (30) and there is less than 10 people online for 3 consecutive days, the guild town will be taken back.  

Now you see the Guild Town requirements and you must be thinking. "500g?! Level 3?! Dude, there's no point to that" Well, you're not correct on that end here are the benefits for the Guild Towns.

1. Guild leaders can construct buildings with special blueprints and items.
2. The leader can also recruit NPCs to settle here.
3. NPCs in Eden Eternal will either sell assignment orders or craft items.
4. If players who aren't in the guild buys things from NPCs or assigns work to them, the guild can charge a tax.

So hurry up and get that Guild Town before there's 50 towns already.

Now, what are the features of the guild?
Well I'm glad you asked.

First of all, you can make announcements in your guild, pictured below.

This is pretty self explanatory.

Level: Current guild level.
Leader: Shows who your current leader is.
Members: x / x Shows your current guild members, over the total members allowed.
Fame: x / x Shows how much fame your guild has, fame is needed to level up your guild.
Guild Fame rates =
EdenEternal Wiki wrote:

Guild Fame required to level
1. Level 1 to 2 = 2000
2. Level 2 to 3 = 7000
3. Level 3 to 4 = 24,000  

Funding: How much Gold and Silver your has so far.
Income = x %: Total percent of income your guild receives from:
1. Guild Quest Tax turn in.
2. Donations from Guild Members.
3. Things your Town's NPCs sell to people.

Show offline mbrs: Shows your offline guild mates.
Edit msg: Edits your Guild's message.
Recruit: Opens an input box so you can put the new recruits name in it.
Upgrade: If your Fame meets or exceeds the required limit to Level up, you may upgrade to the next level.
Set / Test Insignia: Sets and test the insignia you make for your clan. **Must be a 32x32 sized image in a .bmp format.
Disband / Leave guild: This is either to completely remove the guild from existence, or to leave the guild yourself.

Now, I know I've been talking a lot about "Guild fame" and you might be wondering how to get it, I will explain how to get them.

To get Guild Fame, you must talk to "Guild Quest Officer Kaiser". He is at the Temple Knights' Hall at location x455 y357.

Just simply right click Kaiser and you will see this menu:

Which is a regular shop, and it has the quests there, guild quests unlike regular game quests cost money to buy.

And this is my guild guide, I appreciate whatever feedback you have for me.

[GS]Soira for the information about the upgrade button.
Eden Eternal Wiki for the requirements.

Now with this guide, your off to start a nice, and happy guild like this!



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12 Jul 2011
PostedJul 25, 2011 7:49 pm
hmm... seems it's missing something.

if you already have a guild town, you can buy the guild quest from the bulletin board inside your town instead.

Kaiser only sell the "opening quest story" for each map, while the bulletin board sell complete story of them.

still, this is a very nice guide Very Happy


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16 Jan 2008
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PostedJul 25, 2011 10:20 pm
qqmaverick wrote:
Kaiser only sell the "opening quest story" for each map, while the bulletin board sell complete story of them.

still, this is a very nice guide Very Happy  

They can also be bought without a guild town from other towns. (This is why some guild members from high tax towns go to other towns.)

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