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Need Help Purchasing Ministry of War Points?

Follow this guide!
As a new player to Ministry of War, you may run into circumstances where the game asks you to pay in "Ministry of War Gold" or "Points" however you don't have any and have no idea how to acquire some for your own. Well this is the guide for you!

From the main window of the game, the quickest way to gain Points is to click the button for "Treasure" in the bottom center of the game window. Once you have clicked the "Treasure" button, a new window will open. From here you can either "Add Points to Account" or go to the game's "Shop".

If you already have Aeria Points you can select your amount your wish to purchase from the "Add Points to Account window" and then click the button to "OrderInfo_Pay". Points may take a few seconds to show up on your account and will appear when you are in the shop in the bottom right corner of the Shop window.

If you do not have Aeria Points you will need to attempt to purchase Points anyway. This will open a new window/tab in your browser. There are a number of options available for purchasing Aeria Points so pick the option that is best for you. You can also gain free points here or by participating in Events on the forums!

Aeria Point purchases are generally very fast, however if this is your first purchase, you may need to wait for 15 minutes before using your Aeria Points. Once you have Aeria Points, you can view how many you have on this page: Aeria Point Recharge History

Once you have Aeria Points on your account, you can return to beginning of this guide and purchase Ministry of War Points!
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