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[Guide] How to become a VIP

Follow this guide!
From the main window of the game, there are several ways to become a VIP. You can quickly become a VIP by clicking the button in the upper left corner of the game above your avatar that reads "VIP." Additionally you may open the Shop and click the button "VIP" in the upper right corner of the Shop window.

Once you have clicked any of the "VIP" buttons, a window will open in your game. From here you can use Call of Gods Gold to purchase VIP which allows you special access and more customization.

    As a VIP, you gain access to the following benefits:
  • Customized Avatars - VIPs can upload their own avatars to uniquely represent them
  • Special Marks - VIPs receive a special mark for their castles and on the player rankings
  • More Energy per Day - VIPs maximum energy level is increased to 450
  • Automatic Army Replenishment - Removes need to click "Max. All" after each battle
  • 24 Hour Training - Increases duration of training and resource collection sessions to 24hours
  • Shop Discount - 20% discount for all items in the Shop
  • No Auction Fees - No Silver required to auction items in the Auction House
  • VIP Gift Pack - VIP players can collect a special gift pack from the VIP window every month

    The VIP Gift Pack includes:
  • 1x Dungeon Key
  • 2x Golden Keys
  • 3x Bounty Cards
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