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05 Sep 2007
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PostedJun 04, 2008 11:08 am

Shaiya Known Abuse List

No list of possible abuses can be all inclusive. However, the following have been specifically designated as a known abuse for Shaiya:

Hate Mongering - participation in or propagation of Hate literature, behavior, or propaganda related to real -world characteristics.

Sexual Abuse or Harassment - untoward and/or unwelcome advances of a graphic and sexual nature. This includes, but is not limited to: virtual ****, overt sexual overtures, and stalking of a sexual nature.

Map\Location Disruption is defined as any activity designed to harm or inconvenience a number of groups rather than a specific player or group of players. This includes, but is not limited to:

Deliberately blocking narrow area(s) so other players cannot get past.
Making excessive and inappropriate use of public channels of communications.
Getting to locations that are not normally accessible.
Intentionally causing excessive Map\Location latency.
Causing intentional experience loss to other players with monsters (Impeding fleeing players, luring, etc).
Intentionally denying a particular resource or resources to the players. (Spawn camping , Kill Stealing, etc)
Closing shops by using the Evo skill on players in the market.
Using the Evo skill on other team.

Fraud of any type. This includes, but is not limited to:

Saying an item is rare when it isn’t, to trick players into paying extra money for it.
Saying you will upgrade someone's weapon for free and keeping the items to yourself.
Saying you will help a player transfer a pet from one character to his other, and keeping the pet for yourself.
Joining a guild only to deceive players that they can trust you, in order to rip them off, players we advise you don’t trust your items to anyone.
Saying you will buy/sell Aeria Points. There is no way to transfer these, so saying that you will is clearly fraud.
Saying you will trade an Item Mall item for in-game gold, and keeping the gold without giving the item in return. If you want an Item Mall item, the only way we can assure you will not get scammed, is if you purchase AP through the proper methods.

Prohibited software is defined as any software that interacts with or interferes with the game client so as to provide an advantage to the user. Examples of this are:

Auto-Typer – This is a program that allows you to type the same lines over and over, at great speed. This is considered a macro program and is not allowed.
Bot-Trainer – This is a program used with the game that will automatically go around killing monsters in the specified area. This is most definitely illegal, and will not be tolerated.
Auto-Potions – A program that automatically uses potions when you are low on health, again this is a macro and is not allowed.
Any program that sends input into the game (i.e. makes your character carry out an action) is considered a third party program, and will be in violation of this rule.

You must not encourage others to break the rules. Examples of this are:

Telling players that the rules are not enforced, or that no one is watching.
Trying to get a reaction from other players by using offensive language against them.
Creating, distributing, or even advertising third party programs.
Advertising websites
Informing others of current bugs that are in the game, and encouraging them to abuse them.
Any action you take that would make another player more likely to break a rule than before you commenced that action will be against this rule.

You will follow the instructions of authorized personnel while in the Game. Examples of this are:

Killing a GameSage while in the performance of their duties.

You will not use any known bug for benefit. Examples of this are:

Using terrain features to prevent mobs from pathing to you.
Using a skill/ability/item in such a manner as for it not to function as specified
Using Game Mechanics exploits to favor your in PvP/PvE.

Attempting to Defraud a Aeria Games & Entertainment Representative - Petitioning with false information with the intent of receiving benefits as a result.

Impersonating a Aeria Games & Entertainment Representative - falsely representing yourself to another player as any member of the Aeria Games & Entertainment staff.

Aeria Games & Entertainment Personnel Abuse - This includes, but is not limited to, sending excessive petitions (as an individual or group), excessively using any channel to communicate to a Aeria Games & Entertainment Representative, making physical threats, or using abusive language against a Aeria Games & Entertainment Representative.

Implying Favoritism by Aeria Games & Entertainment - Stating that employees of Aeria Games & Entertainment or members of Aeria Games & Entertainment will show favor towards one or more parties involved in any given situation. This includes, but is not limited to, using threats of retribution or inferring that you will not be held accountable for your actions due to special consideration.

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