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29 Aug 2010
Blytheville United States
PostedJun 12, 2011 12:46 am

No purple hero in over 100k glory or 4 months play

Hi... I am ranked 8th on Wrath and have not seen a purple hero in my tavern for 4 month and 100k glory. I have 3 purple heroes, but since I spend money have 2 in the sanctuary. This leaves me one free to use for ladder, cz and arena. It is not enough and i am getting bored and thinking of moving to a new game as a result. 4 months playing everyday an average of 8 hours a day, equates to almost 1000 turns in the tavern.. add 2 turnstile packs to that and the extras from the lever and you get over 2000 refreshes.. the lack of equity is evident within the random system. We end up with noobs with 6 purples and long term players with one or 2 heroes. One guy in my guild Smiler has a level 70 blue because he has NO purple hero... this makes it difficult to keep long term players on the servers and keep the servers alive.

Would appreciate if you would consider throwing me a purple bone here to help reinvigorate my account.
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