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31 Aug 2009
PostedJun 06, 2011 10:23 am

My Computer Will not Start Up Anymore

I left my character on the whole night last night and when I got back on this morning it was still there. I decided to let it rest for a while so I turned off my computer and let it sit for half an hour. I got back on tried to log in got in then a couple minutes in the game, computer just shut down. powered my computer back on logged in but this time it said Banished from the server then it shut down again. Tried it again, logged in this time i got into the game but a few minutes in it computer shuts down again. Now I am trying to power up my computer and i wont power up. I am using my laptop right now and i have no idea what is going on. can someone please help me and tell me what is going on.


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14 Mar 2008
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If you aren't crashing, it sounds like you are overheating your computer. If your computer is a desktop, take a can of air duster to the insides, that will help with overheating issues. Also, always run your laptop on a hard surface, such as wood, glass, or hard plastic. Soft fabrics can prevent proper air flow and lead to overheating.

EDIT: Totally missed the line where you said "And now it won't power up", despite the title of the thread. Refer to celestar's post.


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13 Feb 2007
PostedJun 06, 2011 10:32 am
if your computer won't power up, its probably a hardware failure. Check to see if the power supply for the computer turns on when you attempt to power it on. Does the psu fans run? If you are not technical and can troubleshoot this, best take the computer to a technician. It could be that your psu died or another hardware component died.
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