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19 Dec 2007
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PostedJun 02, 2011 6:04 pm
Fina1Hero wrote:
bboy500 wrote:
I can be a tank, or i can be a offensive powerhouse but either way They are very useful.  

Hmm You say they can tank but can they tank in a party? Do they have the agro skills needed?

SabishiiOokami wrote:
Fina1Hero wrote:
You would think that the engineer would be a crafting or mecha unit... Here it is very much a ranger with an iron man suit.  

Lol it still involves a "mecha unit". Also, I mean honestly the class in and of itself just seems slightly out of place here. Granted I like the class and want to try it later, don't get me wrong, but it just doesn't seem as though it fits like everything else.

Ah yeah I mean as in riding a mecha or using it as a pet.  

I played in the Japanese server, and one guy tanked the level 40 dungeon using an engineer. Not sure what the skill was called, but he did the iron-man transform skill and used the aoe skill to round up mobs. Everybody was really surprised. Note this was at level 40 with a priest, bard 6-man setup. Not sure how well this would fair before or after level 40.

Either way that engineer AOE skill is freaking annoying. You can do repeatable quests in like half the time of other classes because you just run around in circles, group up everything, and kill it in a couple skills.
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