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[Semi-Guide] Alliance Trees and Guild EXP

If this is old information, this may not apply. But, there's no harm in putting it somewhere standalone.

Hola972 wrote:
Well Well Well!that makes sense doesn't it?lool I feel like a fool now lool so th emore you post the higher your rank!Yet, not as a player but as a ranker isn't it?Fair enough then.I thought it was your level as a player & I thought 'whaaat the heck!?' lol.However you might start as a player before me since i'm still struggling to get this software download. I haven't succeeded yet though there is different topic to help due to the fact this is redundant issue obviously.Is it possible to be part of different guilds?How would it work in the game?I mean is there quests to complete as a guild,together or is it just everyone does its own stuff as a player?like separate gamer life within the games?I don't know for you but it would be a first for me.We would need to pop champain lool  

Quests you complete are put toward the guild you are currently in, your guild gets a certain amount of GXP from each guild quest, and the higher the level of the guild, the higher level guild quests you can take. But be warned, don't go creating your guild at like level 60, you won't be able to level it then, why? An example from Kitsu Saga and Grand Fantasia is below:

1.) At level 1 Guild, you can only take guild quests up to level 30. After that, you no longer can get quests.

2.) At guild Level 2, you can only take guild quests up to level 45 or so. Plus, one guild boss quest.

this continues on and on. Eventually, when guild war comes, one guild quest (which is obtainable by the guild war NPC) will be able to be given. This guild quest gives no GXP, but it gives Guild War points on top of the ones you received during guild war.

As for working together, guilds can apply to be allied to other guilds. In Grand Fantasia, we had a thing where if you were allied with one guild, and that guild allied with a totally different, un-allied guild, the third and second guilds can fight against a guild that opposes the first guild. Did you get all of that? If not, here's a simple explanation, I hope:


GUILD A = Master Guild.

          This means GUILD B applied for an alliance
          to GUILD A.

          GUILD A ------ GUILD B      <======= THIS, is Alliance A.

                      \\ ||||||| //
                        \\|||||//     <======= THIS, is Alliance B.
                         GUILD C

GUILD B = Sub-Master Guild.

          This means that GUILD C applied to ally with GUILD B.
          Because GUILD B is already an Ally with GUILD A in Alliance A,
          GUILD C is an indirect ally to GUILD A. Well, what does this mean?

          Think of it this way, when you have a guild war, GUILD A will be the
          one who initiates the war. Well, I guess some would say, "So what,
          wouldn't that be Alliance A's Problem?" No, it isn't. See, the alliance
          between GUILD B and C is also an alliance between GUILD A and C, because
          GUILD A is in an alliance with GUILD B. Which means.

                             GUILD A
                           //       \\
 Alliance A∩B ======>     //         \\   <==== Alliance A
                         //           \\
                        //             \\
                  GUILD C ============= GUILD B

                           Alliance B

         This is known, in Mathematics as a Set Intersection. Where in Alliance
         A and B have a common interest. What is this common interest? Well, maybe
         we should turn that picture around and take off the bottom:

                             GUILD B
                           //       \\
 Alliance A ========>     //         \\   <==== Alliance B
                         //           \\
                        //             \\
                  GUILD A               GUILD C

         Now what do you see? See something that both GUILD A and GUILD C
         have in common? That's right, GUILD B! Which means that GUILD C is
         in fact an ally of GUILD A AND B.

Of course, this only works if the devs allowed more than one guild alliance per guild.

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