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ATTENTION PLAYERS - Scamming, and Gold Selling!

What to avoid and how to report it.
Dearest Eden Eternal,

Recently, several old enemies of Free to Play Games have have come back in force and are causing an increasing amount of problems for players. Most importantly Gold Sellers Spammers and players who scam other players. This post is to help keep you informed and help you protect your account.


Gold Selling/Buying
Gold selling means trading real life money for in game currency (macca). Both buying and selling gold is against the Tems of Service and will result in both accounts getting banned.

Please be aware that anyone claiming to sell you Macca/Gold, is breaking the rules and is most likely a scammer. Going to their Gold Selling sites may be harmful to your computer and personal security. Please take caution. DO NOT buy gold from them.  

The biggest source of scamming is when a player asks to borrow one of your items to "try it out" and then does not return it. Please be advised that any in game trades are yours to conduct and it is up to you to protect yourself in these situations.

Eden Eternal does not have a "Loan" Button. DO NOT loan out your items.

Please remember you are responsible for your own items. Should the other party run off with your item/s please head over to the Report Behavior forum and post following the guidelines provided in this post.  

Account Sharing and Scamming
Another, more malicious from of scamming is when a player attempts to convince you to give them your username and password. This is likely a SCAM so do not do it. Giving your account password to ANYONE is considered account sharing and is in violation of the Terms of Service and WILL result in both sharing accounts being banned.

Once again:
Giving your account password to ANYONE is considered account sharing and will result in your account being banned - Don't do it, it's not worth it!!!  

If you come across any problems please feel free to use Contact us. The GM Team is here to help!

Team Eden Eternal

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