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29 Feb 2008
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Gold Buying/Selling and Scamming

Please read before submitting your ticket!
Attention all players of Eden Eternal, it's important for you to be aware of the dangers that may be present to you. Please read the following to avoid becoming an unknowing victim!


All trades are considered final. This policy is found in our terms of service. If you lose an item to another player, our team will investigate it and make a judgment for punishment where necessary, but your item(s) will not be recovered.

Signs of a suspicious trade:

  • Low-level characters (10 or below) with large amounts of gold or AP items.
  • Asking you to give them an item while they go get another character to complete the trade.
    As the storage bank is shared across an account, there is no reason a person cannot fully complete a trade on one character. Unless the item is physically displayed in your trade window, DO NOT COMPLETE THE TRADE.


NEVER do the following:

  • Never give your account password to anyone.
    Do not give it to your friends or family, either. AGE employees (The GMs) WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD. Immediately report people who ask for yours to us via Contact Us.
  • Never "Lend" an item to someone.
    There is no lend feature in our game, and we will not cover items that are not returned via a loan.
  • Never give an item to someone so they may "try it on".
    Chances are if someone wants to "try on" your item, they are not intending to give it back.
  • Never give your password or account access to someone offering to buy you AP.
    If someone is doing this, chances are they are intending to steal your account. Instead, have them purchase the item for you on their account and trade it to you in-game.
  • ALWAYS check the item tool-tip before accepting any CODs.
    Some items may look very similar! Make sure that you are receiving the correct item before you retrieve it from your mail.


Protect yourself by:

  • Taking screenshots of the agreement prior to trade, and the trade itself.
  • Never giving your password to anyone, even friends of family.
  • Trust your instincts. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Report all suspicious behavior us via forums, PM, or Contact Us


Gold Buying/Selling

Gold selling means trading real life money for in game currency (gold). Both buying and selling gold is against the Tems of Service and will result in all related accounts getting banned.

Above all else, be sure to have fun and be safe while playing Eden Eternal. We are here to help, if you have any issues please Contact Us.

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