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General Safety Guidelines

Protect yourself---know the dangers!
General Safety Guidelines

Find yourself in a sticky situation? Not sure who to contact? How to report and what evidence to include? Here's a guide to cover all those questions!

Notable links
How to take/post a screenshot
How to send in a Request Ticket.
Guidelines for Posting in the Reporting Behavior Forum

I. Scamming, Account Sharing and Gold Selling/Buying
Never give out your Aeria password to anyone, sharing accounts is a notorious method scammers use to scam you.
Before you lend, take a look at Scamming, Account Sharing, Gold Buying/Selling Info and Policies post on how to take precautions.

Too late! You lent your items to a player. What do you do?! If you are scammed, it is recommended that you report it in the Behaviour Forum or via Contact Us.

What evidence to include? Everything! But more specifically: When lending items be sure to take screenshots of the conditions of the lending (usually in Tell boxes) where the player agrees to give the item back after they ~try it out. Also, shots of the trade occurring, and completed. If a scammer admits to scamming you, we have a better chance of being able to intervene. Screenshotting a confession will add to your case.

II. Harassment
Someone messages you and the content makes you uncomfortable. Tell the player you are uncomfortable with what they are saying and ask them not to pm you again. If they continue, take screenshots and report it. Do NOT harass them or insult them back.

III. Spammers
They're in your shout channel, your tell box, underneath Snakeman's bed and you just can't seem to be rid of them. If you find yourself in a situation with a spammer, get screenshots of them spamming and contact a Game Sage. [url=]Here[/url] is a list of the Eden Eternal GS team and their IGNs. This includes gold spammers as well.

IV. Other
When to contact a Game Sage
Game Sages are here to help you. They are the middlemen (and women ;D) between the player and the GM staff. If a player is spamming up a storm, you can contact as GS and they'll do their best to get it taken care by contacting a GM to handle the situation.

If you're not sure whether or not you should contact a GS in a situation, then contact a GS anyway. They'll be happy to help you.

If you are being harassed, spammed, insulted, flamed, or cussed at, do not return the favor! If you react in the same manner of which you are being treated, it is likely you will both be punished. Simply take screenshots, and do not react or respond.

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