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16 Mar 2009
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PostedMay 24, 2011 6:42 pm

[Extended!][Server 1] Hephaestus' Hammer Event! (~06/03)

Special event that prevents equipment degrading during enhancement!

STARTS: Wednesday, May 25th @ 1:00AM (PDT)
ENDS: Wednesday, June 3rd @ 1:00AM (PDT)

Check HERE, to see what time this is in your timezone!  

[Notes] This event is for sever 1 only. Because of the login issue early in this week, the events is extended.

Tried without luck to get your gear enhanced to perfection? Now's your chance! Hephaestus has blessed Lord of Ages for a week so that equipment will not degrade during enhancement, even if you fail an upgrade! Use this opportunity to work your smithies ragged and get the gear you've always wanted!
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