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13 Nov 2009
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cant think up a name...OH WELL :D
"We are fascinated by the darkness in ourselves, we are fascinated by the shadow, we are fascinated by the boogeyman." - Anthony Hopkins

Part One

Music was blaring from all around, bodies were swaying to the beat, sweat was dripping off of the people on the floor creating small puddles here and there. Over to the side, a few of the boys were trying to show off who was more OP, bragging about their +15 yellow weapons, the glow of their weapons and armor was almost bigger than their egos.

At the back of the room, a lone figure slowly walked around the people and made way for the punch bowl. He took a small glass cup with his delicate hands and scooped a ladle into his cup. He sniffed the glass and swirled the drink, as though it was an expensive wine, and sipped at the drink. Immediately, he emptied out the remnants of his drink back into the punch bowl. His face was scrunched in distaste. Suddenly, his eyebrows went up. He had an idea. He put down his cup and hastily walked back from where he came from. He came back a few minutes later carrying a jug, looked around and nervously touched the bell ribbons on his head to silence them. He poured the contents of the jug into the punch bowl and sighed. The punch bowl was now full once more.

Slowly, he walked away and pulled out his box of juicy juice and sucked away happily on the straw.


Piercing white light. Throbbing headache. Moans. Custom slowly opened one eye and immediately shut it. Where the Hard was he? He opened his eye again and stared into the bright light and squinted. Finally, he realized what he was looking at. A portal. Something moved and groaned to his right. He turned his head, only to wince in pain at the movement.

"Ugh! Where are we?" a muffled voice asked. Slowly all around, the humps on the ground that Custom had seen were beginning to move. An arm here, a leg there. Horrified, Custom closed his eyes and laid still. All of a sudden, a small lump landed on his leg. He tensed up and started sweating more. Perhaps one of those monsters had spotted him and he was going to be its next meal.

The lump slowly crawled up his leg and onto his back. It moved slowly and seemingly without a purpose that Custom thought it was just exploring and didn't know that he was really there. Custom squeezed his eyes tight and hoped for the monsters to go away.


Custom was confused someone was poking his head. He tried to ignore the incessant poking to the back of his head and tried to keep still.


"Master! Master! How long are you going to rest?"

Part Two

That annoying voice that Custom could never forget. It was his sprite Colt. Always pestering with its nonsense questions. Custom slowly turned around and sat up and grabbed Colt. He glared at Colt and then stuffed him back into his pokeball. How in the world did he get out?

Once again Custom surveyed the area. Seems like he was in Insomnia's guild base...except it was different. He just couldn't quite put a finger on what was missing.

"How did we end up in here? Last I remember was being at the party in Club Garbage Can." squeaked a voice. Custom turned his head and found the owner of the voice, Cain. He was SharpShooter who looked like a beach bum. To help his beach look, he had gone out and bought a grill and carried it with him everywhere. A sort of nutty guy, but cute. Like a turtle.

All around people were stirring, looking around confused. Last everyone had remembered was having a good time partying.

"This is our guild base, no?" a low, deep voice asked. Morrison shook out his fro and combed his hands through his hair, taking out bits of debris. That hair was his one pride and joy.

A quiet retching noise came from behind the portal. After a few minutes a figure appeared. Elesa looked a little green in the face and was holding her stomach. She was an odd little thing. Sometimes she looked like a man and other times her delicate side showed and looked like a cute petite girl. Confusing.

"LOOK! What we found~~" A cheery light voice rang out. Miraaa skipped towards the group of people with Doogie in tow, only he was holding something that looked quite heavy. Miraaa skipped around the group which caused everyone to feel dizzy. Doogie put the thing he was carrying on the ground...and then he kicked it and ran away laughing.

Everyone gathered around the now fetal-positioned figure. The figure looked up meekly at everyone with tear stains on his cheeks. This guy was UchihaSasuke! (aka Puchi).

"How the **** did you end up in our guild base?!"

**Disclaimer: All names and persons are fictional and in no way indicate a connection to any players in the game. **


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13 Feb 2011
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PostedAug 06, 2011 11:04 pm
I thoroughly enjoyed this! Lovely!

(be careful of the language at the end)


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28 Dec 2009
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PostedNov 23, 2011 2:56 pm
I laughed at the part where the sprite was poking his head. x'D and the... pokeball!! ...Trololol~ XD

I enjoyed the story <3 n.n

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30 Dec 2009
PostedSep 17, 2012 8:19 pm
haha nice and fun Very Happy

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