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PostedMay 05, 2011 10:06 pm

May Game Sage Applicant Thread

Applications go here.
This thread is part of the GameSage Application process. GameSage is a very public position.

We are making this part of the application public, because it is best to know how the community will feel about new applicants BEFORE they are accepted. It is O.K. to ask for an endorsement... but if you pester them, they will naturally tell us that you are NOT a good candidate. Remember, when they endorse you, or volunteer to train you, it reflects on them as well.

An Ideal Game Sage candidate for the AeriaNow team is one that is active in the forums, and plays multiple browser games, including our Partnered Games. AeriaNow sages are most valued when they have at least familiarity with every one of our games, and should have adequate experience in at least 2-3. Ideal candidates are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and non-judgmental.

A volunteer can only be a member of one group... i.e. you can only be a GS for one game (including the forums).

If you have feedback for GS applicants, please let us know by posting here: GS Application Feedback Thread.

Applications close for May on 05/12/11.
This thread is for applications only.

APPLICATION FORM - PART 1 - Reply to this thread with:
A. What AeriaNow games do you play? (List all, using format: IGN/Level/Server/Game)
B. What community contributions have you made that shows you would make a good game sage?
C. What experience do you have running/hosting organizational events?
D. What experience do you have helping people find solutions to their problems?
E. What experience do you have with our forum community?
F. Please give a short description of what you think a good GameSage does.
G. Why do you want to be a GameSage for AeriaNow (and not another)?
H. Do you plan to try the new AeriaNow games that come out?


APPLICATION PART 2: Apply Using the Contact Us Form

Apply using the contact us form. For Game, please select any AeriaNow game (DDTank, Caesary, LordsOnline, any partnered game). Include the following information:

1. Your Aeria Games Account.
2. Please list all AeriaNow games you currently play
3. Do you predominantly play Aeria client games instead of the AeriaNow games?
4. Please list, for all AeriaNow games you play: IGN/Server/Game
5. How Long have you been playing the game the above games?
6. What is your YIM (Yahoo IM)or YIM compatible ID?
7. Have you ever been banned, or had disciplinary action taken against you. If so, explain.
8. What existing GS(s) is willing to endorse you?
9. Which of these GS would be willing to train you, if you are chosen?
10. Are you willing to stop all level/equipment/character advancement, so that you have time for GameSage Duties?
11. Are you willing to play other AeriaNow games, or prioritize your time to spend it mainly in the various AeriaNow games?
12. Link to your posting in step 1.  
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