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30 Jan 2011
United States
PostedMar 03, 2011 12:30 am

[Tutorial] Arena

Arena for those who willed temperament war platform provided cold warriors; they can battle each other in court, fighting for honor and power.
Bring the best hero, best equipment to the arena, prove your ability!
Players can click “Battle” button to join it.

Arena will not damage the troops; you do not need to worry too much loss.

When you join the arena, you can see which one you want to fight with? And choose the one you think you can defeat him. Click the “Challenge” and you will start this battle.

At the bottom of screen, you can see the “Dynamic”. It will show your replays of battles.
Every day you can attack others 20 times at most, and “Rank” will show your position.

Later, we will introduce an Arena-challenge Match. It will be coming soon. Please wait it.
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