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23 Dec 2010
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PostedFeb 02, 2011 6:46 am

Message log font unreadable

There are three primary reasons why the message log font is so incredibly difficult to read.

  1. The font is not anti-aliased. This pixelates the curves and lines making any font of 12 point or less far more difficult to read.
  2. The font is outlined. It has been well known for decades that outlining a screen font of size 14 point or less makes it very difficult to read. The problem is made far worse when there is no font anti-aliasing.
  3. The font is displayed over a busy background. There is no configurable opaque or semi-transparent background for the message log. The background of wherever you are at shows through and makes reading the log very difficult.

This has been a major, long-term, and constant complaint that I see in these forums since even before Grand Fantasia went to open Beta. Why has this problem never been addressed by Aeria Games? It's been freakin' years.

The solutions have been well used for as long as computers have had graphic displays.

  1. Always anti-alias fonts! No exceptions. If performance is a problem, make anti-aliasing fonts configurable.
  2. Never outline a font. Outlining is NOT a cheap way to contrast a font from the background and is NOT a workable way to get a shadowed font. This is all made far worse when there is no anti-aliasing.
  3. Always provide a configuration for a semi-transparent background with a slider to set the degree of transparency.

Yes, all my video drivers are up to date, I'm only talking about anti-aliasing fonts and not the entire screen, and changing the font size is useless since none of the dialogs or text balloons expand to enclose the larger font. All your text just gets truncated. Another major UI problem constantly complained about for years but never addressed.

This level of coding amateurism just vexes me. Vexes I say! <chuckle> Both problem and proven solutions all in one message. What more could you want. I'd code it for you too, but then you'd have to pay me.
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