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23 Dec 2010
PostedFeb 01, 2011 1:25 pm

Final feedback

just my opinion, nothing more, nothing less
First of all let me say that the game-environment is very smooth. Nice graphics and (sometimes repetitive but) nice sound. For this kind of game it's a plus anyways to even have sound.

While the english translation could be ironed out, the storyline (at least for elves, which race I played) is nice and consistent. Even tough there's a small bug where long quest-texts can't be seen (there isn't a scroll bar in the quest-window so if the text doesn't fit the window it is't unreachable).

For the first 10 to 15 levels this all comes nicely together. You're discovering the game, building your city and following the quest-arc. The transition point where there are no quests anymore and you have to grind till the next level could be implemented a little smoother by implementing a quest for it, for instance a quest given out by the queen that to continue your journey you should get more experience.

After the mid-teen levels though the gaming experience changes. The grinding part is becoming a greater part of the game, so much that without a competitive element (i.e. trying to get a higher rank) it soon becomes boring. Even the occasional dungeon run will not change that. As I said in one of my earlier posts, this can be avoided (at least extended) by implementing user-interaction into the battles. (Order of attack, which mob to attack, possibility to hold of attack, etc...)

The game tries to engage you into more aspects, but those aren't well implemented yet / don't seem to be finished. Here I mainly refer to three things:
- alliances (right now just opening up some daily quests and another store)
- transmutation in combination with the current implementation of the auction house (for a nice transmute you will be looking for a rare item, which nobody puts onto the auction house while paying 1 gold per 6 hours)
- pvp-raiding (on the attack side a 10 min. cooldown is too long, the 90 second warning on the other hand is too short)

That far in the game one bug becomes a constant irritant (that's why I'm restating him here, as well as most people already did in the bug-thread). That is the need to refresh your browser in a couple of situations, namely:
- auction house: sometimes doesn't display any item auctioned / appears "empty"
- auction house: while putting up an item, after clicking the confirmation popup, nothing happens
- deploying troops: when you deployed so much troops that the count is 0 (and the button is greyed out), nothing but a refresh will put that button to clickable again
- market: nothing happens when clicking the appropriate change button
- alliance: nothing happens when clicking the button to donate silver for rep

Let me finish with a couple of suggestions (and nothing more then that)
- implement user-interaction into battles
- implement an arena-style pvp fighting element, with rankinglist
- implement alliance-wars (where pvp-raiding enemy-alliances castles will get you more goodies)
- implement an alliance storeroom, where players can freely exchange goods
- implement the market with free currency and / or without the need to pay to put up items

Ah well, I'll stop here before I redesign the complete game Smile

All-in-all a nice game to play for a while, but becomes boring when the grinding gets too much.

Frank / Franka / FrankGeus


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05 Sep 2007
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PostedFeb 01, 2011 8:28 pm
Thank you for taking the time to write all your feedback
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