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19 Jan 2011
United States
PostedJan 21, 2011 5:54 am

[Tutorial] Game Interface

A.Player Info
Includes: Character's avatar, name, race, current level and amount of Gold, Silver and Coupons owned. More detailed info can be viewed by clicking on the "Overview" button.

B . Chat Panel
The Chat Panel is divided into four chat channels - World, Race, Alliance, and Whisper.

C . Game Panel
Located in a row at the bottom of the game interface.

D . Map Panel
Displays player's current position, and can switch between Castle, Wild and World interfaces.
Castle: Switches to player's Castle.
Wild: Switches to the Wildlands Map.
World: Switches to the World Map.

E . Resource Panel and Support Panel
Located at the top of the game interface.
Resource Panel: Displays the amount of Lumber, Stone, Iron and Coin that you have in your Castle.
Support Panel: Forum, Options, Help, Charge.

F . Construction and Research Queue
Displays the progress of current structures being constructed or upgraded, and technologies being researched or upgraded.
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