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19 Jan 2011
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[Tutorial] Dungeon Overview

1. Cimmerian Dungeon
Within the depths of Darkener's Jail lurk notorious criminals such as the merciless Raid rebels and the cunning Gray Elves. You must be possessed of great courage and tenacity in order to defeat the foes that you'll ecounter in this unholy place.

2. City of 1000 Caves

Used by the elves as their last line of defence against foreign invasion, the remote City of Caves has seldom been reached by any living creature since the end of the Second Demon War. However, the wicked Gray Elves sneaked their way in and captured the city under the the leadership of Calgar Grayblade. They then joined forces with the Undead dominions insearch of ancient treasures that are said to lie deep within the cavenous depths of the city.

3. Boltrift Valley

As the War of Gods reached its climatic end a huge wave of energy tore open the mountains of Siyink. Towering across the horizon, the Torn Valley casts its ominous shadow over the ruins of the legendary war. It is said that the beasts in this valley, affected by the divine powers of the gods, mutated into grotesque creatures of unnatural intelligence and strength. Do not underestimate any creature that you encounter here for they are possessed of powers that do not belong in the mortal realm!

4. Spellbreakers' Roost

For many years, the mages of Moore’s Eyeshave been committed to unraveling the power of demon energy present in Chaotic blood. Unfortunately, in one of their experiments that uncontrolled chaotic energy escaped and eroded the land to form a huge hole in the ground. The mana slavers occupied the hole and started seeking revenge on those experimenting mages. Your mission is to stop them before things get out of control!

5. Dragoncliff

Eons ago, the War of the Dragons resulted in the final defeat of the Chaos dragon and the rebirth of the Void Egg. However not long afterwards, young dragons started appearing all over the Masure continent as the dragon armies were scattered across the land. The dragons of the Highland have since grown and have come under the influence of malicious plotters. These ruthless beasts now seek to destroy all who stand in their way. If you should come across one, your only options are to escape or to fight!

6. The Burning Path

Inside the Karst Cave at the bottom of the Flaming Volcano there hid an elite demon army which has recently decided to restart its campaign of terror against the mortal world. They have positioned themselves along the Flaming Road and strive to release all of the demons of the underworld back into Masure. You must defeat these bloodthirsty creatures before they can exact their cruelty and vice on the lands of Masure. Kill their leader Voscam to send these blighted souls back to the underworld.

7. Zaharal

The jungles of Arsoraig are said to be inhabited by a wicked clan of evil creatures and their spirit guardians. The ruins of the city of Zahalar lie within the center of this evil dominion and all who stand before its shattered walls are close to mortal danger. Beware the dangerous and ancient race that resides here and the untold evils of this dark nether world.

8. Desert Labyrinth

The scorching heat of the Mazy Desert will sap the strength of even the hardiest of travellers. However, it's not the heat that you should worry about the most, but the giant sandworms and bloodthirsty lizardmen that inhabit this ancient desert. These deadly creatures have brought countless trespassers to their destruction.

9. Shrine of the Elements

When the ancient Elemental Lords discovered that many of their fellow clansmen had become corrupted it was already too late to act. An unknown creature had used the power of Gorena, the Demon Lord, to disturb the balance of the elemental realm. As a result, the Elemental Shrine became a place of chaos and disorder. There is no time for further explanations, make haste and fight your way into the heart of this mysterious evil power!

10. Pandaemonia

Since the Masure Continent first came into existence, ancient demons have hid in the farthest regions of the world. They have managed to avoid the attentions of mortal eyes by hiding underground and have been conducting Taboo Tests in order to manipulate dragons and harness divine powers. As you enter the Heart of Demon's Breath, prepare to face the greatest evil the world has ever known!
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