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19 Jan 2011
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[Game Tutorials] Race overview - Elves/Undead/Humans

[Need a update / Date: 20.11.16]

Territory: Studor
Capital: Arthlan

Elves worship the Dragon of Earth and respect nature. They advocate harmonious co-existence with others.

Elves, which enjoy the longest history, always treasure their innate qualities---nobility and grace. Even when their racial survival was threatened by the demons' invasion, they only forged a short-lived alliance with humans. Soon after they won the war, they retired to their former reclusion. As a significant equilibrator of this world, they have a brilliant capital Arthlan, the best-organized paradise ever.

Dwarf Warrior (Dwarf Warrior), Elf Hunter (Earth shooter), Unicorn (War Unicorn), Druid (Earth Priest), Green Dragon (Golden Dragon)


Territory: Siyink
Capital: Necrolis

Undead worship the Dragon of Life. Their motto is that death means peace, order and eternal beauty.

survived a life of deportation by humans and elves. Ruthless yet tough, they've become more responsive and powerful especially with the help of much wartime experience. The emergence of a few mighty heroes seems to suggest their racial rejuvenation. Actually, the inflated ambition will surely lead to a new war in the name of revenge. Finally, the undead will command an influential presence in the world. After all, they've tolerated and yielded for too long.

Skeletons (Skeleton Warriors), Skeleton Archer (Ghost Archer), The Dark Knight (Death Knight), Undead Wizard (Lich), Bone Dragons (Ghost Dragon)


Territory :Kriandres

Humans worship the Dragon of Light. Their faith is the ‘law and order’ rather than ‘kindness and compassion’.

Despite an endless string of tests in the long history, humans guaranteed the racial continuity through determination and courage. Since an ultimate belief in brightness and justice had become an integral ingredient of each intense battle, they cared nothing about death, thus demonstrating an amazing power. However,an unexpected invasion from demons shattered the prosperity and brilliance of human civilization and threw the human dynasty into the darkest abyss of misery. Luckily, the tough humans have never abandoned their efforts to resume the racial glory and splendor. They cherish a firm belief that brightness is a devoted companion in their future struggle.

Infantry (Crusaders), Archer (Archer), Knight (Paladin), Monks (priests), Angel (Blazing Angels)
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