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19 Jan 2011
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[Game Tutorials] Race overview - Human

If any have a updated version, please share this information in this topic!

Territory :Kriandres

Humans worship the Dragon of Light. Their faith is the ‘law and order’ rather than ‘kindness and compassion’.

Despite an endless string of tests in the long history, humans guaranteed the racial continuity through determination and courage. Since an ultimate belief in brightness and justice had become an integral ingredient of each intense battle, they cared nothing about death, thus demonstrating an amazing power. However,an unexpected invasion from demons shattered the prosperity and brilliance of human civilization and threw the human dynasty into the darkest abyss of misery. Luckily, the tough humans have never abandoned their efforts to resume the racial glory and splendor. They cherish a firm belief that brightness is a devoted companion in their future struggle.

Infantry (Crusaders), Archer (Archer), Knight (Paladin), Monks (priests), Angel (Blazing Angels)

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